Armada: Trance Yearmix 2009

Armada: Trance Yearmix 2009


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Armada Music Nl

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Disc 1

  1. Concentrate 2009 Intro
  2. Viva La Vida!
  3. Entanglement
  4. Standing By My Side
  5. The Price Of Oil
  6. Iselilja
  7. Comatose
  8. Grands Boulevards
  9. Less Cowbell
  10. How Does It Feel
  11. Panorama
  12. La Noche Del Cometa
  13. Rumble Clouds
  14. Only Love
  15. The Cube
  16. Back In Resort
  17. You Walk Away
  18. Chinook
  19. Inside Of You
  20. Never Say Never
  21. Tuvan
  22. Biscayne
  23. To The Sky
  24. Nothing At All
  25. System Overload
  26. Koolhaus
  27. Copious Cain
  28. Stadium Four
  29. Find Yourself
  30. Change Your Mind
  31. The Fractal Universe
  32. Mainstage
  33. Crash Into Reason

Disc 2

  1. Dust In The Wind
  2. Moving Mojave
  3. Riddles In The Sand
  4. Yesterday
  5. Key Of Life
  6. Faces
  7. Do You Dream
  8. Come Around Again
  9. I'm Not God
  10. Serenade
  11. Light To Lies
  12. Man On The Run
  13. Starglow
  14. Never Fade Away
  15. Lekker
  16. Monsun
  17. Interference
  18. Washout
  19. Istanbul
  20. Tel Aviv
  21. Come To Me
  22. Look Ahead
  23. Java
  24. Opus Sectrum
  25. Explain
  26. Freefallin
  27. Unexpectation
  28. Circles
  29. Blade Runner
  30. Phoebe
  31. Deep Universe
  32. The Plan
  33. Intricacy
  34. Body Lotion

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Susana   Vocals
Audrey Gallagher   Vocals
Jacqueline Govaert   Vocals
Jaren   Vocals
Gunnhild Sundli   Vocals
Meighan Nealon   Vocals
Heather Pollock   Vocals
Chris Jones   Vocals

Technical Credits

Anita Kelsey   Composer,Producer
Robert Nickson   Composer,Producer
Markus Schulz   Composer,Producer
Nick Warren   Composer,Producer
Luca Antolini   Composer,Producer
Ralph Fritsch   Composer,Producer
Josh Gabriel   Composer,Producer
Audrey Gallagher   Composer,Producer
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer
Dave Reed   Composer,Producer
Ron Hagen   Composer,Producer
Jody Wisternoff   Composer,Producer
Johan Groenewegen   Composer,Producer
Benno de Goeij   Composer,Producer
Roger P. Shah   Composer,Producer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer,Producer
Jacqueline Govaert   Composer
Sean Tyas   Composer,Producer
Simona Barbieri   Composer,Producer
James Allan   Composer,Producer
Thomas Bronzwaer   Composer,Producer
Giuseppe Ottaviani   Composer,Producer
Matt Cerf   Composer,Producer
Dennis Gertner   Composer,Producer
Manuel Schleis   Composer,Producer
Mark Sherry   Composer,Producer
John O'Callaghan   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Bissen   Presentation
Vicky Fee   Composer
Damion Houchen   Composer,Producer
Shawn Mitiska   Composer,Producer
Georg Bissen   Composer,Producer
Kyler England   Composer
Michael Tsukerman   Composer,Producer
Boy Hagemann   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Brandt   Composer,Producer
Raz Nitzan   Composer,Producer
Sarah Howells   Composer
Paul Webster   Composer,Producer
Nadia Bonifacio   Composer,Producer
Krzysztof Pretkiewicz   Composer,Producer
Cyprian Cassar   Composer
Joven Grech   Composer
Arney Secerkadic   Composer,Producer
Claudia Cazacu   Composer,Producer
Blake Jarrell   Composer,Producer
Ashley Wallbridge   Composer,Producer
Adrian Ivan   Composer,Producer
Martin Bijelic   Composer,Producer
Willem van Hanegem   Composer,Producer
Stuart Trainer   Composer,Producer
Roger Shah   Producer,Presentation
Ben Preston   Composer,Producer
Wardt Van Der Harst   Composer,Producer
Ruben De Ronde   Composer,Producer
Stuart Langelaan   Composer,Producer
Orjan Nilsen   Composer,Producer
Chad Cisneros   Composer,Producer
Matan Zohar   Composer,Producer
Heather Pollock   Composer
Tore Vatle Jensen   Producer
Simon Garcia   Composer,Producer
Mike Targanski   Composer,Producer
Richard Llewellyn   Composer
Lars-Christian Nyheim   Producer
Jonathan Mendelsohn   Composer,Producer
Pascal Minnaard   Composer,Producer
Karim Shaker   Composer,Producer
Francis Preve   Composer,Producer
Chris Jones   Composer
Arnoud Caschera   Composer,Producer
Mark Sixma   Composer,Producer
Adrian Gariba   Composer,Producer
Rene Pais   Composer,Producer
Cathy Courtney   Composer,Lyricist
Jaren Cerf   Composer
Tyson Illingworth   Composer,Producer
Ben Lawton   Composer,Producer
Adrian Tuduran   Composer,Producer
Lorilee Deschreyver   Composer
Andreas Lindell   Composer,Producer
Polkotuwage Lolindra Sonjeewa Chandrasiri   Composer,Producer
Eelke Kalberg   Composer,Producer
Mike Dierckx   Composer,Producer
Eros Ongari   Composer,Producer
Fabio Carrara   Composer,Producer
Gabriele Boracchi   Composer,Producer
Riccardo Tesini   Composer,Producer
Armando Velasquez Iral   Composer,Producer
Carlos Andres Saenz   Composer,Producer
Marinella Mastrosimone   Composer,Producer
Matteo Curcio   Composer,Producer
Karim Nurlaila   Composer,Producer
Klauss Goulart   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Molijn   Composer,Producer
Oscar Cossali   Composer,Producer
Gåte   Composer
Andy Moor   Composer,Producer

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