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by Tom Zatar Kay
"You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time". - Molly

"I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative" - Ruthie Tucker Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

"Zatar master of the universe" - Rozola

"My god what a complex being you are" - New Age Matters

"This is really


"You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time". - Molly

"I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative" - Ruthie Tucker Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

"Zatar master of the universe" - Rozola

"My god what a complex being you are" - New Age Matters

"This is really inspirational and wonderful! You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time.zatar = brilliant I was going to say genius.. but brilliant seemed more in keeping. Incredible as always. Thanks. Victory to Zatar! Surely dancing to the great!" - Escorpionsita

"You are elevating universal consciousness!" - Johnny O art

"A text that is true and at the same time has lyrical and poetic traits. even though this statement might seem absurd and contradictory..." - Mancao

"Being unusual has to be a plus in poetry. i like it nice poem.. i like your emotion.. it grabs your attention Wow this is really great, thanks for sharing it" - Janet V

"Hi, Zatar Art and feeling are what I see in your writing. A small text, but, that, however, encloses very of your being. Since your personal, individual pain, until your collective, social, patriotic pain. Few written lines . . . But that much says of you and of what you think of the world. Since yours dog "killing" for its sister, in one accident that marked your soul (as much that for it, you initiate your thought) . . . You parade then the too much tragedies that permeates your life (or your conscience) . . . Hitler . . . 11 of September . . . all the assassins and all the black terror that inhabits for the Earth . . . Then . . . a toast with God, the Love and the Compassion . . . To contain the violence . . . sending love rays. of pure love! Your thought, my friend, empties in the hope and the love . . . "Reason of the evolution . . . " And you finish with art . . . with feeling of a true artist:"I can forgive myself for all my sins!"...Ah!... Now I say: "Ohm..."Congratulations, my friend .The pardon to that they don't know what they make, it's our differentiation in face of the imbeciles" - Um abraço,Lustato.

"The Art of an enlightened fluorescent mind." - Alan, Translucent Gallery

"In the 20 years I have known you this is (I AM A SURVIVOR ) one of the best things I have ever had the privilege of reading or hearing from you. I have always enjoyed your words and the way you flow. You can make your readers and listeners think and feel and just as easily toy with our emotions. This piece is a prime example of how positive you can be despite the world and the troubles that we all must face. Thank you for a fine piece of peace." - Hollywood

"Thanks for being so cool Zatar. Your art, and poetry always inspire me. Your awesome!" - Dan

"Boom! Zatar ignites the universe again with a star of creativity" - Tequila Mockingbird

You are a poem . . . from . . . planet Zatar" - Kenny Peck

"wow what a long sentence ,, can i breath now ,,, good stuff" - bretto

"Gorgeous work!" - Artcee w

"Your art is magnificent" - Susan Mohlpowers

"WOW" Your paintings are remarkable, they leap into the eyes as dreams do sleepers' minds. you seem like a very vibrant, switched-on person. also really enjoyed yr (very psychedelic) (myspace.com/girlzofzaear) music. I left yr page feeling inspired, with a desire to experiment with my expression more often." - Karl

"I have seen the future of art and Zatar is the Silver Surfer! Boom!" - Dusty Wright

"Love the workx!!!!!! Full of chaos beauty!" - Justin Thyme

"I love your work! Great color and lots of energy..." - Best,Jacki :)

"Congratulations. Your art is truly wonderful. Best wishes Zatar is the new Jackson Pollack" - Gene Kiefer

"Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association

"Looking at all your wonderful art helps a lot. I hope you know that by sharing your art you lift people's spirits. Thanks!" - Cathy

"The splatter, abstract expressionist paintings resonate with spontaneous form and resolve issues of structure and emotive content." - Angela Di Bello Director / Agora Gallery

"I absolutely love your work it has inspired me to throw paint" - Thanks, your fan, Brian (UK)

"This one just vibrates off the screen..". - m2c


"Another piece of brilliant color, it bursts into life before your eyes" - Bill

"I enjoy your art. Thanks for letting everyone check it out. This one is really awesome I must say. You inspire me more than you know. Keep up the great work. I love it!" - Big Bad Dan

