Animal Farm

Animal Farm

by Harold Bloom

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Children's Literature - Jean Boreen
This will be one of those books that high school students who have been asked to write a critical essay on a classic novel turn to when they're stuck for an approach to their analysis. This text on Orwell's Animal Farm provides interested readers with an overview of Orwell's life, a general plot summary of the book, and eighteen critical essays of varying length and topic. The editor does an excellent job in choosing the essays he has, providing not only reactions to the book when it was first read but also more contemporary takes on the impact of the book since its 1945 publication date. Those who have read a great deal of literary criticism will see recognizable names, but may also comes across ones with which they may want to become familiar. The annotated bibliography citing the original publication home of these essays will help readers with additional research they may want to do on the text or on Orwell himself. English teachers and professors will certainly shake their heads, knowing that this text may well allow their students to skip a careful reading of the text, but on the plus side, it may help them better work on their own analysis of the text. Definitely a should have for libraries. From the "Bloom's Guides: Comprehensive Research and Study Guides" series.

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