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The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012

The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012

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by E. Gaylon McCollough, Symm Hawes McCord

Much has been written lately about a prophetic period in the future of our planet that is being referred to as "End Times". It is predicted to run collaterally with the formation of a one world government or what some may call a "One World Order", and climax with a great war in Israel over a mound known as 'har Megiddo' where the forces of good and evil clash in a


Much has been written lately about a prophetic period in the future of our planet that is being referred to as "End Times". It is predicted to run collaterally with the formation of a one world government or what some may call a "One World Order", and climax with a great war in Israel over a mound known as 'har Megiddo' where the forces of good and evil clash in a battle that will end in the forces of evil being stopped and the leader, Satan, being thrown into an abyss for a thousand years.

Current geopolitical events are seemingly moving in such a pattern. Are these Biblical prophecies actually about to take place? Have leaders in our past believed the Bible's predictions and actually prepared for such a global disaster. The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012 looks at current events and the attitudes of today's leaders and sees a parallel with the prognostications of the early writers of the Bible.

If this comes true, how will our Creator respond? Will He join forces with those on Earth to defeat such an enemy? Has He already set up a scenario for the defense of His creations at some point earlier in our history?

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April 2013
INN Special Alert

"Have the INN broadcast sent to us, Samael. Let's see what Jhowah and Metatron have been up to since our last broadcast."

"I suspect they are becoming quite active since the first contact occurred," Samael suggested as he contacted the communications officer. "Here it comes across the video link."

The video screen lit up and the audio started.

"It was reported today from a private and unnamed group of globally influential people that a part of history, as we know it, has been revealed to be untrue.

"In the 1980s nuclear weapons creators were challenged to develop a new defense system using, among other methods, a new x-ray-laser technology. It would become known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI, designed to use ground- and space-based systems to protect the United States from attack by land- and air-based nuclear attacks and essentially make nuclear missile attacks obsolete. At one point we were shown Department of Defense videos of such a counter attack by the newly developed x-ray laser beam on a friendly launched missile over the Pacific Ocean which was highly successful. The missile's demise was visible on the video.

"Later it was said that the video was created by special effects experts and was more propaganda than reality, thus leading the U.S. Congress to be quite chagrined by the deception. The action, however, is said to have been a significant factor in leading to the end of the Cold War, thus enhancing the call to protect peace by using a strong defense.

"Today the unnamed group has announced that the SDI defensive weapons were real and effective, and that American and British leaders of the eighties held such concern for the future of world safety and peace that they sent a large cache of SDI defensive weapons and technology, as well as nuclear weapons, to Israel and to other strategic locations around the world. It is said to have been done for the protection of Israel and possibly the world. The leaders were satisfied that Israel was a safe place for their storage. The U.S. Congress stopped the development of the new technology more out of embarrassment than out of denial of the need for such a weapon.

"As expected, the Islamic nations and their allies are enraged with the deception by the United States. The American administration's press secretary has promised a press conference within the next hour to apologize for this error of the country's past. Sources say that the administration considers the action an arrogant and clandestine action that threatens the stability of world peace.

"Since this administration has taken office they have been able to remove all nuclear weapons and greatly reduced supplies of other weaponry from the United States' arsenals. They have dramatically shrunk the already small total of military personnel by fifty percent. Their leadership has tried to show people everywhere that they are out to bring about a change over the entire globe.

"A spokesperson for the top secret group coalition has said that these weapons came under their realm of influence through an interstellar covenant known as Operation Shield. This previously unknown coalition, owing its newly realized status to the administration's modification of American defensive and offensive capabilities, appears to be the strongest militarily capable group that now exists on this planet. Yet, the identities of its members remain a mystery. Furthermore, the president has said that he has no control over the group's actions, nor, at this time, does he know who has."

Aboard Sezan's Starship

"What is going on, Samael?" Sezan asked his close associate as the correspondent continued with the news. He was seated at his desk in the ship's conference room with Samael seated nearby. The commandeered starship was temporarily parked in a geostationary orbit above the planet in order to monitor the news media.

"I thought we had our eyes and ears on this planet and had some semblance of control," Sezan said. "According to this report all of our Solean allies are poorly armed when their armamentarium is compared to that of this covert group that calls itself Operation Shield. At least we still have the cooperation of those nations that the human leader of Iran helped us obtain before his death allowing us to still maintain a control of the major sources of oil. They absolutely can't do without it to keep their military and motorized vehicles and weapons ready for action."

"I hope that is the case, my Lord," Samael interjected. "There is a rumor that Jhowah may be planning to share our long held knowledge of primordial energy, a source that the Soleans have theorized but have not been able to develop. They do realize its universal presence and that it can be obtained anywhere for very little expenditure of financial and natural resources. A now-deceased scientist planted the seed of its existence but, thus far, it is only an idea, and they have developed no method to identify, collect, or convert it so that it can be put to use."

"But they don't have the technology for creating the collectors or the energy converters," Sezan barked at Samael.

"If Jhowah actually decides to intercede in their technological evolution, he can do what he wants," Samael reminded him. "It is his experiment. He'll set them up with the collectors and converters and the technology to put them to use."

"True, but you don't have to remind me. I hope we can change that premise."

"If he does it will remove our greatest advantage," Samael suggested.

"Yes, maybe we should somehow get into this organization and find an informant so we know, definitely, if he makes such a move."

"I have some sources," Samael said. "I'll see what we can find out but I believe the newest leader from the land known as Iran will have the best intelligence that we could obtain."

"I hope so. We may lose our greatest hold on this planet without having current knowledge of Jhowah's activities. The United States has said that it wishes to go to alternate sources for energy, but much of their economy is just too dependent on fossil fuels to change any time soon. They have dabbled in developing collectors to absorb and utilize the energy of their parent star. They have tried to capture the energy within the wind and waterways, and they have tried to create an efficient source for electric energy, but because the Illuminati group and its allies have such a grip on the world's economic machine, they are unable to break the ways of their past.

"They continue to fall back on oil. To protect their investment in the OPEC cartel, they have politicized using nuclear energy and water power to create electric energy. Backed by the oil-producing nations, their environmentalists have a strong hold on them and that's fine with me. It helps us to gain the upper hand and hopefully we will one day take control of this experiment. We absolutely cannot allow the inhabitants of Soleus-3 to harness primordial energy. We have to stop Jhowah from giving it to them."

"What good will it come to?" Samael asked. "You are a fugitive from justice back in the alliance. Jhowah and his followers wouldn't just allow you to take over like any other being."

"You never can tell, Samael. Many millennia have passed since I escaped from them. There could be changes among the Alliance politicians that might allow me back; especially if things go bad for Jhowah as its leader, or if he is out of the picture."

Sezan cackled as he turned to Samael. "If you know what I mean by that."

Samael smiled back at him. Sezan had long said that if it were necessary, and if he could, he would do away with Jhowah. He thought he had killed him when he attacked one of the colonies where he had intelligence that Jhowah was residing during the infancy of the project soon after his DNA alterations had been discovered.

"I think you need to get a shuttle and move down to the planet, Samael, so you can see what you can find out about any unreported happenings. We have to be alert to Jhowah's efforts to keep his creations under his wings. I sure hope this energy sharing doesn't take place."

"I'll contact you when I gather the needed information," Samael said as he moved through the door toward the shuttle bay.

The Next Day
North Bimini Near The Meeting Facility

Prophet cautiously entered the SSV Command shuttle behind Metatron, as they readied themselves for the short trip to the mothership in its parked orbit behind Luna, or the moon.

"Do you have any idea what Jhowah wants with me, Metatron?" Prophet asked as Metatron handled the controls taking the shuttle up and headed for the SSV Command

"I believe he wishes to discuss this energy situation that is wreaking havoc on the planet. The economic and political consequences are devastating, creating the kinds of chaos that leads to wars around the world until you ultimately destroy yourselves. You and your kind have evolved to the point that you now hold your destiny in your own hands. That is why Jhowah and I decided to reveal ourselves to your leaders and give you one final chance. But your people will never be able to come through your probationary period under the financial and social pressures that the current conditions of Soleus-3 place upon you."

