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Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection

Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection

Chris Strachwitz, a long, tall German with a thing for Texas and Gulf Coast music, has been recording blues, zydeco, Tex-Mex, and various other Southern roots and ethnic genres for four decades. Now six hours of his journey from front porches to juke joints and recording studios comes handsomely packaged as the five-CD set Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary


Chris Strachwitz, a long, tall German with a thing for Texas and Gulf Coast music, has been recording blues, zydeco, Tex-Mex, and various other Southern roots and ethnic genres for four decades. Now six hours of his journey from front porches to juke joints and recording studios comes handsomely packaged as the five-CD set Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection. Included are cuts that have become classics in the blues library -- K. C. Douglas's "Mercury Blues," Big Mama Thornton's "Little Red Rooster," and Earl Hooker's "Two Bugs and a Roach" -- as well as startling gems by the likes of Flaco Jimenez and others, strung together like pearls, shiny chunks of coal, and scrap metal. An Austrian couple, the Eibelsberger Duo were captured in a pasture on their farm in 1967 for "Almlied." Sitting next to this Alpine wonder is bluegrass singer and guitarist Del McCoury's lonesome "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight," recorded with a remarkable vividness in a Pennsylvania home. Then comes avant-garde guitarist Jerry Hahn for a swinging "In the Breeze" with a band that features the marvelous violinist Michael White and the legendary drummer Jack DeJohnette. Cap off this run of tunes with bluesman Juke Boy Bonner's 1968 version of "I'm Goin' Back to the Country," which sounds remarkably pertinent when he talks about escaping from urban warfare, and you get a musical mix that would sound like yesterday's goulash in the hands of a producer less sensitive than Strachwitz. Also, when you put the music in the context of the hippie era in California, the set becomes a document of times when the ears of uprooted youth were thirsting for something other than the Top 40. Strachwitz gave them a deep well of listening, helping to spark an interest in blues and ethnic music from various pockets around the globe that continues today. Along with the five CDs comes a 68-page booklet full of snapshots and Strachwitz's recollections of the artists and recording sessions. But Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection. is more than the producer's personal journey. It's an introduction to artists that even the most careful listener may have missed. But not to worry; there are whole CDs from the performers within this set, all of them available on the Arhoolie label.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Jeff Burger
Combine a great ear for music with a firm commitment to recording only what you personally like and you've got the formula that has fueled Arhoolie Records for 40 years. Founder Chris Strachwitz -- a German immigrant and former schoolteacher -- may have seemed an unlikely candidate to become one of the great compilers of regional American popular music, but that's sure what he turned out to be. This five-disc, 95-artist label retrospective is truly monumental. On disc one, which begins before Arhoolie's launch and covers 1954-1965, blues dominate. By the the time you've worked your way through all six hours of this collection, though, you'll understand why Strachwitz could never make it as a DJ even on a blues radio station; not only does he eschew mainstream commercial music, he couldn't possibly live within any format. Just when you think you've got Arhoolie pegged as a blues label, on comes a folk number. You settle into a zydeco groove, and the set shifts into gospel. Or Tex-Mex. There's also some bluegrass here. And jazz. Incredibly, all of this music makes some sort of sense together and the quality never flags throughout. Though the bulk of the package's greatest treats come from virtual unknowns (more than a few recorded in their own homes), you may already be familiar with some of these artists, including Jesse Fuller, K.C. Douglas, Mance Lipscomb, Clifton Chenier, and Flaco Jimenez. The accompanying 68-page, 41,000-word color "booklet" is more like a book. Co-producer Elijah Wald limited selections to recordings that Strachwitz himself made or supervised -- keeping the box from mushrooming beyond five discs -- but this meant the elimination of other great material. That will have to wait for the next box.

Product Details

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Arhoolie Records


Disc 1

  1. San Francisco Bay Blues
  2. Mercury Blues
  3. Shake, Shake Mama
  4. Cairo Blues @@Lil' Son Jackson
  5. Barbershop Rhythm
  6. One Thin Dime
  7. Charmin' Betsy
  8. Whistlin' Alex Moore's Blues
  9. I Am the Black Ace
  10. Brother James
  11. Lady Luck
  12. Don't Drive Me Away
  13. Zydeco Introduction @@Zydeco Announcer
  14. Bernadette Chere
  15. Bald Headed Woman
  16. Baby Please Don't Go
  17. Believe on Me
  18. Low Down Blues
  19. The Country Blues
  20. Crowley Waltz
  21. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
  22. Ay, Ai Ai
  23. Write Me a Few Lines
  24. James, Charlie
  25. Louisiana Blues

