Apollo Jump [2002 Collection]

Apollo Jump [2002 Collection]

by Lucky Millinder

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Disc 1

  1. Slide Mr. Trombone
  2. Ride, Red, Ride
  3. Big Fat Mama
  4. Shout, Sister, Shout
  5. Apollo Jump
  6. Hey, Huss!
  7. Let Me Off Uptown
  8. That's All
  9. I Want a Tall Skinny Papa
  10. Are You Ready?
  11. Mason Flyer
  12. Little John Special
  13. Sweet Slumber
  14. Shipyard Social Function
  15. Savoy
  16. Hurry, Hurry!
  17. I Can't See for Lookin'
  18. Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well?
  19. All the Time
  20. I Know How to Do It
  21. How Big Can You Get, Little Man?
  22. More, More, More
  23. There's Good Blues
  24. Shorty's Got to Go

Disc 2

  1. Chittlin' Switch
  2. Fare Thee Well Deacon Jones
  3. The Spider and the Fly
  4. Let It Roll
  5. Begging for Love
  6. Don't Hesitate Too Long
  7. Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Back?
  8. Mr. Trumpet Man
  9. Let It Roll Again
  10. My Little Baby
  11. The Jumpin' Jack
  12. Clap Your Hands
  13. Oh! Babe
  14. Please Open Your Heart
  15. Teardrops from My Eyes
  16. Silent George
  17. Chew Tobacco Rag
  18. Georgia Rose
  19. I'm Waiting Just for You
  20. Bongo Boogie
  21. The Right Kind of Lovin'
  22. No One Else Could Be
  23. It's Been a Long Time
  24. The Grape Vine

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lucky Millinder   Primary Artist,Leader,Vocals
Wynonie Harris   Vocals
Bull Moose Jackson   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Bill Doggett   Piano
Buster Bailey   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Danny Barker   Guitar
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Tab Smith   Alto Saxophone
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone
Aaron Bell   Bass
Tyree Glenn   Trombone
Seldon Powell   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Wilder   Trumpet
Preston Love   Alto Saxophone
Don Cole   Trombone
Sam Hopkins   Alto Saxophone
Sam "The Man" Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Charles Thompson   Piano
Sonny Thompson   Piano
McKibbon   Bass
Freddy Webster   Trumpet
John Hardee   Tenor Saxophone
George Duvivier   Bass
John Bello   Trumpet
Abe Bolar   Bass
Floyd Brady   Trombone
Joe Britton   Trombone
James Cannady   Guitar
Henderson Chambers   Trombone
Alfred Cobbs   Trombone
Jimmy Crawford   Drums
Elmer Crumbley   Trombone
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Nick Fenton   Bass
Milton Fletcher   Trumpet
Panama Francis   Drums
Henry Glover   Trumpet,Vocals
Thomas Grider   Trumpet
Joe Guy   Trumpet
John Harrington   Alto Saxophone
Clyde Hart   Piano
George James   Alto Saxophone
Archie Johnson   Trumpet
Myra Johnson   Vocals
Joe Jordan   Trumpet
Ellis Larkins   Piano
Lawrence Lucie   Guitar
Kelly Martin   Drums
George Matthews   Trombone
Melvin Moore   Vocals
George Nicholas   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Nottingham   Trumpet
Bernie Peacock   Alto Saxophone
Beverly Peer   Bass
Rudy Powell   Alto Saxophone
Carl Pruitt   Bass
Ernest Purce   Baritone Saxophone
Eli Robinson   Trombone
Brother John Sellers   Vocals
Stafford Simon   Tenor Saxophone
Danny Small   Piano
Bill Swindell   Alto Saxophone
Sister Rosetta Tharpe   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Tunia   Piano
Frank Wess   Tenor Saxophone
Elmer "Skippy" Williams   Tenor Saxophone
Pinky Williams   Baritone Saxophone
Freddie Zito   Trombone
Big John Greer   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Annisteen Allen   Vocals
Harold Clark   Tenor Saxophone
Abdul Salaam (Chiefie Scott)   Trumpet
Walker   Drums
Billy Mann   Piano
Curby Alexander   Alto Saxophone
Orrington Hall   Baritone Saxophone
Ed Shaugnessy   Drums
Gene Simon   Trombone
George Stevenson   Trombone
Sandy Williams   Trombone
Jerry Cox   Bass
Elton Hill   Trumpet
Lamar Wright   Trumpet
Frank Galbraith   Trumpet
Mike Hedley   Tenor Saxophone
Frank Humphries   Trumpet
Trevor Bacon   Guitar,Vocals
Leon Spann   Bass
Nelson Bryant   Trumpet
Bernie Mackey   Guitar
Fats Ford   Trumpet
Sid Brown   Baritone Saxophone
Dave Young Orchestra   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Bowen   Alto Saxophone
Ted Barnett   Alto Saxophone
Edward Morant   Trombone
Ludwig Jordan   Trumpet
Ernest Leavy   Baritone Saxophone
John Peck   Trombone
John Carol   Vocals
Frank DeVito   Trombone

Technical Credits

Bill Doggett   Composer
Lucky Millinder   Composer
Jimmy Mundy   Composer
Benny Carter   Composer
Henry Glover   Composer
Jesse Stone   Composer
Richard Larkin   Composer
Joop Visser   Producer,Liner Notes
Sally Nix   Composer

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