"I certainly agree," Prophet noted as he looked around at the inside of the shuttle. It was his first shuttle or starship experience. "A major portion of our monies go to buy fuel for transporting supplies, running the cooling and heating systems in our homes and getting food. We actually are unable to do little else. Our enemies now control much of the world's flow of capital. We seem to be slaves to the oil producers. The agenda of the leaders of my own country is aiding and abetting these fuel extortionists. I cannot understand why they would sell our country out to those who have sworn to destroy it and Israel, unless there is another agenda being propagated by people in high places."

"Now, you are beginning to see the light. It is because of an overabundance of greed that Soleus-3 has reached this critical point in its evolution," Metatron suggested. "We had hoped that your kind would see the wisdom in following the laws that Jhowah gave you to live by, but the passion for power and wealth has blinded many of your leaders. The oil-producing countries have long passed large sums of money in secret bank accounts to U.S. leaders and media moguls. It is part of a master plan for radical Islamic nations to take over the world and destroy Judaism and Christianity, an economic Jihad that augments their terror-based military one.

"When they accumulate much of the world's wealth, they will have to put their money in banks for safekeeping. And who stands to gain most by their success? The answer is so obvious that we have been amazed that Soleans haven't figured it out. The people who control the flow of money throughout the world win, no matter whose money they are playing with. It doesn't seem to matter whose name is on the bank account. As long as the so-called 'enlightened ones' can control the availability and value of money, they may as well own it.

"This Illuminati group feeds on conflict. And the one that exists between the radical Islamists and the Zionists started many millennia ago after Isaac, the ancestor of the Israelites of today, was born. Abraham caused to be exiled from his house Hagar, his concubine, and Ishmael, her son by Abraham. That was the beginning of a conflict between the descendants of Isaac, Abraham's son by Sarah, and those of Ishmael, his son by Hagar. It is a conflict that has lasted for almost four thousand years, and, the Crusades didn't help matters. The slaughter of both Muslims and Christians in the name of religion was a hard thing for us to witness.

"We also were saddened by a similar crusade that occurred in South and Central America and in Mexico. Under duress, thousands of native Americans were forced to abandon the ways and beliefs of their forefathers and convert to the religion of the conquistadores. A similar event occurred in the homeland of these same conquerors during the Spanish Inquisition, when Jewish citizens were forced to denounce their religion and convert to Catholicism. Jhowah has always been more interested in the fact that you recognize him and follow his ways than how — and where — His creations do it.

"Have you ever heard of a fellow by the name of Sezan, or Satan as many on your planet call him?"

"Yes, of course," Prophet answered. "What has he got to do with it?"

"Based on some of our information we think he has been involved in a modern-day version of the events I just mentioned, the evolving Islamic Jihad designed to annihilate the Jews and Christians from the planet. He is using this current manipulation of oil prices as a means of economic warfare and to create chaos among nations to start a military initiative that would destroy Israel and weaken its Christian allies in the eyes of the remainder of the world. The price rise began within the oil-producing nations. Iran, in particular, was the first place to start the hike. This was just before the planned Israeli incursion which resulted in the death of the Iranian president who was very probably the one in this generation of human beings who had first contact with Sezan. He then contacted the remainder of the OPEC group."

"But why would they raise their prices to such levels?" Prophet asked with a perplexed look on his face. "The current prices, even if you can get the other oil-producing nations to go along with you, will devastate the economies of your customer nations. If the price doesn't drive the customer away he becomes economically a third-rate nation and unable to purchase your product. Then there is no more wealth to be transferred, only debt."

As they talked the auto pilot banked the shuttle starboard toward the Command.

