Appalachian Angel: Her Recordings 1950-1972

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All Music Guide - Chris Nickson
Bear Family are known for their completeness, and the quality of their packaging, and what they've done with the work of Anita Carter who died in 1999 is certainly up to scratch, what with seven CDs and a hardback book to give all the details of her career. A member of the Carter Family, the preeminent clan in country, and sister to June, she performed with her siblings, but managed a smash in 1951, duetting with Hank Snow on "Bluebird Island" and "Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts," both of which went into the Top Five on the country charts. She was one third of 'Nita, Rita & Ruby, but for the most part her career was focused on appearing in different incarnations of ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Chris Nickson
Bear Family are known for their completeness, and the quality of their packaging, and what they've done with the work of Anita Carter who died in 1999 is certainly up to scratch, what with seven CDs and a hardback book to give all the details of her career. A member of the Carter Family, the preeminent clan in country, and sister to June, she performed with her siblings, but managed a smash in 1951, duetting with Hank Snow on "Bluebird Island" and "Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts," both of which went into the Top Five on the country charts. She was one third of 'Nita, Rita & Ruby, but for the most part her career was focused on appearing in different incarnations of the Carter Family group. She could sing, and she had the looks, but as a solo act, no one really seemed to know what to do with her. She managed a few hits in the latter half of the '60s, first with "I'm Gonna Leave You," then "I Got You," which paired her with fledgling outlaw Waylon Jennings. Her last almost-hit "Tulsa County" is also part of the package, along with everything else you could imagine or desire.
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  • Release Date: 6/22/2004
  • Label: Imports
  • EAN: 4000127164148
  • Catalog Number: 16414
  • Sales rank: 135,177


Disc 1
  1. 1 Somebody's Crying (2:54)
  2. 2 Johnnie's Got a Sweetheart (2:12)
  3. 3 Someone Else, Not Me (2:48)
  4. 4 Freight Train Blues (2:22)
  5. 5 Just You and I (2:52)
  6. 6 Careless Love (2:59)
  7. 7 Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts (2:11)
  8. 8 Bluebird Island (2:41)
  9. 9 Right Way, Wrong Way (2:49)
  10. 10 When I Lost You (2:55)
  11. 11 (Go Away) I Want to Be Blue (2:34)
  12. 12 I'm Crying (2:47)
  13. 13 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) - Hank Williams (1:40)
  14. 14 Keep It a Secret (2:41)
  15. 15 Cool, Cold Colder (2:38)
  16. 16 There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (2:52)
  17. 17 Heartless Romance (2:50)
  18. 18 Don Juan (2:04)
  19. 19 Faithless Johnny Lee (2:41)
  20. 20 Making Believe (2:37)
  21. 21 I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven (2:40)
  22. 22 Keep Your Promise, Willie Thomas (2:44)
  23. 23 It's You, Only You, That I Love (2:26)
  24. 24 That's What Makes the Jukebox Play (2:25)
  25. 25 Here We Are Again (2:20)
  26. 26 I'm Sorry If That's the Way You Feel (2:17)
