Applied Computational Intelligence: Proceedings of the 6th International Flins Conference Blankenberge, Belgium 1 - 3 September 2004

Applied Computational Intelligence: Proceedings of the 6th International Flins Conference Blankenberge, Belgium 1 - 3 September 2004

by Da Ruan

ISBN-10: 9812388737

ISBN-13: 9789812388735

Pub. Date: 08/01/2004

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

FLINS, originally an acronym for "Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear Science", has now been extended to include computational intelligent systems for applied research. FLINS 2004, is the sixth in a series of international conferences, covers state-of-the-art research and development in applied computational intelligence for applied research in general…  See more details below


FLINS, originally an acronym for "Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear Science", has now been extended to include computational intelligent systems for applied research. FLINS 2004, is the sixth in a series of international conferences, covers state-of-the-art research and development in applied computational intelligence for applied research in general and for power/nuclear engineering in particular. This book presents the latest research trends and future research directions in the field.

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Table of Contents

Uncertainty modelling in real-time : from logistics to financial management3
Reasoning with uncertain intelligence information5
An introduction to a self organizable & regulating engine6
Hand gesture as a means of human-friendly interface/interaction7
Higher-order neural units for image processing and their applications to robot routing problems13
Classifiers and decision makers19
Fuzzy data mining : fuzziness/uncertainty in discovery of associations25
Uncertain information processing : from theory to implementations at Southwest Jiaotong University in China26
Progress and prospect in lattice-value logic systems based on lattice implication algebras29
Implication algebra by meta-theory of the uncertainty35
A method of constructing a quasi-lattice implication algebra41
On the construction of finite lattice implication algebras45
The relations between lattice implication algebras and Brouwerian lattice51
Relating intuitionistic fuzzy sets and interval-valued fuzzy sets through bilattices57
Some fuzzy LI-ideals in lattice implication algebras65
LI-filters in lattice implication algebras71
The properties of implication operator in lattice implication algebra77
L-valued modal fuzzy reasoning based on the L[subscript V PL]83
A resolution model on lattice-valued tense propositional logic87
Lattice implication algebra model of linguistic variable truth and its inference93
The logic validity of analogy inference and learning99
[alpha]-automated reasoning method based on LP(X)105
Neural networks = fuzzy rule bases111
Analysis of weight characteristics in a multilayer perceptron118
Immune emergent computation-based bio-network architecture and its simulation platform124
Fuzzy analysis and calculation based on the structured element128
Ranking fuzzy numbers with the general characteristics134
An inclusion measure for rough sets138
A semantic model of linguistic truth variable144
A multi-attribute evaluation approach based on analysis and learning of attribute coordinate148
Mining causality from imperfect data155
Discovering frequent patterns in sequence groups161
Empirically validating an adapted classification based on associations algorithm on UCI data167
A method for association rules mining173
Enriching the ER/EER model based on discovered association rules179
An extended process model for knowledge discovery in database185
Intuitionistic fuzzy relational databases and translation of the intuitionistic fuzzy SQL189
Efficient clustering with fuzzy ants195
Enhanced RBF network using fuzzy control method201
Pattern recognition with spiking neural networks and dynamic synapses205
Evolving autoregressive neural networks for the problem of modeling nonlinear heterogeneous time series211
Recognition of identifiers from shipping container image using fuzzy binarization and neural network with enhanced learning algorithm215
Fuziness-driven edge detection based on Renyi's A-order fuzzy entropy222
Statistical analysis of ECG signals with wavelet techniques and methods of non-linear dynamics230
Classification of two-phase flow regimes via image analysis by a neuro-wavelet approach236
Performing an analysis of fuzzy fusion for spermatozoa in fertile human240
Linguistic summaries of image patterns246
Image retrieval using linguistic expressions of colors250
A coloring algorithm for image classification258
Fuzzy models to deal with heterogeneous information in decision making problems in engineering processes266
Self-tuning method for fuzzy rule base with belief structure272
Aggregation of fuzzy opinions with the mean distance and a similarity measure under group decision making276
A new method with projection technique for fuzzy multi-attribute decision making282
A new criterion for fuzzy multi-attribute decision making288
A systems analysis of improving the reasonability of appraisement system of human resource292
A model of evaluation of an appraisement system of human resource296
An algorithm for linear bilevel programming problems300