"You mean like the U.S, your own country? Because the current administration and Congress have orchestrated and guided the government takeover of the U.S. financial, automotive, healthcare, and insurance industries, a once-great capitalistic country has gone down the path of nations strapped by socialism. By doing so, the United States has fallen to the level of a second-rate nation and headed rapidly to the next lower level.

Its enemies are forcing it to borrow its way into a debt that can never be repaid, at least not with money. They want more than wealth. They want to rule the world, and if the U.S. and Israel are out of the way, they will have smooth sailing. And I am confounded by the fact that your liberal leaders are willing to go along with this. Do they have no loyalty to the country that gave them the freedom to choose their own style of government? I am reminded of the moral within the fairy tale: 'When one kills the goose that lays the golden eggs, there will be no more eggs.'

"They continue to borrow money to purchase energy from people who don't like them. They still won't go after your own natural resources and release the U.S. from its dependence on foreign oil while it at least has the ability to drill and refine its own natural resources. There have been multiple sites where oil and natural gas have been discovered...some places haven't even been told to your citizens."

"What places?" Prophet quizzed him.

"The ocean floors surrounding the United States contain a wealth of natural gas and oil. Then, there is a location in Alaska which is an island just north of the Prudhoe Bay oil facilities there that has been shown to contain as much oil as the United States would ever need to get you through until the change into other alternative fuels can occur. It is known as Gull Island. This information can easily be found on the Internet with a simple search but you won't hear your leaders telling you about it."

"But if all of this is true," Prophet questioned, "why would the OPEC people start such a ballooning of their oil prices and an economic rape of their customers? It seems that this would put them out of business if the other countries didn't join them."

"Sezan is a very evil individual," Metatron advised him, "and he has many convincing ways to gain the cooperation of this group. More than any other living creature, he understands how to use greed and deception to get his way. He has convinced radical Islamic leaders that they are the chosen group to control the world, and that whatever means are required to achieve this end is Jhowah's desire, though they prefer to call him Allah. They think Sezan is an agent of Jhowah or Allah."

Metatron completed his explanation and Prophet watched as he guided the shuttle into the shuttlebay of the SSV Command and toward the front of the bay where he could see Jhowah standing and draped in his formal toga-like dress.

"My Lord, I have brought you Prophet who is our liaison between us and Majic-12 and also the newly revealed group known as Operation Shield, the coalition that we established on Soleus-3 in the 1980s. Both of these groups are friendly to us and, in many ways, devoted to our cause. Majic-12, of course, is usually represented by Doctor McConnell and Mister Bradley, but Prophet is in constant contact with them and will keep them apprised of this meeting."

Jhowah turned toward Prophet. It was the first time Prophet had seen the extraterrestrial face-to-face rather than from a position in the audience at the Bimini meeting place. Those large glistening eyes were quite disarming. It was obvious that he was seeing into Prophet's very soul and reading his thoughts. Just then Jhowah placed His hand with such long spindly fingers onto his shoulder.

"Prophet? No last name?" Jhowah asked.

"No, my Lord, it is a code name which is part of my identification within the Operation Shield group."

"I understand. Let us move up to the command conference room and talk. I have an interesting proposition to put before you."

In The SSV-Command Conference Room

Jhowah extended his arm in an inviting gesture toward the entry door. "Metatron, Prophet, please take a seat, both of you, and we can get started."

Prophet was still in awe of the trip he had just made, seeing the backside of the lunar surface from the shuttle at such a close proximity and now sitting down at a table with Jhowah, the Supreme Being of the known universe in outer space. Now he realized how vast and wonderful the universe might be and that there could well be many other civilizations, not only in this galaxy but in the myriad of galaxies beyond ours.

"I'm honored and privileged, my Lord, to be before you as I am, an honor that I suspect few, if any, of my fellow humans have experienced, at least not for thousands of years."

"I understand, Prophet," He replied. "The reason I have had Metatron to bring you here is to discuss your group and the current crisis on Earth. I know that there seems to be, as I would expect, a group of our creations who are slowly aligning themselves with my professed enemy and an enemy of this planet, Sezan Lucefed, even though they aren't aware of it. They, by their actions, are choosing to disobey my laws, resist my commands, and ignore the very spirit of my "first contact" speech.

