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by John Farndon

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Cheryl Williams Chang
The job of an archeologist is to find out about people in ancient times, and although the job can be exhausting, great treasures can be found leading to new discoveries about humans and animals from the past. Three ways to discover artifacts include digging in designated areas, using metal detectors to locate items, and using geophys radar to see underground. Once an area is determined as an excavation site, a grid marked with string is staked out around the "dig." Recording objects this way is easier. Many things that can be found underground such as bones, jewels, dinnerware, remnants of structures, and even pollen grains left behind from plants and foods. This well written, nonfiction book includes a table of contents and an index. Each page incorporates many short, fascinating sections including facts, quizzes, and projects that can be carried out at home. The photos, images, and illustrations are colorful and intriguing. Farndon's page layout is consistently different, but this is a good thing. One's eyes move all over the page, encouraging a child to read all of the details and facts. The text is straightforward and easy to read, yet interesting enough that an older child will also find the book enjoyable. An elementary school could incorporate this book into a library, history class, social studies class, or science class. Reviewer: Cheryl Williams Chang

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Mason Crest Publishers
Publication date:
Unpredictable Nature Series: Changing Man's Daily Life
Product dimensions:
9.24(w) x 11.72(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range:
8 - 11 Years

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