Angel's Requiem

Angel's Requiem

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by Kate Kindle
An Aidan Bonner Mystery

When Rico, the heir to an art fortune, dies a bizarre death at world famous Bethesda Fountain in NYC, it triggers a chase that leads a trio of investigators to the highest reaches of society in London, Venice and Rome. Characters like Ten PerCent


An Aidan Bonner Mystery

When Rico, the heir to an art fortune, dies a bizarre death at world famous Bethesda Fountain in NYC, it triggers a chase that leads a trio of investigators to the highest reaches of society in London, Venice and Rome. Characters like Ten PerCent Willie, Cardinal del Prince Castignini, and the impenetrable Marshams, as well as colorful street characters in New York City, Pittsburgh and London, fill the pages of Ms. Kindle's thriller, which is based on Venetian legend.
Attorney Libby Cervallo, excop Aidan Bonner-a "make my day" kinda guy, join with David Eisenmann, M.D., a forensic pathologist, to get the facts.
Vincent Nasi, the deceased's father, just wants to bury his body and avoid public attention. What lies behind his austere, businesslike facade? It spurs Libby to take Rico's part by refusing to let the investigation die.
Angela Nasi, Rico's petite white-haired grandmother, provides Libby with riddles regarding the famous family that hint at supernatural influences of a heavenly type, and Libby is intrigued enough to put aside her lawyerly skepticism to follow the trail wherever it leads.
Rico's murder triggers a series of crimes that draw the three friends deeper and deeper as the mystery unravels. The level of danger rises to red alert. However, nothing will deter his close friend, Libby, who will fight for the truth despite her recent battle with breast cancer. Aidan comes along to protect her and Dave wants to provide her with medical care should she need it. The truth is both are suitors for the same beautiful woman. Only one can win her love.
A succession of clues lead the trio on a chase "that zigs and zags but rarely lags" according to one enthusiastic reviewer. Murder, mayhem and impending financial debacle force them to a breathtaking finish when the Angel sings her final requiem.

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Kate Kindle has been a creative writing teacher, a journalist as well as raising a family and traveling some. Although this is her first print mystery, her short stories appear in anthologies published by Victory Tales Press, namely, Halloween Collection Anthology: Sweet, Easter/Spring Collection Anthology: Sweet, and Historical Collection Anthology: Sweet as well as a number of upcoming anthologies in this series of highly entertaining quick read stories of the romance genre that are keepsake books geared to holidays and seasons.
A recent short story is also published on and is entitled 'The Sleeping Beauty Mystery'.

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Angel's Requiem 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GatheringLeaves More than 1 year ago
Angel's Requiem By: Kate Kindle ISBN: 9781453859803 Published April 21, 2011 Available format: Paperback, ebook My Rating: ????? Then the son of a wealthy art dealer is found dead in a New York fountain, it is quickly labeled suicide and the body is immediately buried. Aiden Bonner, an ex-detective turned insurance fraud investigator, realizes that things just aren't quite what they should be. Experts from across the country are brought in to exhume the body and re-investigate, proving Bonner's suspicions accurate. Soon, Bonner and the Nasi family's lawyer, Libby, are on a mission to get to the bottom of things, taking them around the world and far back in history. Will they live to discover the truth? I received a copy of Angel's Requiem for review. There are quite a few characters in this story, and sometimes it might be difficult to keep up. There is also a lot of background information and several different detailed explanations, particularly regarding the family history and that of the art and religion involved. I think my being a bit of a history lover (and also having a fondness for epic lit), I really enjoyed the large troupe all the extras in the story. I can see how someone who might pick this up for a bit of light reading might quickly find themselves overwhelmed. The core story, however, is fantastic. Again, murder mystery isn't necessarily my thing. This is the third sort of "crime" novel I have read/reviewed recently, and I have enjoyed them all. It just isn't something I want to read every day. I liked how Kate didn't inundate me with all sorts of technical criminal investigation trivia. Even regarding the coroner/medical examiner, there was just enough tech speak to keep it believable without completely boring me to death. Same goes for the detectives and crime scenes. There was a fair bit of action, drama, and even some romance in the story. Obviously, there are murders, some harder to handle than others (I won't spoil it for you!). There are definitely some interesting relationships evolving, both familial and romantic. I do wish there was a bit more substance to Dave and Libby's relationship. It just seemed like they instantly fell in love and then suddenly they kind of related to each other like an old married couple. I just felt like I wanted a little more chemistry between them somehow. Aidan obviously is attracted to Libby as well, but I couldn't decide at what point he conceded to Dave. I think maybe a quick edit might be able to resolve these inconsistences or holes that I found from time to time. Honestly, I think this one novel could be broken into two or three or even more! There is so much substance here. Kate obviously has a deep well of creativity to draw from. There is no doubt she loves her characters, even minor ones. They all have rich, unique backgrounds and tie in nicely with the rest of the story. I can easily see how she could write solely about the Nasi family or Aidan (which I believe she is doing). One of my favorite parts of the novel was the background story of Cal and Ian, which would also make a terrific stand-alone piece! I am truly looking forward to more of Kate's fantastic work. Grab yourself a copy of Angel's Requiem and immerse yourself in a world of crime and culture!
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
"Angel's Requiem" is an enjoyable thriller and suspenseful mystery with a message about belief, faith and doing what is right in the end. It revolves around a fairly large cast of characters, but they are all fleshed out nicely and it is easy to keep track of them. There is Rico Nasi, whose murder kicks off the book; Aiden, a former NYPD cop who now works as an insurance investigator, who comes across the crime scene and involves himself in the investigation; Liddy, who had been hired by Vincent and Angela Nasi - Rico's father and grandmother - to accompany Rico as an escort and to "keep him out of trouble"; and Dave, a forensics medical intern who comes to New York from Pittsburgh to aid in the investigation of Rico's death. The beginning of the book is instantly appealing and I was pulled right into the story. The action ranges from New York to London, Rome, Venice and even Glasgow before the end of the book. I was initially going to give this book only 4 stars, because there are some major plot inconsistencies that were apparently missed by Ms. Kindle's editors - however, I liked the book so much that I gave it the full 5 stars, despite the problems. I hope that the author will have the chance to correct the problems and issue a new edition, which I will happily download as well, because I think the idea and execution of the story itself was really good. I also will be watching for her next book or books as the case will be. Fans of mystery, suspense and thrillers should all find this enjoyable.