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Aromatherapy Basics by Deborah Dolen

Aromatherapy Basics by Deborah Dolen

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by Deborah Dolen
Basic Aromatherapy is a fun and quality book written by bestselling author Deborah Dolen. Deborah is known for her work in natural product formulation and has also used the pen name "Mabel White."

This short book (approx 33 printed pages) teaches about essential oils and values to those aspiring to be aromatherapists or just those who want to know more


Basic Aromatherapy is a fun and quality book written by bestselling author Deborah Dolen. Deborah is known for her work in natural product formulation and has also used the pen name "Mabel White."

This short book (approx 33 printed pages) teaches about essential oils and values to those aspiring to be aromatherapists or just those who want to know more about natural chemistry product formulation. The book enhances critical thinking skills when a student goes to purchase typically expensive ingredients. Even the average house wife can benefit from this book if the goal is to make the home environment a more natural environment.

Basic Aromatherapy is not big on “what essential oil or scent does what” because there are many books that cover only that area. This book covers a small amount of “affect,” and is strong peripheral areas, such as “how to clean with essential oils” as well as natural products, how to make gourmet salt blends with essential oils, how to cook with essential oils (very prudently-but it can be done) and most importantly how and where to buy good essential oils. Deborah Dolen travels and purchases essential oils from all over the world. So, she discusses why local commercial essential oils are so diluted, because there are no strict line regulations-and what real essential oils can do. She does comment at minimum consumers should try to buy a few small essential oil samples from a reputable on-line dealer because there is more pressure to sell undiluted and highly quality.

Basic Aromatherapy is filled with fascinating stories and examples about the whole essential oil market, you will never be bored. Deborah Dolen is the Author of the well known books “The Bathroom Chemist” “Natural Soapmaker” “Self Apothecary” “The London Apothecary” and “The Beekeeper’s Digest” to name a few. Most of Deborah Dolen’s books deal with natural product formulation.

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Meet the Author

Resident of Palma Sola Florida, Deborah Dolen has authored 36 "how to" books and films spanning a decade. Author Deborah Dolen lives on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida with her golden retriever "Ringo" who was a Katrina rescue canine. Deborah Dolen also uses the pen name Mabel White. Deborah Dolen's work in book and film can be found on most mobile platforms, although most of her hard copy books under the pen name "Mabel White" were allowed to go out of print in 2006 due to the mobile platforms offering more convenient delivery making her hard copy books and films mainly collector's items going for hundreds of dollars.

Most of Deborah's musings revolve around natural or environmental affects. Deborah is a graduate of Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida and Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Many of her books were the direct result of raising three daughters as a widow and projects she designed to teach them life skills, ended up being complied into books as the internet became popular and a clear demand was shown for Deborah's recipes, formulas or over all writing in general.

Deborah Dolen can be found on all of the social medias that include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and OpenSalon and Deborah Dolen Blog.

Deborah's bestselling books include: The Beekeeper's Digest, which shows how to make a variety of finished products from bee materials - honey, wax, and pollen are spun into gold to make candles, lip balm, hand cremes, medicinal syrups and so much more. Floral Design Basics is Deborah Dolen's second bestselling book and Handwriting Analysis in Psychology is another popular Dolen authored book.

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Aromatherapy Basics by Deborah Dolen 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Christiana99 More than 1 year ago
My daughter and I have been Deborah Dolen fans for years and I am so glad to see her DIY books finally on NOOK! I rushed to get the first copy which is actually her newest book I did not have in hard copy. Aromatherapy Basics by Deborah Dolen is one of her shorter books, but it taught me more about essential oils than ten books put together. Deborah Dolen's writing style us why I love her work. She makes me feel I have wings and can fly! I do wish to encourage her to offer her books in hard copy again. Its the only downer and I am not going to give her less stars because of that. This book explores aromatherapy is great detail, in where the first chapter is an introduction the aromatherapy. It is not just opening a bottle and enjoying a scent, there is much more to having a fantastic and relaxing aromatherapy session. The author describes essential materials, and carefully discusses safety and health issues, as well as toxicity. Those sections are very important and I am pleased to see the author be very concerned about how you use the aromatherapy essential oils to make sure no problems occur. THis tells me the author is very knowledgeable and a credible author in this area of relaxation. Besides relaxation, the author also lists uses of essential oils for cleaning, as well as cooking. Therefore, if you are looking for a short but very complete Nookbook about aromatherapy, I would recommend this publication by Deborah Dolen
Meddie More than 1 year ago
Finding Deborah Dolen’s DIY books for my NOOK has been so exciting. She is a master at the DIY book and Basic Aromatherapy is no exception. Like her other works Deborah has given the reader a complete knowledge and understanding of essential oils so they can begin enjoying them today. The title says “Basic” but this book is anything but! I would agree with another reviewer, this book gives you as much information as ten books on the topic. I was pleasantly surprised to see the two chapters that cover safety and toxicity when working with essential oils. We have small children and pets in our home and of course they are into everything. The information she provides ensures that I enjoy the benefits of the oils while knowing everyone is safe. The section on cleaning with the oils is the 1st one I will be using today. I am excited to enjoy the smells and relaxation they will bring. Like Dolen’s other works the flow and format of this book make it easy to read and understand. She even breaks down the complicated chemistry and language for the layman like me. The author’s extensive knowledge on the subject shines through, as always with Deborah. If you are looking to REALLY learn to use and enjoy essential oils this is the book for you and I would also recommend that check out her other DIY books.
gaur90 More than 1 year ago
One of the best book i have read so far.  Thank you Deborah Dolen for writing it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago