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by Journey

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Van Halen survived the loss of David Lee Roth -- and Sammy Hagar, for that matter -- so it's not entirely unprecedented for a multi-platinum band to soldier on after the loss of its most visible (and audible) member. So it wasn't entirely surprising to find that Journey opted to


Van Halen survived the loss of David Lee Roth -- and Sammy Hagar, for that matter -- so it's not entirely unprecedented for a multi-platinum band to soldier on after the loss of its most visible (and audible) member. So it wasn't entirely surprising to find that Journey opted to replace departed frontman Steve Perry with former Tall Stories singer Steve Augeri. To his credit, Augeri decided to bring his own shoes, rather than try to fill Perry's, leading to a noticeable shift in Journey's signature sound. There's a bit more edge evident in this, the band's 18th album, as evidenced by the opener "Higher Place," on which Neal Schon weaves bits of R.E.M.-styled jangle into his usual tonal blanket. Likewise, "All the Things," powered by new drummer Deen Castronovo (best known for his stint in Bad English) flexes a surprisingly well-sculpted set of sonic muscles. Unfortunately, the new partners don't mesh as well on the album's ballads, which are more treacle-drenched than usual, particularly the prom-theme-gone-bad "All the Way" and "Loved by You." That split personality makes Arrival a bit hard to get a grip on, even for longtime fans. But Journey deserve credit for showing a willingness to shake things up at a point when most bands are well into coasting mode.

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All Music Guide - William Ruhlmann
Journey was formed originally as a vehicle for Neal Schon's guitar pyrotechnics, but after five years the band sought out a lead singer to give them mainstream pop appeal, and Steve Perry did that, helping them to a string of seven consecutive multi-platinum albums before the band broke up in 1987. A 1996 reunion put them back in the winners' circle with Trial by Fire, but Perry then bowed out for health reasons, putting Journey in the sticky position of recruiting a new lead singer. (Drummer Steve Smith has also been replaced by Deen Castronovo formerly of Bad English.) They chose a soundalike, Steve Augeri, which suggests that they are more concerned with recreating their hits in concert than in making new music. A group of Journey's vintage always risks sounding like a copy band of itself, and Arrival, the first full-length album with Augeri, realizes that danger. The singer doesn't quite have Perry's smooth, flowing tenor, but he's close enough so that much of the time, especially in big arrangements, he can fool you, though at unadorned moments on ballads he sounds different. When he's not singing, the music is even more like Journey, with Schon's soaring leads supported by Jonathan Cain's bright keyboards in typical arena rock arrangements. It's hard to argue that the generalized romantic sentiments that make up the lyrics, here contributed by a variety of people including Augeri and Cain's wife, are any worse than Perry's, but Perry sang his words with more feeling than Augeri does. So, the new Journey turns out to be a half-step back to the old (make that the old, old Journey -- pre-Perry, when Schon ruled). Odds are, that will be a more difficult sell at record stores, though Augeri's similarity to Perry means that the concert revenues shouldn't suffer.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Journey   Primary Artist
Neal Schon   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Jonathan Cain   Keyboards,Background Vocals,Group Member
Deen Castronovo   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Ross Valory   Bass,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Steve Augeri   Vocals,Group Member

Technical Credits

Neal Schon   Art Direction,Cover Art,Cover Art Direction
Jonathan Cain   String Arrangements
Gary Cirimelli   Programming
David Coleman   Art Direction,Cover Art
David Daoud Coleman   Art Direction,Cover Art Direction
Kevin Shirley   Producer,Engineer
Aya Takemura   Engineer
Jen Wyler   Author
Chris Moore   Illustrations,Cover Illustration

