Armenian and Iranian Studies

Armenian and Iranian Studies

by James R. Russell

ISBN-10: 0935411194

ISBN-13: 9780935411195

Pub. Date: 03/01/2005

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Armenian and Iranian Studies brings together select articles published in disparate journals and volumes over the past two decades. Some deal exclusively with either Armeniaca (ancient, medieval, and modern) or Iranica (pre-Islamic); in the case of the former, there is an emphasis on the sources and religious material of heroic epic and of folklore. A number

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Armenian and Iranian Studies brings together select articles published in disparate journals and volumes over the past two decades. Some deal exclusively with either Armeniaca (ancient, medieval, and modern) or Iranica (pre-Islamic); in the case of the former, there is an emphasis on the sources and religious material of heroic epic and of folklore. A number of studies also deal with the visionaries of the Armenian tradition--Mashtots', Narekats'i, Ch'arents'. In the Iranian area, there are publications on Irano-Judaica and the culture of the Parsi Zoroastrians of India.

The majority of the articles here have to do with Armeno-Iranica. In some cases they serve to supplement the findings of the author's Zoroastrianism in Armenia (Harvard Iranian Series 5, 1987). Several articles deal with witchcraft and magic and relate to ancient Armenian pre- and non-Christian religion. With the same interest, the author examines some legendry belonging to the categories of belief condemned by the Armenian Church as heresy; translation and commentary on medieval lyric poetry enliven these glimpses into the life of the past.

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Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies Series, #9
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Table of Contents

1The word k'ustik in Armenian1
2The tale of the Bronze City in Armenian9
3The platonic myth of Er, Armenian Ara, and Iranian Arday Wiraz21
4A poem of Grigor Narekac'i31
6The persistence of memory49
7The truth, but not the whole truth, so help me God54
8The name of Zoroaster in Armenian57
9Zoroastrianism as the state religion of ancient Iran65
10Bad day at Burzen Mihr : notes on an Armenian legend of St. Bartholomew135
11A Pahlavi fragment from Holy Echmiadzin, Armenia149
12Some Iranian images of kingship in the Armenian Artaxiad epic157
13Asa in Armenia175
14Here comes the sun : a poem of Kostandin Erznkats'i183
15A mystic's Christmas in Armenia193
16A wandering herder of camels207
17Our father Abraham and the Magi219
18Mahmi reconsidered240
19An Irano-Judaic correspondence244
20On St. Grigor Narekatsi, his sources and his contemporaries249
21A shipwreck awesome and marvellous : chapter 25 of the Lamentations of Narekatsi257
22The rite of Muskil Asan Behram Yazad amongst the Parsis of Navsari, India265
23Two Armenian toponyms281
24A credo for the children of the sun289
25The dream vision of Anania Sirakac'i293
26The craft and Mithraism reconsidered305
27The book of the six thousand : an Armenian magical text319
28Parsi Zoroastrian Garbas and Monajats343
29Carmina Vahagni357
30Pre-Christian Armenian religion371
31The sage in ancient Iranian literature389
32Sages and scribes at the courts of ancient Iran401
33Kartir and Mani : a shamanistic model of their conflict407
34Zoroastrian elements in the book of Esther421
35The word chragamah and the rites of the Armenian Goddess429
36Two notes on biblical tradition and native epic in the 'Book of Lamentation' of St. Grigor Narekac'i445
37The Do'a-ye Nam Stayisn457
38Virtue and its own reward : the 38th meditation of the book of lamentations of St. Grigor Narekatsi463
39The etymology of Armenian vardavar469
40'Sleep' and 'dreaming' in Armenian477
41An Armeno-Persian love poem of Grigoris Aght'amarts'i501
42The mother of all heresies : a late mediaeval Armenian text on the Yuskaparik509
43On mysticism and esotericism among the Zoroastrians531
44On the Armeno-Iranian roots of Mithraism553
45On the origins and invention of the Armenian script565
46The Ascensio Isaiae and Iran583
47On Armeno-Iranian interaction in the medieval period593
48On the name of Mashtots'597
49Grace from Van : a micro-historiola609
50Problematic snake children of Armenia621
51On Mithraism and Freemasonry641
52Raiders of the Holy Cross : the ballad of the Karos Xac (cross of celery) and the nexus between ecclesiastical literature and folk tradition in mediaeval Armenia661
53The last of the Paulicians677
54A Parthian Bhagavad Gita and its echoes693
55Sound as symbol : the case in Pagan and Christian Armenian poetics713
56Armenian srawsak727
57The Armenian counterculture that never was : reflections on Eghishe Ch'arents'737
58Polyphemos Armenios757
59Armenian spirituality : liturgical mysticism and chapter 33 of the Book of lamentation of St. Grigor Narekac'i771
60Scythians and Avesta in an Armenian vernacular paternoster and a Zok paternoster785
61The history of the youth Farman (Patmut'iwan Farman Mankann), a mediaeval Armenian romance809
62The four elements and the cross in Armenian spirituality, with an excursus on the descent in Merkavah mysticism851
63Revelations of darkness : medieval Armenian apocalyptic in the epic of Sasun and the visions of Yovhannes Kozern875
64Arm. awrhas889
65A Manichaean apostolic mission to Armenia?893
66Ezekiel and Iran899
67Truth is : what the eye can see : Armenian manuscripts and Armenian spirituality909
68The Armenian shrines of the black youth (t'ux manuk)925
69An epic for the borderlands : Zariadris of Sophene, Aslan the Rebel, Digenes Akrites, and the Mythologem of Alcestis in Armenia951
70A scholium on Coleridge and an Armenian demon989
71The credal poem Hawatov Xostovanim ("I confess in faith") of St. Nerses the Graceful999
72The lost epic of Tigran : a reconstruction based upon the fragments1031
73Iran and Israel in the Armenian epic of Sasun1051
74The Sah-name in Armenian oral epic1063
75Ch'arents' the prophet1073
76Bedros Tourian's cruciform prayer and its antecedents1101
77The Saraf-name and Armenia : some mythological themes1121
78God is good : on Tobit and Iran1129
79The scepter of Tiridates1135
80A bas-relief on the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles at Kars, Armenia1165
81The Armenians, the Holy Cross, and Dionysius Bar Salibi1193
82The Magi in the Derveni Papyrus1205
83The praise of porridge1217
84The epic of the pearl1261
85Some Iranica in Eznik1333
86Epic in the Armeno-Iranian Marchlands1347
87From an archive of unpublished poems of Yeghishe Ch'arents'1365
88Room at the inn : Armenian P'ut'kavank' and Sraosa1433
89Zoroastrianism and the northern Qi panels1445
90Loycn macuac : on cosmological mysteries in Armenian tradition1451
91Khach'atur Kech'aretsi' : a guide to Christianity1455

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