Around the Edge: A Journey among Pirates, Guerrillas, Former Cannibals, and Turtle Fishermen along the Miskito Coast

Around the Edge: A Journey among Pirates, Guerrillas, Former Cannibals, and Turtle Fishermen along the Miskito Coast

by Peter Ford

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Ford, former Christian Science Monitor correspondent for Central America, here recounts his arduous, often perilous three-month exploration of Central America's east coast from Belize to Panama. On foot and in craft of all kinds, from a $1-million racing yacht to a molasses barge to leaky dugout canoes, he traversed idyllic and harsh territory, fishing villages and decaying towns. Of particular interest are sharply drawn portraits of Mayans, Africans and Carib Garifunas of ancient lineage, and of Miskito Indians whose ancestors were kings modeled on British royalty. Ford's adventures during an erratic, improvised itinerary included crossing the Honduran-Nicaraguan border in wartime with repatriated Miskitos, and trekking with guerrillas through wild, disputed areas of Nicaragua. Animated by the author's lively curiosity and reportorial sense, this unusual travelogue about a little-known region is full of odd bits of chaotic history, languages and local customs. (Aug.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The author, a reporter from England, tells of his journey down the Caribbean coastline of Central America. He traveled the route from Belize to Panama mainly by boat and foot, staying with the people of the small villages along the way. Ford blends his adventures in a politically unstable time with the history of the area and its people. He notes how waves of European invaders changed the language, religion, and culture of the native Miskito, Garifuma, and Rama people. Throughout, Ford manages to keep his sense of humor in spite of problems with incompetent government officials, Sandinistas, contras , and leaky boats. The numerous village names are confusing at times, but the maps (not seen) should help. This book will provide enjoyment to armchair travelers as well as those interested in Central American culture and history.-- Lisa J. Cochenet, Rhinelander Dist. Lib., Wis.

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