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Arrival 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a must for all previous Journey fans..it is very familliar yet different at the same time. Anyone who thinks Journey would not sound good w/ out Steve Perry is just going to miss hearing one the best Journey recordings ever! This CD is excellent!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I heard some of the songs and loved them. All the talent of the musicians, especially Neil Schon's guitar work and Steve Augeri's intense vocals made this an awesome album. Get it now!
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a long time Journey fan, I was wondering what the band would sound like without ''The Voice''...well, I was blown away! This cd cooks with all the things I want on my table. It's meaty and full of wonderful harmonies, soaring leads, fat sounds and tasteful delights. Breakfast/lunch/dinner and dessert all in one listening. I think I haven't enjoyed Journey's music this much since I first saw them at a Day on the Green. All the new members and old blend together in a super treat for the ears! You go guys! See you this summer on the tour!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD continues Journey's tradition of producing dynamic music. It offers a wide array of musical styles from jammin rock, to ballads, to even some bluesey type tunes. Neal Schon rocks on the guitar and Steve Augeri blows you away with his awesome vocals. I encourage everyone to buy this CD today. Wether your an old or new Journey fan, or you just want to hear some fantastic rock, this is a must have CD!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Arrival is a great album.At first listen I found it was hard to keep interested in the entire album of 15 songs .But after some time I enjoyed this album more and more each time!I have always listened to and loved Journey!
Guest More than 1 year ago
On Tuesday, April 3rd, Journey released it's first album, since 1996's 'Trial By Fire', ''Arrival''! There's been alot of speculation about whether the new lineup, which includes lead vocalist Steve Augeri (ex-Tall Stories/Tyketto) and drummer Deen Castronovo (ex-Bad English/Hardline/Ozzy Osbourne) as well as Keyboardist Jon Cain (''Escape''/''Frontiers''/''ROR''/''TBF'') and founding members Lead Guitarist Neal Schon and Bassist Ross Valory, would be able to keep the traditional Journey sound, but I can say, without a doubt, that Journey is back and is just as powerful as they were in their ''Escape''/''Frontiers''-era prime!!! Songs such as 'Higher Place', 'Live And Breathe', 'We Will Meet Again' and 'I Got A Reason' are future Classics and ballads such as 'All The Way' and 'Kiss Me Softly' are in the Journey tradition of 'Open Arms' and 'Faithfully'!!! Other enjoyable songs are 'Livin' To Do', 'All The Things I Love About You', 'Signs Of Life' and 'Lifetime Of Dreams'! There are also two new rockers, the band added to the album after listening to fans reviews of the Japanese version on the internet!!! 'World Gone Wild' is a song that was played during one of Journey's tours, in the past few years, while 'Nothin'Comes Close' is the other addition to this 15 track classic!!! While this unit is not the classic Perry-led lineup of the past, the band has stayed true to it's roots, while at the same time incorporating the new personalities of Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo! Steve Augeri's vocal style is very similar to Steve Perry's, while also having it's own uniqueness, lending new life to the group!!! Deen Castronovo is a phenominal drummer, whose style is very reminiscent of past Journey member Aynsley Dunbar, who is a legend in the rock world and has played with such greats as John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Jefferson Starship, Whitesnake, UFO and Eric Burdon's Band!!! In short, Augeri and Castronovo only strengthen Journey's tradition of putting together the top musical talent the world of rock has to offer!!! This album is well worth the money and my recommendation is, if you haven't already done so, run to your local music store and pick up Journey's newest Classic, ''Arrival''! Rich Raised On Journey
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hang it up, guys. This won't fly with real journey fans. I can't believe they are trying to pass this off as a Journey record. Without Steve Perry, Ross Valory and Steve Smith they are NOT Journey!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a long time Perry fan I was apprehensive about the new ''voice''. After seeing his performance, listening to that voice and song delivery I was impressed enough to go out and buy Arrival. I like the new sound and have tremendous respect for Steve Augeri. Not just for his talents as an entertainer but also for the graciousness he displays regarding the constant comparisons with Perry. The new Journey is obviously a true partnership.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Journey has had 11 albums and this is one of my favorites. Steve Augeri, is a increadable singer! Everyone makes a big deal that Steve P is not in Journey, Who can help that?? Steve A is a great singer! I went to a journey concert in Augest and they played Higher place. My favorite songs are, Higher place,All the way, Loved by you, Kiss me softly, I got a reason and we will meet again. This album has 15 of the best songs! I listen to Journey basicly Everyday! Me and my mom are HUGE journey fans! I have all there albums and everyone is AWSOME!!!!!! If you want to see more about this band then go to: Journeymusic.com or for there store:Journeyswag.com. This album is A-W-S-O-M-E!
Guest More than 1 year ago
ok, being a Journey fan for a long time, and probably one of the few 22 year olds who loves Steve Perry, this album is really good minus ''the voice''. I really like the album the rhythms are fantastic