Disc 2

  1. Cindy
  2. Little Red Rooster
  3. La Betaille
  4. Calcasieu Waltz
  5. Almlied @@Eibisberger Duo
  6. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  7. In the Breeze
  8. Going Back to the Country
  9. Sometimes I Cry
  10. Two Bugs and a Roach
  11. Dream
  12. Things Gonna Get Better
  13. Visions
  14. I Wish I Could Sing
  15. Boogieing in Strasbourg
  16. The Death of Doctor King
  17. Please Settle in Vietnam
  18. Shake 'Em on Down
  19. El Desesperado
  20. Creole Belles
  21. Finger Lickin' Good

Disc 3

  1. Church Point Breakdown
  2. Gstanzelm Aus Dem Freistriztal @@Original Herberstein Trio
  3. Gibson Creek Shuffle
  4. Ups and Downs
  5. You Ain't Got a Chance @@Willie Perryman
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Satan's Burning Hell
  8. Luzita
  9. Yo Me Enamore
  10. Borracho Perdido
  11. One of These Mornings (I'm Checkin' Out)
  12. Allons a Grand Coteau (Let's Go to Grand Coteau)
  13. Under the Green Oak Tree (En Bas du Chêne Vert)
  14. Besos y Copas
  15. Fast Santa Fe (Bear Cat)
  16. I'll See You in C-U-B-A
  17. El Balaj
  18. La Gata
  19. Beym Rebns Sude (At The Rebbe's Meal)
  20. J' Ai Laisse de la Maiso @@Cheese Reed
  21. Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
  22. Mi Problema

Disc 4

  1. Grítenme Piedras del Campo
  2. Co-Fé? (Why?)
  3. Single Girl
  4. Bee de la Manche
  5. Bosco Stomp
  6. Negra Ausencia
  7. La Chanson de Cinquante Sous
  8. Shake What You Got
  9. 'Tits Yeux Noirs (Little Black Eyes)
  10. The Chill of a Saturday Afternoon
  11. Jolie Blonde
  12. Here to Stay (P.I.E.)
  13. I Know That's Right
  14. I've Been There
  15. Mentiste Cuando Dijiste
  16. Aguililla
  17. La Reine de la Salle (The Queen of the Dance Hall)
  18. Chanson de la Sagesse (Ballad Of Wisdom)
  19. Hot Chili Mama
  20. Check Out the Zydeco
  21. El Canoero
  22. Corrido del Mono (Ballad of "The Monkey") @@Los Gavilanes De Oakland
  23. San Francisco Can Be Such a Lonely Town

