Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents

by Wendy K. Silverman

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Fully revised new edition - an authoritative guide to understanding and assessing anxiety disorders in the young.See more details below


Fully revised new edition - an authoritative guide to understanding and assessing anxiety disorders in the young.

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'This is an excellent volume in the Cambridge Child and Adolescent Psychiatry series … carefully planned and edited … this is an important book for educational psychologists who want to know more about helping anxious children and their teachers and parents. It would be an excellent text for shared reading and discussion.' Educational Psychology in Practice

'Behavioural cognitively-oriented theories and clinical research are featured most strongly … full discussion of well-researched possible temperamental precursors as seen in young children with 'behavioural inhibition' … good update on post-traumatic stress disorder … well-informed neuropsychiatry chapter …' Elena Garraldo, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

'An excellent reference on anxiety disorders in youth, this second edition documents the many advances that have been made in our understanding of and treatment for anxiety in youth. The authors, an impressive and representative sample of experts from across the globe, provide current information and updates from the first edition that appeared 10 years earlier. Even experienced scholars will learn from the coverage of diverse topics including historic and conceptual issues, normal and epidemiological developments, biological forces and environmental factors, and prevention and treatment. The work is well-informed, easy to read, and rich with research and applied suggestions and recommendations.' Philip C. Kendall, Distinguished University Professor and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology, Temple University

'… an excellent and comprehensive book … even seasoned anxiety researchers will come away learning a significant amount.' Psychological Medicine

Reviewer:Ozlem Dubauskas, MD(Rush University Medical Center)
Description:Anxiety disorders are among the most common disorders observed in child and adolescent psychiatry clinics. This is a guide to childhood anxiety disorders.
Purpose:The purpose is to review the most recent developments in theory and practice in this area. The authors attempt to enlighten the audience about phenomenology, classification, and treatment.
Audience:The audience includes any clinician who treats children with anxiety disorders. The language of the book is suitable for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers. The information can be especially helpful to residents or fellows in psychiatry and child psychiatry. It may provide new light to researchers as well.
Features:This book approaches anxiety disorders in children as a whole, without separating them into subgroups like panic disorder or phobias and so on. The historical aspects of anxiety disorders are discussed in the first chapter. Cognitive, neurological, and developmental aspects are covered at an appropriate level. Both pharmacological and psychosocial aspects of treatment are covered. The international group of authors is very credible in the area. This book is a rich source of references but articles published in the last 2 to 3 years are not included. Tables and illustrations enhance the understanding of the material but there could be more.
Assessment:This is a nice introduction to anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. It is a very worthwhile contribution to this field and it is highly recommended.

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Cambridge Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Series
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New Edition
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