Applications of Fibonacci Numbers: Volume 2 / Edition 1

Applications of Fibonacci Numbers: Volume 2 / Edition 1

by Andreas Philippou

ISBN-10: 9027726736

ISBN-13: 9789027726735

Pub. Date: 04/30/1988

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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Table of Contents

Fermat-Like Binomial Equations.- Recurrences Related to the Bessel Function.- Symmetric Recursive Sequences Mod M.- Primitive Divisors of Lucas Numbers.- A Congruence Relation for a Linear Recursive Sequence of Arbitrary Order.- Fibonacci Numbers and Groups.- A Triangular Array with Hexagon Property, Dual to Pascal’s Triangle.- Functions of the Kronecker Square of the Matrix Q.- Fibonacci Numbers of the Forms PX2 ± 1, PX3 ± 1, where P is Prime.- On the K-TH Order Linear Recurrence and Some Probability Applications.- On the Representation of Integral Sequences {Fn/d} and {Ln/d} as Sums of Fibonacci Numbers and as Sums of Lucas Numbers.- Primes Having an inComplete System of Residues for a Class of Second-Order Recurrences.- Covering the Integers with Linear Recurrences.- Recursive Theorems for Success Runs and Reliability of Consecutive-K-Out-of-N: F Systems.- Asveld’s Polynomials Pj(N).- More on the Problem of Diophantus.- On a Problem of Diophantus.- The Generalized Fibonacci Numbers {Cn}, Cn = Cn-1 + Cn-2 + K.- First Failures.

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