"Metatron tells me that there is an energy crisis that has developed, one that is more profound than any of your previous ones. He says that the demands being placed on your primary energy source, the fossil energy you call oil, by the nations of the Earth who control it have risen to a level that is creating unrivaled political chaos and destroying the way of life that we had hoped you would choose for yourselves. This is calling into question the survival of the entire world. I cannot stand by and allow this to happen to so many people whom I love and consider my children."

"My Lord," Prophet interrupted, "I can see no rhyme or reason for this occurrence."

"Oh yes, Prophet, there is good reason for this happening and it is not just a recent event orchestrated by Sezan. It has been a long time in the making. I've looked into this recently after Metatron advised me of the severity of the developing crisis. There is, and has been for a long time, a very deceptive sequence of events that has taken place, especially within the United States, a nation that I have followed so very close since its formation.

"Metatron may have already told you that individuals from the current oil-producing nations and especially their allies have penetrated the inner circles of the government of the United States and the national information sources of that country. Over several generations this shadow government has hindered not only the truthful flow of information to the peoples of the world but the fair and equitable distribution of energy sources under the lands and seas they control. These same power-thirsty individuals have achieved the support of much of the populace by using the tools of environmental, ecological, and climatic protection to instill fear within that country.

"More recent fear tactics associated with biological pandemics have allowed them to create additional uncertainty and unrest. Biological terrorism is just another example of creating chaos in order to provide a solution that allows them to gain more control over the people.

"By using these tools they have created unlimited amounts of power and wealth for political purposes. In the process they have created a powerful group of those who produce this most precious energy source. This fossil fuel that is created below the surface of your planet by the evolutionary and cataclysmic changes that take place there is a weapon of Sezan. He knows that humankind has become dependent on it. He has seen its potential and is taking full advantage of the situation.

"I was pleased to hear of the formation of Operation Shield and that you have contacted and are working with the Majic-12 group to try and bring stability to a growing, and potentially apocalyptic, military crisis. It is for that reason that I have called on you.

"In 1980s I communicated with the leadership of the United States. It was then that we designed the plan whereby they and the British, in cooperation with certain military leaders, scholars of human behavior, and some within the American Central Intelligence Agency, designed and completed a plan to secretly set aside a considerable cache of nuclear weapons and secretly move many of them into Israel. The remainder of the weapons was relocated in strategic places around Soleus-3, known to only participants in The Covenant. Using technology that we shared with them, the American and British leaders were also able to send a cache of x-ray laser beam weapons that have been incorporated into many of your communication satellites."

"Yes, my Lord, I am familiar with these efforts," Prophet assured him. "We were briefed by the Israeli prime minister."

"Prophet, we plan to give you a gift of great value in the form of knowledge, and at the same time we would like to have you agree to certain principles. As we have sat here and discussed the energy crisis that exists on Earth, we both realize that there is no way to change the agenda of these humans who have been working to create this situation. It is an attempt at a power grab that to this point has been quite successful. So what is the best way to handle it?" Jhowah asked, posing a question to himself as well as to Prophet and Metatron. "I believe that to really put an end to this we need to remove the need for fossil fuels on Soleus-3. In this time in the planet's evolution, it seems to be the cause of much evil."

"But my Lord," Prophet pleaded. "Our whole economy is based on this carbon fuel energy source. Remove it, and the world will literally stand still. Gasoline, diesel, kerosene and propane, even asphalt, all of these are products that are derived from oil or in the obtaining of oil. There are many other byproducts that come from it. Our government claims to be working on alternative methods of energy but the conversion will take a few decades. That is what makes it impossible for many of us to understand why we aren't allowed by our government to drill for this known vast amount of oil in our own country to help us get through until the transition occurs. While the U.S. has massive reserves buried in caves and caverns underground in the western part of the country, for yet unexplained reasons we allow our nation to slide backwards in the global arena. The 'rainy day' for which these reserves were intended has long come and gone."

