Applied Ethics in Nursing

Applied Ethics in Nursing

by Vicki D. Lachman

ISBN-10: 0826179843

ISBN-13: 9780826179845

Pub. Date: 11/01/2005

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Table of Contents

    Part 1: The Essence of Ethics and Advocacy in Nursing
  1. Defining Ethics and Applying the Theories, Michael Dahnke and H. Michael Dreher
  2. Knowing When and How to Advocate, Martha Turner and Moni McIntyre
  3. Informed Consent: Ethical Issues, Susan B. Dickey
  4. Patient’s Rights and Ethical Issues, Eileen Mieras Kohlenberg
  5. Research in Human Subjects: Ethical Issues, Rose H. Mueller and Cindy Stern

  6. Part 2: Ethical Issues at the Beginning of Life
  7. Genetic Technology: The Frontiers of Nursing Ethics, Ellen Giarelli, Dale Halsey Lea, Shirley L. Jones, and Judith A. Lewis
  8. Reproductive Technology: Ethical Issues, Mary English Worth
  9. Ethical Issues in the Care of Neonates and Infants, Anne M. Lovell
  10. Ethical Issues in the Care of Children, Lauren G. McAliley

  11. Part 3: Ethical Issues with Vulnerable Patients
  12. Psychiatric Patients and Ethical Issues, Deborah Antai-Otong
  13. HIV-AIDS Patients and Ethical Issues, Diane E. Radvansky
  14. Diseases Where Patient Behaviors are a Key Factor: Ethical Issues, Doris V. Chaplin
  15. Patients in Long-Term Care: Ethical Issues, Diane Stillman

  16. Part 4: The Right to Live and the Right to Die
  17. Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation, Carolyn H. McGrory and Linda Wright
  18. End-of-Life Ethical Issues, JoAnne Reifsnyder, Vicky D. Lachman, Terri L. Maxwell, Margaraet M. Mahon, Catherine S. Taylor, Sally J. Nunn, and Ursula H. Capewell
  19. The Right to Die: Ethical Issues, Sally J. Nunn, Vicki D. Lachman, Margaret M. Mahon, Catherine S. Taylor, Terri L. Maxwell, Ursula H. Capewell, and JoAnne Reifsnyder

  20. Part 5: Developing an Organizational Culture that Supports Ethical Behavior
  21. Access to Care and Ethical Issues, Caroline Camuñas
  22. Organizational Ethics, Mary Lou Helfrich Jones
  23. Leadership Ethics, Kathy Malloch
  24. Labor Ethics, Vicki D. Lachman and Julia W. Aucoin
  25. Ethics Committees, Barbara B. Ott

  26. Part 6: The Mix of Culture and Religion with Ethics
  27. Religion and Ethics, Syvil S. Burke
  28. Culture and Ethics, Joyce Bedoian

Appendix: ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses

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