Disc 5

  1. Mother
  2. Gumagarrugu
  3. Khandan -E Amaturi III
  4. A Ti, Colombia
  5. Food Stamp Blues
  6. Ain't It a Shame
  7. J'Ai Été au Bal
  8. La Mal Sentada
  9. Falling for You
  10. Los Traficantes del Bravo @@Paomares Del Bravo
  11. Jesus Will Fix It for You
  12. Medved Na Lancu (The Bear on the Chain)
  13. Jale Griego
  14. El Corrido de Esquiel Hernandez
  15. What's His Name?...Jesus!
  16. Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Juke Boy Bonner   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Eddie Boyd   Organ
Jesse Fuller   Guitar,Harmonica,Kazoo,Vocals,Fotdella
Buddy Guy   Guitar
Earl Hooker   Guitar,Talking
John H. Jackson   Banjo,Vocals
Mance Lipscomb   Guitar,Vocals
Whistlin' Alex Moore   Track Performer
Charlie Musselwhite   Harmonica
Big Mama Thornton   Vocals
Katie Webster   Piano,Vocals
Big Joe Williams   Track Performer
Del McCoury   Guitar,Vocals
Nathan Abshire   Accordion,Vocals
Balfa Brothers   Track Performer
Dewey Balfa   Fiddle
Beausoleil   Track Performer
Clifton Chenier   Accordion,Vocals
John Delafose   Accordion,Vocals
Michael Doucet   Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Wade Frugé   Fiddle
Hackberry Ramblers   Track Performer
Marc Savoy   Accordion,Vocals
Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band   Track Performer
Santiago Jimenez   Accordion
Lydia Mendoza   Vocals,12-string Bass Guitar
Albert Lee   Vocals
Jack DeJohnette   Drums
Robben Ford   Guitar
John Jorgenson   Electric Guitar
Ron McClure   Bass
Sonny Simmons   Alto Saxophone
Barbara Donald   Trumpet
Jerry Hahn   Guitar
Paul Crawford   Trombone
Orange Kellin   Clarinet
Klezmorim   Track Performer
Wade Walton   Talking
Black Ace   Track Performer
Butch Cage   Fiddle,Vocals
Bee Houston   Track Performer
John Littlejohn   Track Performer
Scotty Moore   Drums
Blind James Campbell   Guitar,Vocals
Campesinos de Michoacán   Track Performer
Ray Park   Fiddle
Chuck Guillory   Track Performer
J.C. Burris   Track Performer
Rev. Louis Overstreet   Track Performer
Rebirth Brass Band   Track Performer
Mississippi Fred McDowell   Guitar,Vocals
Mercy Dee Walton   Piano,Vocals
Jimmy Dawkins   Guitar
Mark Ford   Harmonica
J.E. Mainer   Fiddle
Any Old Time String Band   Track Performer
Canray Fontenot   Track Performer
Charles Givens   Bass
Pinguinos del Norte   Track Performer
Octa Clark   Accordion,Vocals
Narciso Martínez   Accordion
Lawrence "Black" Ardoin   Accordion,Drums,Vocals
Chatuye   Track Performer
Aziz Herawi   Dutar
Omar Shariff   Track Performer
Paramount Singers   Track Performer
Leo Thomas   Drums,Vocals
Ivan Cuesta   Accordion,Vocals
Lionel Ferbos   Trumpet
Bill Neely   Guitar,Vocals
Kermit Ruffins   Trumpet
Bill Baker   Fiddle,Vocals
Tommy Alesi   Drums
James Andrews   Trumpet
William Anthony   Trumpet
Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin   Accordion,Vocals
Gustave Ardoin   Bass
Morris Ardoin   Guitar
Kenneth Austin   Snare Drums
Rodney Balfa   Guitar
Will Balfa   Fiddle
George Bell   Trumpet
Esten Bellow   Drums
Fred Below   Drums
Andres Berlanga   Vocals,Bajo Sexto
Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin & Sons   Track Performer
Kate Brislin   Vocals
Wayne Burns   Bass
Cleveland Chenier   Rubboard
C.J. Chenier   Accordion,Saxophone,Vocals,Rubboard
Otis Cherry   Drums
Albert Chevalier   Accordion,Vocals
Robert Clemon   Accordion
Annick Colbert   Recorder
Tommy Comeaux   Mandolin
Fred Cooper   Drums
Selwyn Cooper   Guitar
Rufino Velasquez Cordoba   Harp
Clay Cotton   Organ
David Doucet   Guitar
Joseph Dean   Tenor (Vocal)
Tony Delafose   Drums
Lester Dorsie   Drums
K.C. Douglas   Guitar,Vocals
Hector Duhon   Fiddle
Steve Duncan   Drums
Skip Dysart   Drums
Lars Edegran   Piano,Leader
Clifton Edmond   Guitar,Washboard
Joseph Edwards   Drums
Steve Ehrmann   Bass
Rick Elmore   Trombone
Ricardo Escalante   Bass
Frank Fields   Bass
Flaco Jiménez   Accordion,Vocals,Bajo Sexto
Isom Fontenot   Harmonica,Vocals
Patrick Ford   Drums
Carlton Frank   Fiddle
Preston Frank   Accordion
Keith "Bass Drum Shorty" Frazier   Cymbals,Bass Drums
Philip Frazier   Tuba,Leader
Isaac Garcia   Drums
Ernest Gatewood   Bass
Jose Gonzales   Violin
Miguel Govea   Bass,Vocals
Steve Griffith   Drums
Madison Guidry   Drums
Corey Henry   Trombone
Inez Rivas Herrera   Vocals,Jarana