"That will no longer be a problem, Prophet. There is a form of energy that all interstellar space traveling beings discovered many thousands of years ago. We call it Primordial Energy. It is a very basic energy that exists everywhere, even in the vacuum of space. It is all around us and all we have to do is to collect it and convert it into a useable form.

"Metatron tells me that you and some of your friends may be familiar with a book written by a woman who claimed not to believe in me. Even so she described herself as an atheist, and she wrote about lifting the human spirit and mankind's gift of free will, conditions that we built into our creation experiment. In one of her publications — the one she released in the 1950s — she wrote of a form of energy that was very similar to primordial energy. Not knowing the things you know, today, Ms. Rand called it 'inertial energy'. There is a reason why your politicians decided to ignore these early hints to divert the world's attention away from non-replenishable forms of energy. For more than fifty years large sums of the commodity you call 'money' has been used to suppress less costly and more efficient forms of energy. The people who were behind censoring this technology are from the same families responsible for the chaos that exists on your planet today."

Prophet could understand the concept that the term primordial seemed to connote but not enough of the specifics for it to be clear. "What actually is this form of energy, my Lord?"

"As you might know, Prophet, interstellar space is not a total vacuum. It contains gases, dust and even energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Your scientists have already learned this. The gas is ninety-nine percent ionized hydrogen and the EM waves are in a wide distribution of bands. There are several wave lengths of EM waves that can be readily concentrated and utilized to interact with the hydrogen ions creating a cold fusion that can be used to energize interstellar engines to travel at faster than light speeds. Hydrogen is also readily available on Earth, in the air and water, and, by using EM converter chips, you will be able to power individual vehicles or develop energy centers that create and can wirelessly transmit energy to properly authorized receivers."

Prophet definitely appeared to be impressed but still had questions. "This will require us to develop expensive engines and batteries that can use this form of energy," he insisted.

"No," Jhowah replied, looking at Metatron with a slight twist to his small mouth which he was able to interpret from past knowledge as a knowing smile, "it is combustible, but the combustion is internal. There are no toxic emissions. It will serve you even more efficiently than fossil fuels. And, converting your present-day energy sources to primordial energy will require only a small modification. There will be only minimal modifications to current battery construction. Electricity is electricity. You've already developed and refined a way for engines to generate electricity. You only need to convert to primordial methods as the primary energy source for your engines and, as a secondary benefit there will be no emissions injurious to humanity or the planet in any other way. Large amounts of energy can be stored in tiny power cells that can hold much more than one of your analog batteries, and it can be configured to fit into almost anything that currently uses electricity in any voltage or amperage.

"As we have said, in addition, this energy source will be convertible to a form that can be used to produce cold fusion in faster-than-light-speed vehicles when you reach that level of technology. It is different from fission, the process that creates the next best source of nuclear energy.

"All of the necessary fuels are available in the interstellar and even intergalactic regions. All you have to do is have the appropriate collectors and converters, and we will help you make this conversion to primordial energy."

Prophet realized the tremendous importance of such a gift. As Jhowah said, it would make fossil fuels unnecessary and remove the need that had created such a devastating blow to the economies of the world and to the environment. Now he needed to see what was required in return for such fantastic knowledge.

"So, Jhowah, what will you require of us so that we might receive this knowledge?"

Jhowah smiled again. "You do realize, Prophet, that you and all of humankind are my creations, or the creations of my project members. As I have explained on Bimini, you have been a part of an experiment that has lasted many millennia. Prophet, you and all humanity are my children and as my children I don't require anything but your love, appreciation and obedience in return. Also, as my children, I like to give you advice. Like any father, I want to see you prosper and to be happy.

"It pains me when I see you fighting among yourselves and causing harm to your brothers and sisters. Every time you have asked for my help, and believed it would come, I have given you what you have asked. Sometimes it hasn't come so quickly or in the form you have requested, but I and my team of Creators have never abandoned you.