A fuzzy goal approximate algorithm for solving multiple objective linear programming problems with fuzzy parameters304
A kind of fuzzy least squares support vector machines for pattern classification308
Online training evaluation in virtual reality simulators using evolving fuzzy neural networks314
The personalized PageRank based on user behaviors318
Implementation of an intelligent spider's algorithm for search engine324
A model for semantic of linguistic information with incomparability328
Fuzzy adaptive control based on L-R fuzzy number and application in the pension systems334
Study on intelligentized split-spread and intelligentized renew-compound of multiplex information-flow in working-flow management338
A fuzzy set theoretic method to validate simulation models342
Application in evaluation of Loess collapsibility with information diffusion technique350
Mode of soft risk map made by using information diffusion technique358
Benefit of soft risk map made by using information diffusion technique364
A risk assessment model of water shortage and its application for analyzing bearing capacity of water resources370
An earthquake risk assessment method based on fuzzy probability376
Reliability theory using high conditional probability events382
A fuzzy impulse noise detection and suppression filter for color images393
Video deinterlacing using adaptive fuzzy filters397
Color image enhancement method using fuzzy surfaces in the framework of the logarithmic models403
GIS and satellite image processing for the study of human impact assessment on steppe development in Uzbekistan409
The Haar wavelets in a fuzzy system form and an application to the Johnson noise thermometry416
Neural network based sonar target differentiation422
Systematic design of a stable fuzzy controller for a robotic manipulator using describing function technique428
An intelligent robot overview for medical in vitro fertilization434
Self-adaptation of the symbolic world model of a mobile robot : an evolution-based approach438
Multiple objective genetic algorithms for autonomous mobile robot path planning optimization444
Fine tuning for autonomous vehicle steering fuzzy control450
A new sonar landmark for place recognition456
Automatic parking with collision avoidance463
Modeling the relationship between nonwoven structural parameters and their properties from few number of data471
A new framework for fuzzy multi-attribute outranking decision making477
Fault diagnosis in air-handling unit system using dynamic fuzzy neural network483
Prioritizing design requirements based on fuzzy outranking methods489
An analytic strategic planning framework for e-business projects495
Urban land development with possibilistic information501
An application of fuzzy AHP/DEA methodology for the facility layout design in the presence of both quantitative and qualitative data507
An intelligent hybrid approach for industrial quality control combining neural networks, fuzzy logic and fractal theory513
A fuzzy heuristic multi-attribute conjunctive approach for ERP software selection519
Estimation of ease allowance of a garment using fuzzy logic525
Multi-attribute comparison of quality consultants in Turkey using fuzzy AHP531
NARMAX-model based time series prediction : feedforward and recurrent fuzzy neural network approaches537
Implementation of on-line monitoring programs at nuclear power plants543
Prediction interval estimation techniques for empirical modeling strategies and their applications to signal validation tasks549
Nuclear power plant monitoring with MLP and RBF network557
Technical aspects of the implementation of the fuzzy decision aid system developed for the Belgian radioactive waste management agency561
Reactor coolant leak detection system567
A fuzzy clustering approach for transients classification573
Frame structure of China's nuclear emergency decision-making operation system (COSY) and evaluating subsystem fuzzy decision-making method579
Surveillance tests optimization of a PWR auxiliary feedwater system by constrained genetic programming583
New proposal of reactivity coefficient estimation method using a gray-box model in nuclear power plants589
HTGR helium turbine conceptual design by genetic/gradient optimization597
Continuous and discrete methods for the aggregation and the COG stages in the power control of a TRIGA reactor603
A niching method with fuzzy clustering applied to a genetic algorithm for a nuclear reactor core design optimization607
Estimation of break location and size for loss of coolant accidents using neural networks611
Characterisation of size, shape and motion behaviour of insulation particles in coolant flow using image processing methods617
Control of chaotic systems using fuzzy clustering identification and sliding mode control623
Secure communication based on chaotic synchronization629
Transition between fuzzy and chaotic systems635
A novel chaos-based video encryption algorithm641
A theory of fuzzy chaos for the simulation and control of non-linear dynamical systems649
Hardware implementation of an improved symmetry feature point extraction algorithm655
Design of a fuzzy model-based controller for a drum boiler-turbine system659
Universal Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy controller core implemented in a PLD device665
Parallel pipeline floating-point fuzzy processor671
Dealing with dynamic aspects of operators' performance677

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