Appalachian Images in Folk and Popular Culture / Edition 2

Appalachian Images in Folk and Popular Culture / Edition 2

by W.K. Mcneil

ISBN-10: 0870498665

ISBN-13: 9780870498664

Pub. Date: 03/28/1995

Publisher: University of Tennessee Press

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University of Tennessee Press
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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition
1A Week in the Great Smoky Mountains (1860)23
2A Strange Land and a Peculiar People (1873)45
3Through Cumberland Gap on Horseback (1892)59
4The Moonshiner of Fact (1896)75
5Our Contemporary Ancestors in the Southern Mountains (1899)91
6Romance and Tragedy of Kentucky Feuds (1899)107
7The Southern Mountaineer (1901)121
8The Anglo-Saxons of the Kentucky Mountains: A Study in Anthropogeography (1901)145
9Life in the Kentucky Mountains. By a Mountaineer (1908)175
10The Virginia Mountaineers (1913)187
11Elizabeth America (1929)205
12Change Comes to the Appalachian Mountaineer (1930)217
13The Mountain Handicrafts: Their Importance to the Country and to the People in the Mountain Homes (1930)227
14Life in a Blue Ridge Hollow (1931)243
15Changes in the Dietary Habits of Remote Mountain People since 1900 (1935)255
16Shingle Making on the Lesser Waters of the Big Creek of the French Broad River (1946)263
17Ordeal by Serpents, Fire and Strychnine: A Study of Some Provocative Psychosomatic Phenomena (1960)285
18The Appalachian Log Cabin (1963)307
19Appalachia on Television: Region as Symbol in American Popular Culture (1980)315
20Rethinking the House: Interior Space and Social Change (1987)331

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