"Because I realized that unrest was growing on your planet, I decided to challenge you face to face and give you one last chance to follow the teachings that my messengers have brought to you throughout the millennia. I knew that my visit would send shock waves throughout the so-called Illuminated Ones, their shadow government, and the New World Order that they have attempted to create. Although they have come quite close to achieving their goal, even as we speak they are frantically meeting, trying to decide how to counter act this new energy form which they have already learned I am giving to you. And, I suspect that Sezan is using all the contacts and influence he has within this group to try and sway them to his ways of thinking.

"Our current challenge is to convince the self-anointed power brokers of Soleus-3 that they now have a rather simple choice, to bring order out of chaos, or to sit by and watch me destroy their organizations, their wealth, their power and the world they have created. They must, now and forever, choose between Sezan and me, a clear choice. For the sake of one of the most beautiful planets and most promising creatures that occupy it, let's hope that the groups who claim to be 'illuminated' can see the light.

"I have destroyed much of civilization before, when the Great Flood covered a large part of the planet. I have destroyed evil cities with fire, like Sodom and Gomorrah. I have sided with those promoting good when they stand up to evil. But never before has such organized corruption, greed, and subversion exercised its grip on civilizations across the face of the planet. The human species has evolved to the point of being able to destroy not only those whom they identify as their enemies, but themselves in the process. This is a concern that SORGE had when we decided to launch this project. We have seen similar conflicts within the Reticulum Alliance.

"You, Metatron, and I, simply have to identify those who have been loyal to our laws and cause. We must arm them with the thoughts and words to persuade their fellowman to turn to us for direction. Prophet, this is why I have chosen Metatron, a beloved son, as my emissary. Metatron has been a man. He has experienced how it is to feel detached, and connected, to me and our ways. We have shown him good and evil and instructed him to share what he had seen on Hivania with his fellow humans."

Jhowah turned to Metatron and spoke directly to him so that Prophet could hear his words. "You saw then, how they disbelieved what you had experienced in other worlds and turned away. Several thousand Soleus-3 years later, I sent you back as the babe, Joshua, to once again, demonstrate that it is possible for a human being to be like us, like me. Now, as I promised to John of Patmos, I have asked you to try one final time to bring our great experiment to a successful conclusion even if it takes a thousand years.

"As you did in previous missions to Soleus-3, you are meeting resistance from the power brokers, who view you as a threat to the world that they have tried to create. What they haven't yet realized is that Soleus-3 belongs to me, to all of us who planned and created it and every living thing that inhabits it, even today. As our messenger was shown, and wrote in the book that has come to become known as The Revelation, there will be a final battle between Sezan and the Alliance. My patience is wearing thin and I am ready to settle this thing once and for eternity. Are you up to the task? Prophet, are you with us or against us?" He said, focusing on the agent of Shield.

"My Lord," Prophet responded with an agreeable smile on his face, "as an obedient child I would like to hear your advice. What would you have me do?"

"We feel that the power over people," Jhowah responded, "the kind that has been gathered by the Illuminati and its allies, both Islamic radicals and non-Islamic, will be very difficult for them to lose. I foresee a very militant counter attack once you have learned this new technology, this new energy source. The stakes will grow even higher when you put it to use. We must do everything we can to interfere with our adversary's ability to effectively make war. We have to strip them of their power.

"You will have a more efficient energy system. Since the current American leadership and their political allies have destroyed the defensive and offensive capability of the greatest peace-keeping nation on this planet, that leaves only a few defensive nuclear weapons among the allies of the forces of those following Sezan. If you follow my plan, none of the missiles, those belonging to the troublemakers or those belonging to Operation Shield, will be needed.

"These Sezan-allied nations, even though they signed the Guantanamo Treaty, have also put aside a few nuclear weapons. Deception just seems to be a part of their very nature. The American and British leaders of the 1980s knew this to be true and took the appropriate measures to neutralize their efforts.