  27. 27 The Mask of Your Heart (2:16)
  28. 28 I Wore Dark Glasses (At Your Wedding) (2:36)
  29. 29 False Hearted (1:59)
Disc 2
  1. 1 A Tear Fell (2:12)
  2. 2 One Heartache at a Time (2:23)
  3. 3 He's a Real Gone Guy (2:31)
  4. 4 Believe It or Not (2:50)
  5. 5 Maybe (2:29)
  6. 6 Do You Remember (2:18)
  7. 7 If I Had a Needle and Thread (2:02)
  8. 8 Blue Doll (2:13)
  9. 9 Go Away, Johnnie (2:25)
  10. 10 Mama Don't Cry at My Wedding (2:07)
  11. 11 Tryin' to Forget About You (2:04)
  12. 12 That's All I Want from You (2:16)
  13. 13 Moon Girl (1:53)
  14. 14 If Today Were Yesterday (2:48)
  15. 15 For Sale (2:28)
  16. 16 Rose of Old Monterey (2:54)
  17. 17 My Adobe Hacienda (2:52)
  18. 18 I Never Will Marry (2:31)
  19. 19 Mockin' Bird Hill (1:59)
  20. 20 No Letter Today (2:28)
  21. 21 I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair (2:47)
  22. 22 If It's Wrong to Love You (2:08)
  23. 23 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again (2:38)
  24. 24 Promised to John (2:17)
  25. 25 Let's Pretend (2:28)
  26. 26 A Pair of Broken Hearts (2:48)
  27. 27 Another Man Done Gone (2:35)
Disc 3
  1. 1 All My Trials (2:54)
  2. 2 Voice of the Bayou (3:37)
  3. 3 Sour Grapes (3:16)
  4. 4 Johnny, I Hardly Knew You (4:15)
  5. 5 My Love (2:21)
  6. 6 (Love's) Ring of Fire (1:59)
  7. 7 Fair and Tender Ladies (2:59)
  8. 8 Satan's Child (3:00)
  9. 9 Fly Pretty Swallow (2:22)
  10. 10 As the Sparrow Goes (2:52)
  11. 11 Running Back (2:00)
  12. 12 The Kentuckian Song (2:32)
  13. 13 Brian (2:23)
  14. 14 A Few Short Years Ago (2:55)
  15. 15 Take Me Home (2:54)
  16. 16 Farewell (3:15)
  17. 17 I Never Will Marry (3:31)
  18. 18 No, My Love, No (3:01)
  19. 19 Wildwood Flower (2:32)
  20. 20 This Life I'm Living (2:21)
  21. 21 John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man (2:18)
  22. 22 My Love Loves Me (2:08)
  23. 23 Bury Me Beneath the Willow (2:15)
  24. 24 Beautiful Isle O'er the Sea (2:20)
  25. 25 John, John, John (2:29)
  26. 26 In the Highways (I'll Be Somewhere Working for My Lord) (2:54)
  27. 27 Little Things Mean a Lot (2:31)
  28. 28 Stop Being Mean to Your Body (2:00)
  29. 29 You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me (2:03)
Disc 4
  1. 1 That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome (2:57)
  2. 2 Twelve O'Clock High (2:31)
  3. 3 Carmel by the Sea (2:33)
  4. 4 Is It for Me (2:33)
  5. 5 I'm Counting on You (2:12)
  6. 6 I've Heard the Wind Blow Before (2:21)
  7. 7 I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (2:24)
  8. 8 Hang a Little Sign (2:12)
  9. 9 You Couldn't Get My Love Back (If You Tried) (1:58)
  10. 10 I'm Gonna Leave You (2:12)
  11. 11 I Won't Change for You (2:41)
  12. 12 The Trains Don't Go There Anymore (2:41)
  13. 13 Love Me Now (While I Am Living) (2:37)
  14. 14 I Don't Need You Anymore (2:14)
  15. 15 You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me (Last Night) (2:51)
  16. 16 It's My Life (And I'll Live It) (2:17)
  17. 17 All of Me Belongs to You (2:07)
  18. 18 No One's Gonna Miss Me (2:40)
  19. 19 Rings of Gold (2:36)
  20. 20 I Got You (2:39)
  21. 21 Twelve O'Clock High (2:32)
  22. 22 Twelve O'Clock High (2:32)
  23. 23 Love Me Now (While I Am Living) (2:43)