"Now that's bloody insane yet so far away but the same mind. Love it man!" - Brian Chasteen

"You are LOVED. YES, great words!!" - HAIR - Directed by Anthony D'Amato

"Very beautiful use of color and texture I like this--there seems to be a lot of depth to this I like the monochromatic pieces as well with this one standing out" - DORIS

"Just love it, so colorful, so fun. Can't stop dancing along with my eyes. Wow, this is so eerie!" - Janpen Thamma

"I like this, it really pops out at you" - rita rita

"Peaceful powerful subliminal mind control mellow tones, so intense .. so vibrant in such density" - chloey422

"It reminds my on my shroom trip.. It?s wonderful" - Arto-Gris

"These colors are gorgeous!" - Sharon

"Oh wow, seems you had a lot of fun doing this one ! =) this one is so full of joy ! awesome ! great one ! great colours ! well done ! keep up the good work !" - Marijke Magdalena

"Muy bueno, felicitaciones!" - Diego Manuel

"Ahhhhh, this pleases my eyes a great deal!" - Marque Terrynamahr Strickland

"Oh. I love style. So colorful~~~" - Crazyfenfen

"WOW!!!" - L.A. Powell

"You do great work...I'm feeling' D'z one, Just thought I drive by and show some WEST COAST love Wessideeeee" - Carlos Dennis

"Fantastic. I love all the bright vibrant colors. A feel good painting. I really like this painting. I love the colors you chose. Very pretty. NICE. I like this because it makes you want to go out and have Fun. Very cheerful. A great painting. I love all the colors. I like it. I like the white color peeking threw". - Ketya Richardson

"Rich and vivid, an eye catcher" - Bill

"I love everything you do.. but this is my favorite" - Maran

"One of my favorite. you're a great master of color" - Raffael Mirto

"Awesome! Wow! I like this one! :) this is very beautiful! I love it! I love this one! :) -~Escorpionsita~

"Brings to mind the tranquility of an aquarium. something galactical about this makes me feel comforted and protected, like the inside of a mother's womb, if it were to be illuminated. A celebration! A circus of color on a flying trapeze reminds me of china stoneware reminds me of coral-magnified....... or a sea sponge". - Stephennie

"So rich and energetic! Yeeeeah!" - Glen Allen

"Always lifting me from the muck! Always good to read your harmonic reminders!- And cool..." - molly

"Two colors, thousand faces" - Mauro

"This is wonderful, I love the blue colors in it" - Kirsten

"Wow very unique... props... i love it..." - Eclat One

"This bubble is happy to be sharing your space. Love the color". - Eugenia

"My favorite it's so pop I feel..". - Bertrand M.

"Grrreat Colors! gild the fight between warm n cool going on! it glows!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Chris Reynolds

"Very cheerful!" - Jolie Buckingham

"Love this work...especially the composition of colours! very emotionally" - Franziska

"SUPER!!! SUPER!!!" - Mi-Mi moscow

"Wow.. I think I like them all :) the colors are so vibrant. this is great, really. I see dept. And is like a Miro palette. there is no word for "poetry-made-by-colors", so you can say it and what is the difference between art and poetry anyway :)" - Enebeka

"...poetic majestic & interesting painting... cool how you use the nopoint :))" - Art Genovee

"Really love your work and the colors are just awesome" - Nick

"Your art makes me feel happy. Thank you" - Corine

"Your soul is a beautiful place to visit..." - bLaK badiYiZm...is M.I.A.

"Your artworks are extraordinary beautiful". - TheSilverFactory.

"There is so much to ponder here" - BABATUNDE LEA

"Love your art. Considering using you as an influence in my major work" - eMmUmSaEwants

"Wicked art!" - ?s????????wants

"Colorful, funky work!! love it" - wendyvegas art (w c)

"A wonderful stir of excitement" - Stephennie

"I fu**ing love it!! is this your creation friend?? aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaa..is genius!!" - Stormi

"Passion & Art & Splendor I love(d) your work... Impressionante o jogo de cores... Art and passion - Passion and splendor!" - Lustato Tenterrara.