"It was a real challenge to keep the project from the Bilderberg Group and its emissaries, the Trilateral Commission. Both are controlled by the thirteen most powerful families on the planet. They have a firm grip on the flow of information, resources, and capital throughout your world. When we shared our ways with the Bavarian priest, Father Weishauph, two hundred years ago, he and the other founders of the group were committed to assisting us in promoting good over evil and in creating another Hivania on this planet. But, as he did in the early days of the Solean experiment, Sezan got to some of their leaders and began to insert his own influence over them and their offspring.

"Rather than directing our project toward the outcome that I anticipated, Sezan has convinced the illuminated group that we created Soleus-3 for their benefit. In turn, they have attempted to create their own self-minded hierarchy, eliminating anyone who refused to cooperate with them, including heads of state. In their own minds they are gods; at least they enjoy playing God. They start wars for their own purpose. They create financial crises for their own benefits. They create epidemics for their own benefits. They are even engaged in population control, so that it will be easier for them to hold power over people and the leaders they elevate to office.

"Now, we have to strip this oligarchy of its power. It was never intended for them to enslave their fellow human beings and make them subjects to their own self-serving ways. Their founding members were given the keys to many secrets. They were shown scientific ways to enhance life on Soleus-3 as a way to carry out our wishes, here - to help us create a peaceful existence among all nations and see your kind evolve into a species and civilization much like our own.

"What the Illuminati have done is to want more, to be Gods. Sezan has convinced them that he is more like me than any other and that he can give them the powers they seek. He has shown them some of his own tactics: create a problem, initiate a reaction, and provide a solution that complies with their own agenda.

"Sezan, too, wanted to be a god. Though he was once my trusted ally, his own lust for power caused him to turn against me and our project. Since the oligarchic shadow government of Soleus-3 has adopted Sezan's ways, we must now take drastic measures and prevent them from indoctrinating all human beings who are not of their bloodlines and coercing them into destroying each other and all of Soleus-3's living creatures with them.

"What we propose, or what we advise," Jhowah said, "is that we make all energy, weaponry and communications under the control of Operation Shield to be functional only with a highly secretive and encrypted code. The mere fact that they are available to be used for our purposes will be enough of a deterrent for many nations. It's the others who will present a greater challenge. We will develop codes that, even with Sezan's help, they will be unable to break. They will lose much of their satellite communications, which will block their abilities to access their wealth and to use the secret communication systems and networks that they have developed. We will also attempt to interfere with land-based communications as well.

"This is part of a new covenant that I made with the Soleans in the 1980s who understood my involvement in the Solean Experiment. Now, only you and your team, the group that is involved with Operation Shield, will be able to access the x-ray laser beam weapons since you will be the only ones with the codes. While Metatron will be conducting the Soleus-3 operations, I will remain in close contact with him."

Meet the Author

Who is Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough?

Founder of the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Dr. McCollough is a world-renowned physician, facial plastic surgeon and author with personal contacts throughout the United States and abroad..

Author or co-author of seven books providing extraordinary insight into the behavior of human beings, McCollough focuses on the triumph of excellence over mediocrity and good over evil.

Dr. McCollough is also the author of best seller The Long Shadow of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant as well as co-author of The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012,

Dr. McCollough and his lovely wife, Susan, live on a small ranch with their herd of Tennessee Walking horses.

Who is Dr. Symm Hawes McCord?

Symm McCord is the author of The Annunaki Enigma: Creation and the co-author of The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012. He grew up in the southern town of Augusta Georgia where he was educated and attended medical school. After medical school he was inducted into the U.S. Army where he spent two years - one in Vietnam and one stateside. After military service he spent the next forty years as a family physician; practicing in the mountains of North Carolina and then back in his hometown of Augusta. He retired in 2006 and returned to the mountains. He now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina with his wife Jacquelyn. They have six children from previous marriages.

As a child he witnessed the newspaper articles referencing the incident outside of Roswell, New Mexico which intrigued him immensely. His first novel, The Annunaki Enigma: Creation, introduced the concept of the Annunaki, the errant angels, and their relationship to our Creator.

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