Lightnin' Hopkins   Guitar,Vocals
Harry Hypolite   Guitar
Noel Jewkes   Tenor Saxophone
William Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Allan Joseph   Vocals
Ghulam Abbas Khan   Tabla
Lafayette Leake   Piano
Roger Lewis   Tenor Saxophone
Lev Liberman   Saxophone
Keith Little   Banjo
Valerio Longoria   Track Performer
Flavio Longoria   Alto Saxophone
John Lumsdaine   Guitar,Bandleader
Rose Maddox   Vocals
Sidney Maiden   Harmonica
Jay Dee Maness   Steel Guitar
Preston Manuel   Guitar,Vocals
Sidney Mejia   Vocals
D.L. Menard   Track Performer
Azim Mojaddidi   Tambourine
Louis Nelson   Trombone
Alvin Nichols   Bass
Elmore Nixon   Piano,Vocals
Gerald Pederson   Bass
Herb Pedersen   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Harmony
Austin Pitre   Accordion,Vocals
Stanley Poplin   Bass
Edward Poullard   Fiddle
Clyde Price   Tenor (Vocal)
Charles Prud'homme   Guitar
Robert Pulliam   Tenor Saxophone
Manuel Ramos   Trumpet
Dewey Renfro   Bass
Archie Reynolds   Bass (Vocal),Leader
J.D. Rhynes   String Bass
John Robichaux   Drums
Jimmie Lee Robinson   Bass
Ralph Robinson   Tuba
Alfonso Rondon   Bass,Vocals
William Skip Rose   Piano
Mark Rubin   Toloche
Ann Savoy   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Senegal   Guitar
Booker Sidgrave   Drums
Reggie Stewart   Trombone
Rodney Thomas   Guitar
Willie Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Toby Torres   Vocals,Bajo Sexto
Bruce Unsworth   Tenor Saxophone
Ruben Valle   Bass
Enrique Venegas   Vocals
Juan Viesca   String Bass
Robert Vignaud   Bass
Lesly Jean Walker   MIDI Guitar
Joe Watkins   Drums
Elizabeth Weil   String Bass
Conjunto Alma Jarocha   Track Performer
Don Santiago Jimenez   Accordion,Vocals
New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra   Track Performer
Eugene Rodriguez   Guitar
Edwin Duhon   Bass
Victor Leonard   Drums
Bell Ray   Fiddle,Percussion
Chavela Ortiz   Accordion,Vocals
Bruce Bratton   Washtub Bass
R.C. Smith   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Cenzontles   Track Performer
Treme Brass Band   Track Performer
Sean Ardoin   Saxophone
Benito Gomez   Drums
David Julian Gray   Clarinet
Kristal Gray   Vocals
Jeffrey Hills   Tuba
Basile Marcentel   Triangle
Amalia Marines   Vocals
Salvador Arteaga Perez   Vocals,Huapanguera
Silverio Delgado Vega   Violin
Johnny Woods   Track Performer
Robert Curtis Smith   Track Performer
Trio San Antonio   Track Performer
Jerry Hahn Quintet   Track Performer
L.C. "Good Rockin'" Robinson   Track Performer
Chuck Campbell   Pedal Steel Guitar
Joey S. Lopez   Bajo Sexto
Valerie Mindel   String Bass
Genny Haley   Guitar,Vocals
Campbell Brothers   Track Performer
Sonny Treadway   Steel Guitar
Hugo Gonzalez   Vocals,Bajo Sexto
Anayat Habibi   Tambourine
Rubén Castillo Juárez   Accordion,Tenor (Vocal)
Ronnie Mozee   Guitar
J.W. Pelsia   Steel Guitar
Aubrey Ghent   Vocals,Lap Steel Guitar
James Pitre   Drums
José Antonio Moreno   Track Performer
Caporales de Panuco   Track Performer
Csokolom   Track Performer
Mercy Dee   Track Performer
Alex Moore   Track Performer
Gregor Schäfer   Double Bass
Carlton Campbell   Drums
Phillip Campbell   Guitar
Charles Ford Band   Track Performer
Ralph Hodges   Mandolin,Vocals
Darick Campbell   Lap Steel Guitar
Earl Cheeks   Bass
Gardner Ray Green   Trumpet
Otis Overcash   Mandolin
Hodges Brothers   Track Performer
Robert Lee   Vocals
Andre Breckenridge   Conga
Juan Garcia   Bajo Sexto
Lennis Sonnier   Guitar,Vocals
Amado Banda   Bajo Sexto

Technical Credits

Scotty Moore   Engineer
Iry LeJeune   Composer
Ronny Cates   Engineer
Jonathan Clark   Proof Reading
Michael Cogan   Engineer
Bob de Sousa   Engineer
Tom Diamant   Production Director,Co-Coordinator
Flaco Jiménez   Liner Notes
Bill Holford   Engineer
Lightnin' Hopkins   Composer
Doyle E. Jones   Engineer
Cosimo Matassa   Engineer
Dennis Moody   Engineer
Mark Needham   Engineer
Lee Peterzell   Engineer
Bob Shumaker   Engineer
Chris Strachwitz   Producer,Liner Notes
Toby Torres   Engineer
Elijah Wald   Producer,Liner Notes
Greg Hartman   Engineer
Jim Crenca   Engineer
Ray Valla   Engineer
James Lott   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Buddy Ray   Engineer
Chester Burnett   Composer
Willie Perryman   Composer

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