by Charles Gidley

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A breezy mix of romance, history and a seaman's knowledge of ships and the sea, set in the time of the Spanish Armada, Gidley's hefty novel features as its hero Cornishman Tristram Pascoe, son of a bullying privateer who is jealous of his abilities. After sundry adventures before the mast and a stint as a slave in a Portuguese galley, Tristram becomes a spy in the service of Queen Elizabeth I, his mission to report on preparations for the Armada. He falls in love with an Irish beauty married to a decadent Portuguese noble, enters into a hasty and risky marriage with a voluptuous Spaniard and sails with the great Armada, whose disastrous running encounter with the British fleet under Howard and Drake provides the story with its stirring and extended climax. Robust entertainment from the author of The Raging of the Sea. (February)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Lost overboard and abandoned by his jealous captain-father, Cornish sailor Tristram Pascoe is shipwrecked on the Spanish coast and made a galley slave until, after a desperate break for freedom, he becomes the servant and later bodyguard and lover of the neglected Irish wife of a Portuguese nobleman. Threatened by the Inquisition, Tristram is forced to flee to England in an open boat. A cool reception at home, coupled with his knowledge of Portugal and Spain, make him ripe for recruitment as a spy by one of Elizabeth I's ministers, and he returns to Europe to report on preparations for the Armada. A colorful and exciting portrait of British/Spanish rivalry and leaders. Recommended. Cynthia Johnson Whealler, Cary Memorial Lib., Lexington, Mass.

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