  24. 24 You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me (Last Night) (2:50)
  25. 25 So Afraid (2:10)
  26. 26 To Be a Child Again (2:54)
  27. 27 Too Many Rivers (2:36)
  28. 28 Baby for You (2:16)
  29. 29 The Other Side of the Coin (2:07)
  30. 30 A Couple Like Us (2:37)
  31. 31 Coming Off the Roads (3:39)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Morning Sun (2:20)
  2. 2 Sound of Different Drums (2:53)
  3. 3 Cry Softly (2:52)
  4. 4 Us (3:12)
  5. 5 Where Is the Start of Lonely (2:23)
  6. 6 Tulsa Country (2:56)
  7. 7 Angel's Heaven (3:34)
  8. 8 Loving Him Was Easier (2:52)
  9. 9 I'd Rather Be Sorry (2:34)
  10. 10 Until It's Time for You to Go (2:56)
  11. 11 Loving Him Was Easier (2:47)
  12. 12 Summer Sand (2:55)
  13. 13 A Whole Lotta Lovin' (3:00)
  14. 14 Make Up the Difference (2:48)
  15. 15 Angel's Heaven (3:40)
  16. 16 When Love Dies (3:10)
  17. 17 He Taught Me All the Right Ways (3:22)
  18. 18 Once Around the Briar Patch (3:03)
  19. 19 How to Be a Woman (4:35)
  20. 20 Too Much of a Man (To Be Tied Down) (3:33)
  21. 21 Walk on Out of My Mind (2:33)
  22. 22 Love Is on the Way (4:05)
  23. 23 There's So Much Love Left Over (2:42)
Disc 6
  1. 1 Where Is the Start of Lonely (2:23)
  2. 2 Tulsa Country (2:57)
  3. 3 Angel's Heaven (3:30)
  4. 4 Loving Him Was Easier (2:52)
  5. 5 I'd Rather Be Sorry (2:36)
  6. 6 Until It's Time for You to Go (2:57)
  7. 7 Loving Him Was Easier (2:42)
  8. 8 Summer Sand (2:43)
  9. 9 A Whole Lotta Lovin' (3:01)
  10. 10 I Ain't Goin' to Work Tomorrow - Helen Carter (2:21)
  11. 11 I Never Will Marry - Helen Carter (3:53)
  12. 12 Once Around the Briar Patch - Helen Carter (3:04)
  13. 13 Gold Watch and Chain - Helen Carter (3:44)
  14. 14 It's All Over Now Baby Blue - Jerry Hensley (3:20)
  15. 15 God Is (3:00)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Rock Love (2:01)
  2. 2 Pledging My Love (2:13)
  3. 3 But I Love You Just the Same (2:00)
  4. 4 Lovey Lips (2:09)
  5. 5 Give Me Love (2:48)
  6. 6 Whose Baby Are You? (2:17)
  7. 7 Borrowed Diamonds (2:47)
  8. 8 Hi de Ank Tum (2:17)
  9. 9 At the Old Town Hall (2:31)
  10. 10 Jimmy Unknown (2:28)
  11. 11 Last Night in My Dreams (2:50)
  12. 12 Leroy (2:16)
  13. 13 Not Any More (2:19)
  14. 14 Losin' My Baby Again (2:08)
  15. 15 My Man True to Me (2:07)
  16. 16 I Just Won't Care Anymore (2:18)
  17. 17 (He Said Yeah) Baby You're the One (2:04)
  18. 18 My Sweet Love Ain't Around (2:42)
  19. 19 You Came to the Prom Alone (2:25)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Anita Carter Primary Artist, Leader, Vocals, Background Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Chet Atkins Guitar, Electric Guitar, Leader
Johnny Cash Guitar, Leader, Vocals
Floyd Cramer Piano
Hank Garland Guitar, Electric Guitar, Leader
Johnny Gimble Fiddle
Waylon Jennings Leader, Vocals
The Jordanaires Choir, Chorus
Linda Hargrove Guitar
Pat McLaughlin Guitar
Anita Kerr Organ, Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Grady Martin Guitar, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Leader
Johnny Darrell Vocals
Howard White Guitar
Mark Howard Guitar
Mother Maybelle Carter Autoharp, Choir, Chorus
The Anita Kerr Singers Choir, Chorus
Byron Bach Cello, Viola
Brenton Banks Violin
George Binkley III Violin
