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by Paul G. Bahn, Paul Bahn

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"Few introductory volumes on archaeology have covered the entire scope of the field in as lively and entertaining a fashion as this short book....It would be useful as a reader in introductory archaeology classes. Professional archaeologists should also enjoy reading this book....Interesting....Refreshing."—Charles C. Boyd, Radford University

"Superb! Just the sort of fast-paced introduction one needs to help stoke the fires of one's students' curiosity."—John J. Shea, State University of New York at Albany

"A series of acute and entertaining short essays on the subject's great themes....It is often said that well-written books are rare in archaeology, but this is a model of good writing for a general audience....Packed with information but never get[s] bogged down in too much detail....Its serious message—that archaeology can be a rich and fascinating subject—it gets across with more panache that any other book I know."—Simon Denison, Editor, British Archaeology

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Oxford University Press, USA
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Very Short Introductions Series
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Dr. Paul Bahn is a freelance writer and broadcaster. His many publications include the acclaimed textbook Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice (co-written with Colin Renfrew), Easter Island, the highly illustrated Images of the Ice Age, and the Collins Dictionary of Archaeology.

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