Angels of Antiquity

Angels of Antiquity


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Dorian Recordings


  1. Victimae paschali laudes, motet for 4 voices
  2. Missa "O crux lignum triumphale", for 4 voices: Kyrie
  3. O vos omnes, unspecified
  4. Ohimè, se tanto amate di sentir dir ohimè, madrigal for 5 voices (from Book 4), SV 85: Ohime se tanto amate
  5. Ground on the 3rd tone, for keyboard, MB26
  6. Why Ask You?, for keyboard, MB 62 (first setting)
  7. My heartly service (The Pleugh Song)
  8. Scotch Cap
  9. Mignonne, allons voir si la rose
  10. Branle double
  11. Branle de Montirande
  12. Bransle de la torche
  13. Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow? for voice & lute
  14. Aprill is in my mistris face, madrigal for 4 voices
  15. Amarilli
  16. Mizmor l'David
  17. Recercada No 3 sobre el passamezzo moderno
  18. Puncha, puncha
  19. Yo m'enamori
  20. Symphony No. 42 in D major, H. 1/42: Finale: Scherzando e presto
  21. Baryton Trio in D minor/D major, H. 11/52: Menuet alla zoppa
  22. Lux et gloria
  23. Lachrimae, for lute, P 15
  24. Mrs White's Nothing, for lute, P 56
  25. Ein welscher tantz "Wascha mesa", for lute (The Lautenbuch, Book I)
  26. Der Hupff auff
  27. Cantata No. 212, "Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet," (Peasant Cantata), BWV 212 (BC G32): Sinfonia
  28. Cantata No. 212, "Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet," (Peasant Cantata), BWV 212 (BC G32): Aria: Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet
  29. Toccate d'intavolatura ... No.17, Corrente e Ciaccone
  30. Saltarello Sancto Antonio

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