Animal Heroes

Animal Heroes

by Jane Bingham

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Animals Heroes looks at those animals that have fought bravely alongside armies.


Animals Heroes looks at those animals that have fought bravely alongside armies.

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Children's Literature - Greg M. Romaneck
Did you know that following the Battle of Gettysburg a loyal dog lay by his wounded master and other men in the Union regiment of which he was a member of for three days until medical aid arrived? Are you aware that Hannibal used war elephants as part of his shock force assaults on ancient Roman foes? Do you know that specially trained rats are used to locate mines in parts of Africa and Asia where unexploded ordnance presents a huge safety issue? All of these fascinating animal stories are true and part of the material covered in this chapter in the illustrated "War Stories" series. Animals have been a part of warfare since mankind engaged in it. Cavalry horses, pack mules, and artillery horses are examples of typical roles for animals in combat. However, as Jane Bingham reveals in this interesting book, much more exotic animal occupations have, and do, exist for animals in the armed services. In tracing the way in which animals serve in wartime, readers will come away with a true respect for the efforts of our fellow creatures. For example, rescue dogs have saved hundreds of people following air raids, bomb sniffing dogs have revealed deadly terrorist plots, and regimental pets have loyally followed their masters into battle. This book will appeal to readers with an interesting in military history, animal intelligence, or both. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Heinemann War Stories Series
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Jane Bingham is an experienced writer for young adults. She has written over 100 nonfiction books on a variety of topics. Jane has a first class degree in English Literature and an M. Phil in History of Art and is currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. She has two sons and three stepsons and lives in Oxford, England.

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