Apocalypsis: Book 2 (Warpaint)

Apocalypsis: Book 2 (Warpaint)

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by Elle Casey

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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 2 of 4 in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series, suitable for older teens and adults.

WARPAINT. My name's Bryn Mathis. I'm seventeen years old, and I live in Kahayatle, otherwise known as The Everglades. I'm here with my three best friends and a tribe of Native American teens,


NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 2 of 4 in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series, suitable for older teens and adults.

WARPAINT. My name's Bryn Mathis. I'm seventeen years old, and I live in Kahayatle, otherwise known as The Everglades. I'm here with my three best friends and a tribe of Native American teens, because my dad died almost a year ago, along with all the other adults in the world. We're creating a whole new world for ourselves, but this world has problems. The biggest threat to our survival is not starvation anymore ... it's the gang of kids who lives nearby that has become more vicious than anyone could have imagined possible. The soulless demons have gone too far, and it's time for us to rise up and do what needs to be done to set things right. Alone, it might have been impossible; but now I've got friends. I'm worried, though, that I won't be able to get them ready to fight in time, and that we're taking on more of a challenge than we can handle right now. And I have no idea what might be waiting for us when we arrive on their front doorstep.

Content Warning: Mild violence and some foul language. Meant for older Young Adult readers (age 15+). This book is in the Dark Science Fiction / Horror / Post-Apocalyptic genres, featuring teen characters only.

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Apocalypsis: Book 2 (Warpaint)
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This series is dedicated to the amazing, wonderful Native Americans who populate our nation, continuing their traditions and reminding the rest of us that sometimes, progress isn't always the best thing for our people. I invite you to learn more about the Miccosukee tribe, their history, culture, and lifestyle by visiting the official Miccosukee indian village website.

Editorial Reviews

Goodreads - Elizabeth Reviewer
"Just go ahead and save yourself the time and get book 3 when you get book 2 because after you finish this you will be dying to get the next book. Book 2 was just as good as the first! This is the kind of series that makes you want to lock yourself up in a room without any interruptions just so you can read this book!"
Amazon - Aria Michaels
"No surprise there... Elle knocks it out of the park with Warpaint. Can't say enough about the amazing world created in Apocalypsis by Elle Casey. Warpaint is even better than the first in the series! The characters are not only believable, but raw and real. Their struggles make you grab onto them that much tighter, and never want to let go. Apocalypsis is a great read full of suspense and horror, that still manages to leave you grasping at a sense of hope for the future...great job Elle..."
Amazon - Jen P
"Great series! Couldn't put these books down! Great story line, very suspenseful and emotional. Loved every minute of every book in this series!"
Goodreads - Alisha Reviewer
"Again another 5 star rating for this series.. I just can't help myself, I'm addicted. I think the main characters are smart, likeable, and the story flows so well that you're not even aware how much time has passed in the real world. I found myself staying up all night not able to put this down until it was done, and it's been a few months since I've felt that way."

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Elle Casey, a former attorney and teacher, is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling American author who lives in France with her husband, three kids, and a number of furry friends. She has written books in several genres and publishes an average of one full-length novel per month.

A personal note from Elle ...
If you enjoyed this book, please take a moment to leave a review on the site where you bought this book, Goodreads, or any book blogs you participate in, and tell your friends! I love interacting with my readers, so if you feel like shooting the breeze or talking about books or your family or pets, please visit me. You can find me at ...


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Apocalypsis: Book 2 (Warpaint) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Series. Reading it for the 2nd time
Shelly56MJ More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and couldn't wait for the next. This book is more for the older teen or young adult. I am the grandma of two a young grandma but still I loved this series. The teen girl as the heroin here was prepared by her father but only so far. She has to learn to trust herself and she does not at least not yet. And that is the question in my mind will she ever be able to trust anyone she is still asking her dad is this the right decision am I making the right choices. But, its for her to decide her dad could only take her so far. I felt so bad for her having to make adult decision at her age facing the fears of the unknown and the things she has to face that No one should face ever. I can't wait to start the next book. Thank goodness I got this series after all the books were out! This series is the best I can't stop reading I think about the characters when I'm not reading the book. I can't put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Necroscope84 More than 1 year ago
Every single time that I think that Elle Casey's books just can't get any better I read another one and I'm completely blown away. I have to admit that I go into each one of Mrs. Casey's books with very high expectations based upon her previous works and she never fails to not only meet those expectations but to exceed them. And not just by a little bit either. If I could give this book 10 stars I would do it in a heart beat. Her finely written characters continue to grow and gain even more depth. The storylines take a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The humor is always top notch and the action is exactly perfect. The characters that I've grown to love in this series I now love even more. Bryn continues to evolve and I really believe that this book is going to be a huge turning point in her life. After reading the last one I was hoping that she and her friends would just settle down and live in the Everglades but I'm just not seeing that for her anymore. She's a natural born leader that people automatically gravitate to and I think maybe she's found her calling in life whether she knows it or not. Bodo seriously amazes me. I really liked him in the first book. He's easy going, funny and goofy but has now shown he can be serious too and has a much richer personality than I had thought. I was looking forward to seeing Bodo and Peter's talents and boy was I not let down. What Bodo can do is incredible and I really enjoyed the "other love" in his life. And then there's Peter who may be weak physically but has one giant muscle of a brain. The dudes a genius and has proven his worth time and time again. I just hope he can find someone to cuddle with (other than Buster that is). Buster still rocks (those snakes don't stand a chance). The rest of their new extended family are all pretty amazing. Winky totally kicks some major butt and I enjoyed every scene she was in. There's also a lot of new characters who's names we didn't know in the first book. Everyone in the tribe has their own talents and personalities and I can't help but feel emotionally invested in all of them. It was scary enough reading this book and having to wonder if everyone's going to be okay. I so don't want to read any of them getting hurt or killed but know it's bound to happen so I keep reading dreading and enjoying every minute of it. This was another Elle Casey book that was impossible to put down. I'm about to start the next book because I just have to know what happens to a certain character. That was an evil evil cliffhanger but I wouldn't want it any other way :) What a great book!!!
Karen_Benson More than 1 year ago
For whatever reason, I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. I'm addicted to Bodo, Peter, Buster and even Bryn although she annoys me at times with her attitude. I'm enjoying the heck out of the tribes and the antics of the guys. Throwing in a sweet adorable dog and even Nina was what really melted me all over. Ugh, the story line of the bad guys is gruesome! And the cliffhanger!! What??! I immediately flipped over to the web so I could purchase the next book in the series! So far, this series is amazing to me!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago