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Anonymous Sedition

Anonymous Sedition

4.0 2
by Jonathan Michael
A Scheming Senator will light the Match. A Media Whirlwind will stoke the Flames. Rogue CIA will unleash the Blaze, and the Deadly Firestorm might incite a Nuclear War.


A Scheming Senator will light the Match. A Media Whirlwind will stoke the Flames. Rogue CIA will unleash the Blaze, and the Deadly Firestorm might incite a Nuclear War.

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Infinity Publishing
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5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

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Anonymous Sedition 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A timely and riveting story focusing on the impact that agenda-driven Washington DC cabals play in undermining foreign policy, journalistic integrity, and the fortunes of nations. Refreshingly un-PC, emotionally engaging, and well-balanced between heart pounding adventure and a subtle, though intricate, weaving of a multi-pronged plot, all of which merge in a thunderous and troubling conclusion. I recommend this book for those looking for something different than the standard Hollywood/New York literary fare of questioning America¿s rectitude in the War on Terror.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this ¿torn from tomorrows¿ headlines¿ thriller rich in character development, winding subplots, and the appreciable ability to deliver surprises without the use of dead end clues or misleading dialogue. Much in the spirit of William Goldman¿s protagonist ¿Babe¿ Levy in Marathon Man, retired air force pilot Justin Sween finds himself reluctantly cast in an international conspiracy fueled by devious politicians and a frenzied media determined to alter American war plans against Iran. When it is trumpeted, falsely, that he authored the CONPLAN for the coming aerial assault¿and his capture will quash military intervention¿ the hunt by Iranian Quds forces is on! Far from a simple run and gun thriller, the novel follows the intermingling trail of three characters, each following a path of hard personal choices that feed into a primary theme of falling from grace and trying to find redemption. Sween, the former hotshot F-16 pilot who is now awash in self-doubt after losing a limb to a landmine in Africa, and is finding that ¿the journey from Mach II to inertia, and back again, is a difficult road taken at unpredictable speeds.¿ There is conflicted love interest Aferdita Kavalle: an intelligence analyst with the NSA, whose loyalties to her family, Muslim faith, and shadowy Federal profession, are being tugged in all directions once Sween is placed in lethal crosshairs. And finally there is Harold Chang, the unspectacular career journalist who is drifting further from objective reporting the stronger the celebrity limelight shines on his uncorroborated stories. As their paths become further entwined and international tensions escalate, the degree of their adherence to professional principles will determine the outcome of a potential cataclysmic confrontation with the messianic ruler of Iran. My only prohibitions about the book are that I wish it were longer and a few grammatical discrepancies. Otherwise, be prepared to learn a lot about current events, laugh more than usual for this genre, and wonder at the end how you couldn¿t see the finale coming. So unusual was this novel that, at times, I found myself rooting for the antagonists and wishing failure on very likeable protagonists. What would do if posed with Sween¿s dilemma at the end..? It¿s been several days and I still don¿t know if he did the right thing, but know I enjoyed the journey with him.