Arias and Songs; Norwegian Songs

Arias and Songs; Norwegian Songs

by Eva Gustavson

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Cambria Records


Disc 1

  1. Che Faro  -  Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. When My Sweetheart has a wedding  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  3. I went this morning over the field  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  4. I have a red-hot knife in my breast  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  5. The two blue eyes of my love  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  6. Ah, mon fils  -  Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
  7. Mon coeur  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  8. Les Letters  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  9. Les Larmes  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  10. La Priere  -  Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
  11. Demain je partirai  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  12. Margareth "Des tous côtés"  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  13. Habanera  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  14. Chanson Boheme  -  Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
  15. Aier de Lia. L'annést en vain  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  16. Where corals lie - Sabbath morning at Sea  -  Oslo Radio Orchestra
  17. Vølvens Aria. Ei er det nok  -  Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Disc 2

  1. Du fatter ei bølgernes evige gang (The Poet's Heart), song for voice &  -  Oslo Radio
  2. Ungbirken (The Young Birch Tree), song for voice & piano, Op. 18/6  -  Oslo Radio
  3. Zur Rosenzeit (The Time of Roses), song for voice & piano, Op. 48/5  -  Oslo Radio
  4. Det Syng, Op. 67  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  5. Veslemøy  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  6. Blabærli  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  7. Møte  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  8. Elsk  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  9. Killingdans  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  10. Vond Dag  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  11. Ved Gjætlebekken  -  Univ. of Southern CA
  12. Der du gikk fyrre  -  Oslo Radio
  13. Lykken mellem to mennesker  -  Oslo Radio
  14. Nu brister i alle de kløfter  -  Oslo Radio
  15. Den fagre jenta skal ut a blenkja, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  16. Som vind på heidi, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  17. Sumarkveld, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  18. Skjoldmøy song, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  19. Og dagar gjeng, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  20. Solfager, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio
  21. Altar, for voice & orchestra (or piano)  -  Oslo Radio
  22. Skindvengbrev, for voice & piano  -  Oslo Radio

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eva Gustavson   Primary Artist,Soprano (Vocal)
George Barati   Conductor
Honolulu Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Oslo Radio   Track Performer
Oslo Radio Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Univ. of Southern CA   Track Performer
University of Southern California Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ole Windingstad   Conductor
Oslo Philharmonic Radio Choir   Choir, Chorus
Øyvind Berg   Conductor
Øivin Fjeldstad   Conductor
Amund Raknerud   Accompaniment
Arvid Fladmoe   Conductor
Gwendolyn Koldowsky   Accompaniment

Technical Credits

Georges Bizet   Composer
Edvard Grieg   Composer
Eyvind Alnaes   Composer
Lance Bowling   Producer
Claude Debussy   Composer
Giacomo Meyerbeer   Composer

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