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Apple Pie That Papa Baked
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Apple Pie That Papa Baked

by Lauren Thompson, Jonathan Bean

These are the apples, juicy and red,
that went in the pie,
warm and sweet,
that Papa baked...
for guess who!


These are the apples, juicy and red,
that went in the pie,
warm and sweet,
that Papa baked...
for guess who!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Thompson (Polar Bear Night) and Bean (At Night, reviewed above) cook up a delicious homage to vintage children's books. Describing the eponymous pie, the author replicates with natural grace the cumulative structure and rhythm of "The House That Jack Built"-"This is the tree, crooked and strong,/ that grew the apples, juicy and red,/ that went in the pie, warm and sweet,/ that Papa baked." Bean-who names his influences as Virginia Lee Burton and Wanda Gág-unfolds the action on a ramshackle farm, limiting his palette to three colors, black, ochre and a splash of red. Visual excitement comes from the textures of rough bark and rolling hills. The farmer father, his daughter with her tight braids and feedsack dress, and their farm look a lot like renderings from WPA-era woodcuts and lithographs. The family livestock and lean black cat peer hopefully through the window as Papa and daughter peel apples into a pie plate. All the characters, human and animal, appear in silhouette at sunset in a resounding finale: "This is the world,/ blooming with life,/ that spins with the sun, fiery and bright,/ that lights the sky, wide and fair...." The last page indicates an unexpected guest dropping by for the last piece of pie. This tribute to the artists of an earlier age should take its place among bedtime favorites; if it persuades families to explore picture book classics, so much the better. Ages 5-up. (Aug.)

Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information
Children's Literature - Ken Marantz
This simply told cumulative tale begins with "the pie, warm and sweet, that Papa baked." Two wordless double pages then take Papa and our young narrator back to the apple tree to pick the apples. Then page after page add the tree, the roots, the rain, "cool and fresh," and the clouds, "heaped and round," as father and daughter bring the apples in to peel. Add the sky "wide and far," and the sun "fiery and bright," as they carry the finished pie across a world "blooming with life" to share with animal friends and with "you!" Bean interprets this old-fashioned story with illustrations that suggest a style of long ago, reminiscent of Wanda Gag. He has limited himself to three colors: black primarily for outlines but occasionally for a few objects; muted golden yellow for other items such as the sun and bits of landscape; and touches of red for the apples. The colors do not blend, as they are produced on separate sheets of vellum and then overlapped in a computer. The overall effect produces lively scenes, in particular the comic one when the rain arrives—everyone dashes for cover and the apples fly out of the baskets. The shiny red of the apples and the raised title on the jacket add attraction, contrasting to the old-fashioned dignity of the cover.
School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 2
A father lovingly prepares a treat for his daughter in this charming story. The cumulative text begins with the apples ("These are the apples, juicy and red, that went in the pie, warm and sweet, that Papa baked") and then moves on to the tree that grew the fruit, its roots, the rain," the clouds, the sky, the sun, and finally the world ("blooming with life"). Bean's fine folk-style artwork complements the lyrical text. The illustrations were each drawn in black ink on three separate sheets of vellum, scanned into a computer, and recomposed and colored. They use only red, black, and yellow, and the simple palette and buff-colored pages make the images sharp and elegant. The pictures effectively and humorously move the story forward, depicting the activities of the characters and several tag-along farm animals as they pick the apples, prepare the pie, and head back to the tree for a picnic. While the text blossoms out to encompass the whole world, the illustrations focus on the homey setting and the affection shared by father and daughter, keeping the story grounded until its sweet conclusion. A delightful and engaging read.
—Catherine CallegariCopyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Lauren Thompson is the author of several picture books, including the popular Mouse’s First series, Little Quack series, and the Wee Little series. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed The Apple Pie That Papa Baked as well as Leap Back Home to Me; Chew, Chew, Gulp!; and Hop, Hop, Jump! She lives with her husband and son in Brooklyn, New York.

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