Aristotle and Modern Politics: The Persistence of Political Philosophy

Aristotle and Modern Politics: The Persistence of Political Philosophy

by Aristide Tessitore

ISBN-10: 0268020140

ISBN-13: 9780268020149

Pub. Date: 02/01/2003

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Press

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University of Notre Dame Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Renaissance in Aristotelian Studies and the Persistence of Political Philosophy1
Pt. 1The Problem of Community
Ch. 1Community: An Aristotelian Social Theory19
Ch. 2Aristotelian Social Democracy47
Ch. 3Justice and the Dilemma of Moral Virtue in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics105
Pt. 2Virtue
Ch. 4MacIntyre and Aristotle on the Foundation of Virtue133
Ch. 5Leo Strauss's Aristotle and Martin Heidegger's Politics162
Ch. 6Liberalism's Need for Virtue and Christian Theology208
Pt. 3Law, Economics, and Politics
Ch. 7The Middle Way: What Contemporary Liberal Legal Theorists Can Learn from Aristotle233
Ch. 8Integrating Public Good and Private Right: The Virtue of Property258
Ch. 9Aristotelianism, Commerce, and the Liberal Order278
Pt. 4The Foundations of Modern Politics
Ch. 10The Culture of Democracy: Aristotle's Athenaion Politeia as Political Theory307
Ch. 11The Deliberative Model of Democracy and Aristotle's Ethics of Natural Questions342
Ch. 12Aristotelian Autonomy375

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