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Apaches: People of the Southwest

Apaches: People of the Southwest

by Jennifer Fleischner

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Gisela Jernigan
"This is the fourth time that I have surrendered." Geronimo remarked in 1886 to General Miles who replied, "And I think it is the last time." This exchange, which illustrates the endurance of the Apache character, serves as a dramatic introduction to this nonfiction overview of Apache history and culture. Besides this first chapter on the final surrender, other chapters deal with: Apache life-ways, fighting for the land, Apache life today and a coyote legend. The many color and black and white drawings and photographs enhance the text. A map, list of important dates, glossary, bibliography, and index are useful features. The information is generally accurate except for a rather misleading instance where the reader may deduce that the Apache had reached the Southwest 1,000 to 700 years ago, when they did not really reach the area until around 1500.
School Library Journal
Gr 5-8-Engaging, accurate, and informative volumes. The authors deal not only with the tribes' histories, but also with their ways of life and survival. The books contain chapters on the Haidas and Apaches today, and conclude with a traditional story from each culture. Of special interest to children will be the accounts of coming-of-age ceremonies and tribal expectations for young people. Photographs and reproductions of paintings and drawings, in black and white and full color, are relevant and of good quality. Sources or locations of illustrations are given, which is of special help to anyone interested in seeing the originals. One-page bibliographies list mostly recently published, and hence available, titles.-George Gleason, Department of English, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield

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Lerner Publishing Group
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Native Americans Ser.
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9 - 11 Years

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