Harold Bradley Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Tenor Banjo
Owen Bradley Piano
Larry Butler Piano
Ernie Calabria Guitar
Jerry Carrigan Drums
Lightnin' Chance Bass
Jack Clement Dobro, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Leader
Charles Cochran Piano
Bobby Dyson Electric Bass
Ray Edenton Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Leader
Dolores Edgin Choir, Chorus
David Ferguson Bass, Guitar
Solie Fott Violin
Melvin Gentry Steel Guitar
Chuck Glaser Choir, Chorus
James R. Glaser Choir, Chorus
Buddy Harman Drums
Hoyt Hawkins Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Walter Haynes Steel Guitar
Jerry Hensley Vocals
Lillian Hunt Violin
Roy M. "Junior" Husky Bass
Hugh Jarrett Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Buddy Killen Choir, Chorus
Clyde Lombardi Bass
Kenny Malone Drums
Barry McDonald Violin
Wayne Moss Electric Guitar
Ernest Ernie Newton Bass
Louis Dean Nunley Choir, Chorus, Group Member
June Page Choir, Chorus
George Richey Piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins Piano, Leader
Billy Sanford Guitar
Brock Speer Vocals
Henry Strzelecki Bass
Jimmy Tittle Bass, Guitar
Gary VanOsdale Viola
D. Bergen White Leader
Robert Chubby Wise Fiddle
Dorothy Ann Dillard Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Herman Wade Guitar
Farris Coursey Drums
Priscilla Ann Hubbard Choir, Chorus
Kerry Marx Guitar
Wilda Tinsley Violin
Mary Greene Choir, Chorus
Bob Moore Bass, Leader
Jack Shook Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Hugh Gordon Stoker Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Henry Newton "Tommy" Vaden Fiddle
Helen Carter Vocals, Background Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Jerry Reed Hubbard Electric Guitar
Fred Carter Jr. Guitar
Robert L. Johnson Banjo, Lute
Priscilla Mitchell Choir, Chorus
Margie Singleton Choir, Chorus
Jerry Lee Smith Piano
Ray C. Walker Choir, Chorus
Thomas Lee Jackson Jr. Fiddle
Joseph Hale III Talbot Steel Guitar
Jerry Glenn Kennedy Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Leader
William Guilford Wright Jr. Choir, Chorus, Group Member
Marvin H. Hughes Organ, Piano, Vibes
Neal Matthews Jr. Choir, Chorus, Group Member
William K. McElhiney Leader
Velma E. Williams Smith Guitar
Harvey Wolfe Cello
William Paul Ackerman Drums
"Papa" John Gordy Organ, Piano
Gene Stewart Guitar
John Carter Cash Guitar
Thomas Michael Glaser Choir, Chorus
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters Steel Guitar
James Wilkerson Bass, Guitar, Vibes
D. Harris Guitar
Ruby Wells Vocals
Vernal E. Richardson Violin
Lorrie Carter Bennett Choir, Chorus
Helen Carter Jones Choir, Chorus
Rebecca Bowman Bass, Choir, Chorus
David Briggs Piano
Arthur Lewis Viola
James "Jimmy" Riddle Jew's Harp
Howard Ralph Carpenter Violin, Viola
Marcy Lynn Cates Choir, Chorus
Marjorie Ann Cates Choir, Chorus
W. Ovid Collins Jr. Cello
Donald S. Davis Steel Guitar, Leader
Hollis R. "Red Lane" DeLaughter Guitar
Oscar Eiler Violin
William Reid Humble Violin
David Carroll Kirby Guitar
June Carter Nix Choir, Chorus
Jane K. Norris Violin
Bob Phillips Violin
Rita Robbins Vocals
Clarence E. "Hank" Snow Guitar, Leader, Vocals
Technical Credits
Bill Anderson Composer
Chet Atkins Composer, Producer
Jimmie Davis Composer
Merle Haggard Composer
Waylon Jennings Duet
