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Animal Planet

Animal Planet

by Scott Bradfield

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At first glance, Bradfield's novel about a worldwide wildlife uprising seems to be an update of Orwell's Animal Farm. Yet its sharp critique of mass marketing and the "culture industry" puts it closer to 1984the difference being that it's 1995 and Big Brother isn't watching you; ratheras critic Mark Crispin Miller has put it"Big Brother is you watching." Charlie, chatty and sardonic for a crow, foments a rebellion at the London Zoo. The animals rise up, but Charlie's credibility is coopted by his involvement in a merchandising deal with media giant Worldco, and his role is usurped by the mysterious Mr. Big, a masked wildebeast who orchestrates the revolution and the wholesale slaughter of humans that follow. Charlie becomes an enemy of the people, hunted both by the newly liberated animals and the remnants of the human government. The supporting castBunny, the human literary agent who represents Charlie; Wanda, a lovelorn gorilla who tries to assimilate into the human population with mixed results; and Buster, a penguin and Charlie's best friend, who tries to learn how to flyare as much fun as the send-up of modern culture. A fine, on-target satire in the tradition of Swift and Orwell. Recommended for popular fiction collections.Adam Mazmanian, "Library Journal"

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