Applications of Fuzzy Sets and the Theory of Evidence to Accounting / Edition 1

Applications of Fuzzy Sets and the Theory of Evidence to Accounting / Edition 1

by Philip Siegel, H. Siegel Philip H. Siegel, Khursheed Omer

ISBN-10: 0762304170

ISBN-13: 9780762304172

Pub. Date: 08/07/1998

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

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Emerald Group Publishing
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Studies in Managerial Aid and Financial Accounting Series
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Table of Contents

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Pt. IMethodology
Utilizing Fuzzy Logic in Decision Making: New Frontiers3
Fuzzy Set Theory and Behavioral Models for Decision Making Under Ambiguity15
Pt. IIControl
Applying Fuzzy Set Theory to Target Costing in the Automobile Industry31
Quality Contingent Replenishment Policies Under Fuzzy Demand49
Knowledge Acquisition and the Development of Decision Rules: Studying and Evaluating Internal Control Structure71
Project Cost Control: A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Crashing Project Activity87
A Fuzzy Decision Support for Cost Management Systems Design99
Pt. IIIInference
Assessment of Short-Term Liquidity Risk Using Fuzzy Sets119
A Fuzzy Set Approach to Client Acceptance Decisions131
The Evaluation of Fuzzy Expert Systems151
Uncertainty Handling in Accounting Expert Systems: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Knowledge Representation163
Pt. IVPrediction
Modeling Ambiguity in Value and Demand Functions: Application of Fuzzy Sets to Stochastic Modeling Under Uncertainty189
Assessment of Capital Budgeting Sophistication: An Application of Fuzzy Set Theory207
The Audit Risk Model Under the Risk of Fraud221
The Peer Review Process: A Fuzzy Decision Model245
Pt. VNeural Networks
A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Learning Algorithms: A Bank Financial Risk Model265
Improving Artificial Neural Network Performance Through Input Variable Selection277
Improved Cash Flows using Neural Network Models for Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates293

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