Around the World in 18 Holes

Around the World in 18 Holes

by David Kindred, Dave Kindred

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The authors, both contributors to Golf Digest , set out in the summer of 1993 to play 18 holes of golf on 18 very different courses throughout the world. They began in Northern Ireland and finished in Augusta, Ga., site of the Masters that year. Along the way, they played in such unlikely spots at Akureyri in Iceland, where players tee off at midnight on the longest day of the year; Sun City in Bophuthatswana, not entirely isolated from the killings in South Africa; Mauritius; Kathmandu in Nepal; and Singapore, where chewing gum is a felony. Yet, even though they describe each of the holes, their book is travel writing at its best, with emphasis on the people they met in each country. They write of crusty old Scots, Russians gloomy about their nation's immediate future, B-girls in Thailand and Ben Hogan, whom they sought out as worshippers. It's a delightful volume and, for those who keep score, Callahan bested Kindred on the links. (June)
Bill Ott
Sportswriters Kindred and Callahan, the former jobless after the demise of the "National", the latter recently separated from his wife, add a twist or two to the old idea of touring the world's golf courses: "We would find 18 diabolical holes in 18 diabolical places and string those holes together to make a golf course. We would call it the Royal & Diabolical Global Golf Club. It would be a par 72. The length would be 37,319 miles." This utterly engaging dual reminiscence offers a shot-by-shot recounting of the cross-continent match (won by Callahan 2 and 1) along with a travelogue so bizarre that it could only have been written by two golf-obsessed, ink-stained wretches hacking their way through both crocodile-infested fairways and a couple of nasty midlife crises. There's plenty of whimsy here, from competing in the Arctic Open (tee time, 11 p.m.) to practicing those tricky 300-foot putts on the marble floors of the New Delhi Airport, but there's also a genuine sense of wonder at the worldwide camaraderie golf manages to inspire. Anyone who has dreamed of the ultimate golf vacation will savor each page of this fantasy come to life.

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