Kris Kristofferson Composer
Marty Robbins Composer
Mel Tillis Composer
Tom Paxton Composer
Buffy Sainte-Marie Composer
Irving Berlin Composer
Hank Davis Liner Notes, Biographical Notes
Bob Dylan Composer
Otis Redding Composer
Frankie Brown Composer
Don Everly Composer
Linda Hargrove Composer
Bill Justis Arranger
Pamela Polland Composer
Zeb Turner Composer
Nellie Lutcher Composer
Stuart Hamblen Composer
Cindy Walker Composer
Johnny Darrell Duet
Don Robertson Composer
Anita Carter Composer, Adaptation, Duet
Jimmy Kennedy Composer
Alan Lomax Composer
Mother Maybelle Carter Composer
Eddie Dean Composer
Johnnie Wright Composer
Richard Bennett Producer, Guitar Overdubs
Harold Bradley Tic Tac
Felice Bryant Composer
Boudleaux Bryant Composer
Dorian Burton Composer
Jenny Carson Composer
A.P. Carter Composer
June Carter Cash Composer
Jerry Chesnut Composer
Ray Evans Composer
David Ferguson Producer
Henry Glover Composer
Howard Greenfield Composer
Hy Heath Composer
Harlan Howard Composer
Felton Jarvis Producer
Frank Jones Producer
Buddy Killen Composer
John Laird Composer
Red Lane Composer
Don Law Producer
Jay Livingston Composer
John A. Lomax Composer
Charles Mitchell Composer
Ernest Ernie Newton Composer
Milton Okun Producer, Adaptation
George Richey Composer, Producer
Don Robey Composer
Fred Rose Composer
Wesley Rose Producer
Steve Sholes Producer
Shelby Singleton Producer
Scotty Turner Composer
Don Tweedy Arranger
Wayne Walker Composer
Mark Webb Composer
Marijohn Wilkin Composer
Hank Williams Composer
Jack Anglin Composer
Jim Anglin Composer
Milton DeLugg Composer
Jerry Keller Composer
Gene Sullivan Composer
Helen Carter Composer, Duet
Jack Fulton Composer
Tex Atchison Composer
Janette Carter Author
Danny Dill Composer
Vera Hall Composer
Vaughn Horton Composer
Robert L. Johnson Composer
Merle Kilgore Composer
Louise Massey Composer
Bob Nolan Composer
Don Reid Composer
Lawrence Reynolds Composer
Tim Spencer Composer
Gene Thomas Composer
Wiley Walker Composer
Jack Wolf Composer
Jimmy Work Composer
Jerry Glenn Kennedy Producer
Clarence E. Snow Composer
R.A. Andreas Illustrations
Richard Weize Reissue Producer, Tape Research
Bobby Montgomery Producer
Jurgen Crasser Mastering
Holger Von Bargen Art Direction
Bobby Sykes Composer
Bill Porter Engineer
Irving Gordon Composer
Nat Simon Composer
Edith Lindeman Composer
Eugene Randolph Composer
Fritz Rotter Composer
Lois Steele Composer
Carl Stutz Composer
Ruby Pickens Tartt Composer
Hugh Ashley Composer
Roy Baham Composer
Cy Coben Composer
Gene Dobbins Composer
Bonnie Dodd Composer
Eugene Dragee Composer
Gordon Gaibraith Composer
Ferdinand Washington Composer
Lou Wayne Composer
Kent Westberry Composer
Robert Arthur Composer
Ricci Mareno Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer Artwork
Traditional Composer
Hal Southern Composer
Larry Kingston Composer
Allan Roberts Composer
Bill Katz Composer
Karen Kelly Composer
Erich H├╝lsenbeck Photo Scanning
Lorrie Carter Bennett Illustrations
Andreas Merck Photo Scanning
John Howard Composer
James "Sonny James" Loden Composer
E.H. Jay Composer
Lee Penny Composer
Brenda Colladay Illustrations
Donald S. Davis Composer
Sue Langdon Illustrations
Vicki Langdon Illustrations
Clarence E. "Hank" Snow Duet
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