Applied English: Language Skills for Business and Everyday Use / Edition 1

Applied English: Language Skills for Business and Everyday Use / Edition 1

by Robert Barry, Loretta Scholten, Donna J. Cochrane

ISBN-10: 0136060471

ISBN-13: 9780136060475

Pub. Date: 12/27/1994

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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8.20(w) x 10.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors
Assignment Sheet
Sect. 1Introduction to Writing - From Words to Sentences1
Ch. 1Writing Principles and Reference Tools2
Ch. 2Spelling Guidelines23
Ch. 3Classifying Words as Parts of Speech41
Ch. 4Grouping Words into Sentences61
Ch. 5Sentence Patterns, Sentence Types, and Sentence Analysis83
Sect. 2Words That Name103
Ch. 6Nouns: Classes, Functions, and Properties104
Ch. 7Nouns: Plurals and Possessives125
Ch. 8Personal Pronouns and Pronoun Types147
Ch. 9Pronoun Usage171
Sect. 3Words That Assert191
Ch. 10Verbs: Types, Principal Parts, Regular and Irregular192
Ch. 11Verbs: Voice, Mood, Tense213
Ch. 12Subject-Verb Agreement and Verbals235
Sect. 4Words That Modify and Connect259
Ch. 13Adjectives260
Ch. 14Adverbs and Prepositions283
Ch. 15Conjunctions307
Sect. 5Sentence Mechanics; The Writing Process329
Ch. 16Capitalization and Writing Numbers330
Ch. 17Commas353
Ch. 18Semicolons and Colons, End Punctuation, Dashes373
Ch. 19Other Punctuation and Word Division395
Ch. 20Overview of the Writing Process415
Appendix: Business Letters and Memos439

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