Antarctica: Contributions to Global Earth Sciences / Edition 1

Antarctica: Contributions to Global Earth Sciences / Edition 1

by Dieter K. Futterer

ISBN-10: 3540306730

ISBN-13: 9783540306733

Pub. Date: 02/03/2006

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Sixty articles arranged in eight thematic sections refer to most recent geological and geophysical results of Antarctic research. The Precambrian of the East Antarctic shield and its geological history is considered as well as sub-ice topography, geophysics and stratigraphy, sedimentology and geophysics of the surrounding Southern Ocean. Particular emphasis is


Sixty articles arranged in eight thematic sections refer to most recent geological and geophysical results of Antarctic research. The Precambrian of the East Antarctic shield and its geological history is considered as well as sub-ice topography, geophysics and stratigraphy, sedimentology and geophysics of the surrounding Southern Ocean. Particular emphasis is given to the connection of the Antarctic and the surrounding continents when forming part of Gondwana.

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History of Antarctic Research.- The Road to Gondwana via the Early SCAR Symposia.- Exploring the Unknown: History of the First German South Polar Expedition 1901–1903.- Antarctica — The Old Core.- Characteristics of Metamorphosed Banded Iron Formation and Its Relation to the Magnetic Anomaly in the Mt. Riiser-Larsen Area, Amundsen Bay, Enderby Land, Antarctica.- Experimental Constraints on the Decompressional P-T Paths of Rundvågshetta Granulites, Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica.- Sapphirine — Orthopyroxene — Garnet Granulite from Schirmacher Hills, Central Dronning Maud Land.- Genesis of Ferropotassic A-Type Granitoids of Mühlig-Hofmannfjella, Central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica.- Late Pan-African Fluid Infiltration in the Mühlig-Hofmann- and Filchnerfjella of Central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica.- Electron Microprobe (EMP) Dating on Monazite from Forefinger Point Granulites, East Antarctica: Implication for Pan-African Overprint.- Tectonic Subdivision of the Prince Charles Mountains: A Review of Geologic and Isotopic Data.- Crustal Provinces of the Prince Charles Mountains Region and Surrounding Areas in the Light of Aeromagnetic Data.- Magnetic Anomalies of the Grove Mountains Region and Their Geological Significance.- The Continent Beneath the Ice.- ADMAP — A Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map of the Antarctic.- Identifying Major Sedimentary Basins Beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from Aeromagnetic Data Analysis.- Bedrock Plateaus within the Ross Embayment and beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Formed by Marine Erosion in Late Tertiary Time.- Inversion of Airborne Gravity Data Acquired over Subglacial Lakes in East Antarctica.- Russian Geophysical Studies of Lake Vostok, Central East Antarctica.- Morphology of the Subglacial Bed Relief of Lake Vostok Basin Area (Central East Antarctica) Based on RES and Seismic Data.- Deep Reflection Imaging beneath the Mizuho Plateau, East Antarctica, by SEAL-2002 Seismic Experiment.- Seismic Anisotropy beneath Northern Victoria Land from SKS Splitting Analysis.- Gondwana Margins in Antarctica.- Scouting Craton’s Edge in Paleo-Pacific Gondwana.- The Matusevich Fracture Zone in Oates Land, East Antarctica.- Tectonic Model for Development of the Byrd Glacier Discontinuity and Surrounding Regions of the Transantarctic Mountains during the Neoproterozoic — Early Paleozoic.- Depositional Environments of the Byrd Group, Byrd Glacier Area: A Cambrian Record of Sedimentation, Tectonism, and Magmatism.- Late-Ross Structures in the Wilson Terrane in the Rennick Glacier Area (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica).- Style of Uplift of Paleozoic Terranes in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Evidence from K-Ar Age Patterns.- Antarctic Peninsula Active Margin Tectonics.- Patagonia — Antarctica Connections before Gondwana Break-Up.- Moho Depth along the Antarctic Peninsula and Crustal Structure across the Landward Projection of the Hero Fracture Zone.- Crustal Thinning and the Development of Deep Depressions at the Scotia-Antarctic Plate Boundary (Southern Margin of Discovery Bank, Antarctica).- Bransfield Basin Tectonic Evolution.- The Sedimentary Sequences of Hurd Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands: Part of the Late Jurassic — Cretaceous Depositional History of the Antarctic Peninsula.- Regional Structures and Geodynamic Evolution of North Greenwich (Fort Williams Point) and Dee Islands, South Shetland Islands.- The Eocene Volcaniclastic Sejong Formation, Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica: Evolving Arc Volcanism from Precursory Fire Fountaining to Vulcanian Eruptions.- Elephant Island Recent Tectonics in the Framework of the Scotia-Antarctic-South Shetland Block Triple Junction (NE Antarctic Peninsula).- Tectonics and Geomorphology of Elephant Island, South Shetland Islands.- Geodynamical Studies on Deception Island: DECVOL and GEODEC Projects.- Antarctic Rift Tectonics.- Mawson Breccias Intrude Beacon Strata at Allan Hills, South Victoria Land: Regional Implications.- What Supports the Marie Byrd Land Dome? An Evaluation of Potential Uplift Mechanisms in a Continental Rift System.- A Multi-Phase Rifting Model for the Victoria Land Basin, Western Ross Sea.- Rift History of the Western Victoria Land Basin: A new Perspective Based on Integration of Cores with Seismic Reflection Data.- Constraints on the Timing of Extension in the Northern Basin, Ross Sea.- The Structure of the Continental Margin off Wilkes Land and Terre Adélie Coast, East Antarctica.- Post-Rift Continental Slope and Rise Sediments from 38° E to 164° E, East Antarctica.- Antarctic Neotectonics, Observatories and Data Bases.- On Seismic Strain-Release within the Antarctic Plate.- Vertical Crustal Deformation in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: Observation versus Model Prediction.- Seismic Activity Associated with Surface Environmental Changes of the Earth System, around Syowa Station, East Antarctica.- Geodynamic Features and Density Structure of the Earth’s Interior of the Antarctic and Surrounded Regions with the Gravimetric Tomography Method.- Some Recent Characteristics of Geomagnetic Secular Variations in Antarctica.- Topographic and Geodetic Research by GPS, Echosounding and ERS Altimetric, and SAR Interferometric Surveys during Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions in the West Antarctic.- Geodetic Research on Deception Island.- The Multidisciplinary Scientific Information Support System (SIMAC) for Deception Island.- Archiving and Distributing Earth-Science Data with the PANGAEA Information System.- Sediments as Indicators for Antarctic Environment and Climate.- Tracing Marine Processes in the Southern Ocean by Means of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides.- Normalized Remanence in Sediments from Offshore Wilkes Land, East Antarctica.- Grain Size, Mineralogy and Geochemistry in Late Quaternary Sediments from the Western Ross Sea outer Slope as Proxies for Climate Changes.- Potential of the Scotia Sea Region for Determining the Onset and Development of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.- Seismic Stratigraphy of Miocene to Recent Sedimentary Deposits in the Central Scotia Sea and Northern Weddell Sea: Influence of Bottom Flows (Antarctica).- Limnology and Sedimentary Record of Radok Lake, Amery Oasis, East Antarctica.- New Data Related to Holocene Landform Development and Climatic Change from James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula.- Surface Movement of Stone-Banked Lobes and Terraces on Rink Crags Plateau, James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula.- Soil Characteristics along a Transect on Raised Marine Surfaces on Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands.

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