Armada Presents: Miami Tunes 2008

Armada Presents: Miami Tunes 2008

by Armin van Buuren

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Armada Music Nl


Disc 1

  1. The Sound of Goodbye
  2. Sunrise in Ibiza  -  Rêx Mündi
  3. Beauty Hides in the Deep  -  Doppler Effect
  4. Crawling  -  Sunlounger
  5. The Sun'll Shine  -  Ohmna
  6. Not Even Winds  -  Nick Beman
  7. Till the Sky Falls Down  -  Dash Berlin
  8. Cause You Know  -  Departure
  9. Clearing the Mind  - Matthew Dekay
  10. The Young and the Wild Ones  -  T.Y.W.O.
  11. The Distance  -  Rio Addicts
  12. Kalopsia  -  Blizzard
  13. People Come, People Go  -  Arnej
  14. Familiar Places  -  Envotion
  15. Meet Me in Kyoto  -  TyDi
  16. Back in the Days  -  Surpresa
  17. Blue Skies with Linda  - Glenn Morrison
  18. Reasons to Forgive  -  Tenishia
  19. Ghettotech  -  Grafiti
  20. Not Alone Tonight  -  Marscruiser

Disc 2

  1. Beyond the Shadows  -  Lens
  2. Invincible  - Jennifer Rene
  3. The Perspective Space  -  Adrian
  4. Summer Blush  -  Mungo
  5. Someone  -  Ascension
  6. Rush Hour
  7. Lost & Found  - Dave 202
  8. The Light on the Other Side  - Mike Mikhjian
  9. How Long  -  Aly & Fila
  10. Big Sky  - John O'Callaghan
  11. Meltdown  -  Arctic Quest
  12. Dolphins Cry  -  Absolute
  13. Tranquility  - Mark Otten
  14. The Timelord  -  Signum
  15. Ocean Drive  - Andrew Bennett
  16. External Key  -  Audioholics
  17. She Turns  -  Departure
  18. Space Guitar  -  Statica
  19. Tremble  -  Global Illumination
  20. Ocean Rain  -  Elevation

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Armin van Buuren   Primary Artist
Joanna Law   Vocals
Elles de Graaf   Vocals
Kendra Foster   Vocals
Misia Furtak   Vocals
Nick Beman   Vocals
Cay-T   Vocals

Technical Credits

James "Thunderbird" Davis   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Kirsty Hawkshaw   Composer,Producer
Glenn Morrison   Composer,Producer
Markus Schulz   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Joel Zimmerman   Engineer
Stephen Jones   Producer
Audrey Gallagher   Composer
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer
Jose Amnesia   Composer,Producer
Johan Groenewegen   Composer,Producer
Roger P. Shah   Composer
M.I.K.E.   Composer
Rough Mullar   Composer,Producer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer,Producer
Ronski Speed   Composer,Producer
Sean Tyas   Composer,Producer
S. Molijn   Producer
David Westerlund   Composer,Producer
Özgür Can   Producer
Hugo Alberts   Composer,Producer
Farhad Kazemi   Composer,Producer
Mike Foyle   Composer,Producer
Arndt Rörig   Producer
Leon Bolier   Composer,Producer
Mark Otten   Composer,Producer
Andrew Bennett   Composer,Producer
Zara Taylor   Composer
Jennifer Rene   Composer
Tenishia   Composer
Boy Hagemann   Composer,Producer
Laurens Alberts   Composer,Producer
Raz Nitzan   Composer,Producer
Misia Furtak   Composer
Sied Van Riel   Producer,Remixing
Wollion   Composer
Ken Spector   Composer,Producer
Mike Mikhjian   Composer,Producer
Nick Beman   Composer
Arney Secerkadic   Composer,Producer
Kris O'Neil   Producer,Remixing
David Kolodziej   Composer
TyDi   Composer
Eelke Kalberg   Producer

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