Anything Goes [1987 Broadway Revival Cast]

Anything Goes [1987 Broadway Revival Cast]


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Rca Victor Broadway

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Nadien   Musician
Patti LuPone   Track Performer
Kamau Adilifu   Musician
Dennis Anderson   Musician
Raymond Beckenstein   Musician
Bruce Bonvissuto   Musician
Burt Collins   Musician
John Frosk   Musician
Linda Hart   Vocals
Eric Kivnick   Musician
John Pintavalle   Musician
Cole Porter   Track Performer
Seymour Red Press   Musician
Ron Raffio   Musician
Alvin Rogers   Musician
Roger Rosenberg   Musician
Patricia Gorman   cast
Rex Everhart   Vocals,Track Performer
Garfield Fobbs   Musician
Richard Korthaze   cast
Howard McGillin   Vocals,Track Performer
Alex Timerman   Vocals
Barbara Yeager   cast
Steve Steiner   Track Performer
Robert Ashford   cast
Gerry Vichi   cast
Gerry McIntyre   Vocals
Leslie Feagan   cast
Larry Cahn   cast
Dale Hensley   cast
Bill McCutcheon   Vocals
Anne Francine   Track Performer
Kathleen Mahony-Bennett   Vocals
Anthony Heald   Track Performer
William Butler   Musician
Maryellen Scilla   cast
Daniel Fletcher   cast
Santo Russo   Musician

Technical Credits

Tom Fay   Arranger
Paul Goodman   Engineer
Jay David Saks   Producer
Edward Strauss   Musical Director
Anthony Salvatore   Engineer
Bernard Gersten   Producer
Steve Steiner   Contributor
Michael Gibson   Orchestration

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