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have to disagree with everyone on the ''Arrival'' reviews. No one can truly be replaced in any band. If, when Steve Perry joined Journey, success was brought to the band, it was because of Perry's vocals and Neal Schon's guitar work. And, if any one of those two elements is replaced (one element was replaced), something is taken away, and the band sounds different. Although the rythmn section sounds great, the vocal is too weak. They are a Journey tribute band who have stolen, not only Journey's name, but their identifiable sound as well. Take my word for it, Journey's music is an '80s memory, and while all true fans would like to believe Journey has 'arrived,' think again. Although, there is one good thing. All the albums recorded by the ''real'' Journey (''Infinity'' to ''Trial By Fire'') are still available for purchase so we can embrace what truly matters with open arms.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is so good, I can't stop listening to it. Steve's voice is heart melting. ''Loved By You'' has to be the greatest song I've heard in forever. Love it, love it, love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The short and sweet of it: 'Arrival' is a great album! The band - one of America's true rock icons - notwithstanding, 'Arrival' is the benchmark for 21st century modern rock. If you don't write or play this brilliantly, you don't deserve to be heard. I'm glad Journey's back; their 'Arrival' could not have been more timely!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Another awesome album by a great band. The songs are so catchy, you'll be humming right along. If you have the greatest hits album, you'll like this one as well. Steve Augeri's vocals are great. ''To be alive again'' is a great summer rocker and ''All the way'' is a fantastic ballad. This album has all you need.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Journey's new album ''Arrival'' was, without a doubt, a most pleasant and invigorating surprise! Journey had long since gone down a path of being less guitar rock influenced, and more pop-rock styled. This album is a terrific return to form in which guitarist Neal Schon's monster riffs permeate throughout. Also at his best ever, in this reviewer's opinion, is Ross Valory. His bass playing in Journey is sadly underrated, and often ignored. Jonathan Cain is, as usual, an enormous contributer and is responsible for some of the best material on the album. Deen Castronovo leaves nothing to be desired in his talented drumming on ''Arrival''. The biggest and most pleasant surprise, though, is Steve Augeri, the ''new'' lead singer. He's got amazing talent. At times he is a dead ringer for Steve Perry, but then again there are songs in which he leaves no doubt that he's his own man. Fans of Journey have found over the past couple of years, that Augeri can easily perform the material which Perry originally performed on. Now with ''Arrival'' he's established himself as a well deserved member, with his own vocal styles. Pleasantly, even though there are many moments on the CD which are decidedly different than Perry's style, those moments are every bit as much recognizable as the Journey sound as anything Perry ever did. In short, Augeri has the Journey sound. Arrival, with a generous 15 tracks, covers all the bases...from the power ballads, to catchy rockers, to soulful bluesy tracks. There's not a sleeper in the bunch, yet there are certainly personal favorites already. The catchy rockers ''Higher Place'' and ''To Be Alive Again'' are impossible to sit still to, and you'll find yourself singing them over and over in your head. The amazingly soulful, moving, and latin influenced, ''Kiss Me Softly'' will undoubtedly become the background for many a romantic night between couples. The power ballad ''All The Things'' is a classic Journey ballad, up there with the likes of ''Faithfully''. In short, this album will NOT dissapoint classic Journey fans. They've managed to keep the signature Journey sound, while sounding new and fresh on several of the tracks. Stuck in the 80's? No...but they also haven't fogotten about the 80's and what music got them to where they are today. Journey stands out as one of few bands that have not abandoned the fans who helped them rise to such success.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If your a Journey fan you will more than likely enjoy this album. The absence of Steve Perry is definitly felt, but does not retract from the overall enjoyment of the music. The new lead vocalists voice is similiar to Perry's but definitly not as strong. The only other thing I think is missing from this album is Perry's direction in the sound booth. At times the sound/recording quality is less than stellar. Steve Perry would not have let that happen! The good thing though is that the song writing influence of Jonathan Cain is still very strong here.If you are thinking about buying this album but are hesitant because of Perry's absence - don't be, it's still a very good listen
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has got to be the best album of 2001! This album mixes sounds of ballad, hard rock, and a little blues to give a spectacular finish to it when you're done listening to it. After I bought it I literally listened to it everyday for about 3 months, after that I started to buy more Journey albums. If there's a must have album list out there, this one is defenitley on there.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I heard on the radio the other day that the new album Arrival was taking a lot of heat in the press. I completely disagree. I think the album is AWESOME. For those of you who say there is no Journey without Steve Perry, GET OVER IT. I like Steve Perry also. However, if he doesn't want to play, life must go on. Steve Augeri does a great job on vocals. Two songs that I think deserve a lot of respect (in addition to the headlining Higher Place and All the Way) are With Your Love and Lifetime of Dreams. Journey can still crank out the ballads. Arrival has some spark too with Higher Place and To Be Alive Again. BUY IT!!! I guarrantee you will like it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Journey is back and better than ever! The new CD Arrival, released in early April is definately a CD for the fans!! Deen Castronovo (Drums) and Steve Augeri (Vocals) give this new line-up a breath of life! Tracks such as ''Kiss Me Softly'', ''Nothing Comes Close'', and ''Loved By You'' will turn any listener to a Journey fan!!