"Weird and impressive paintings:)" - fak

" Zatar, I feel energy from your pictures" - Japan Artist



"Lovely work - outstanding colors, very different" - Ingrid

"I like your artworks too much, really TOO MUCH" - Nimesse's

"Love your work and the colors and composition of your style" - Roger

"haha.. Action Painting, that's true I think I would see art like this in my mind... it's funny. your colors!!! looking very powerful too, wicked" - wunschkind

"You have created amazing works of art!" - Bill

"Nice art. You are quite the creative artiste" - Stacy

"j'aime beaucoup votre art,superbe de maturité!Valérie" - Valérie

"You have some amazing works.. a joy to view!" - s.dAviS

"I am impressed by the emotion and feeling your art portrays" - Corey Nichols

"Congratulations on your fantastic paintings!" - Lady Vinylya

"Wonderful - Hi I really do love your work. I find it marvelous. There is lots of energy ." - Tony Broiwn

"Fellow artists united! Just wanted to let ya know that your art is energy inspired. Life's essence well captured. Congrats. It's an extreme pleasure" - Care X, Mia

"I like the complexity in your paintings, especially in the ones with fewer colors, like the black and white series" - ciao, nat

"Really nice artwork. I luv those colors and the composition!" - Monica

"love your paintings!! great energy !!" - golok

"Your paintings are exciting n liberating" - Mkanvinde

"Amazing art, you truly have a gift..." - Alex

"I like so much your universe!" - Bridget

"I was really taken back. It was amazing to see that I was not alone in this world of painted energy and thoughts! I really dig your artwork. It seems like you have a lot going on, and that is wonderful. It blows my mind to no end..." - Kevin

"Zatar love the Art Art Art piece " - Nick Nicely

"I have no choice but to tell you of my utter amazement and ... alien fascinations... wowee! hats off to you" - Sunny Tum Tums

"Funny experimental art!" - zEkay

"Master of the colors!" - Kosi

"Yes a big energy in your work..." - Gypsie

" Happy - Now, I will return to your space and continue to enjoy your art before heading off to dreamland" - Marilyn OM...

"I just discover your art, just minutes ago. I am amazed by it. It seems like poetry to me. After seeing your paintings online, I feel validated. Thank you for that feeling." - Lorna David

"Great artwork! I love your work! Great color and lots of energy..." - Best, Jacki :)

"You make really cool art!" -Jules

"UR artwork is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo BRILLIANT!!!...LoVe,PeAcE & HuGs...x..." - laine

"I really dig your abstractions... PeaCE",- Sean


"Hey Zatar! very very interesting works! "wow this is so neato! if you look close enough you can see the souls" "love the colors! so vivid" - Claudine's Gallery's

"Just vibrates off the screen... peace" - m2c"

"Hey Zatar I love your work. Keep me update for whenever you have a show or some special event" - CHATISMO MB

"I really like your work. It's emotional, deep and intense". - MB

"Your colors are so expressive, so magical, i like yours paintings" - fauve 21

"Hi Zatar, your paintings looks so fantastic. Very intensive and expressive! And I like the colors you have used!!! - greetings from Germany" - Rainer

"BEAUTIFUL coloured and detailed world you live in..great!!" - A. GIULIO, Baistrocchi

"Great paintings! I dig the colorful day-glo splatter action...very cool!!" - Astrid

"Your paintings are beautiful and full of life energy" - Jeff

"It's all LOVE and it's a wonderful thing. Thanks for being open to the mystic". - Mary

"You make a very explosive art. Keep it up!" - Jax

"Love the energy in your work!" - bill


"Gorgeous colors in your gallery - really clear and vibrant! :-)" - Steve Shore

"Dig the work...very Pollock.... if I may say so..." - Jorge Emmanuel

"Happy painter like me?" - Mr Pras

"There is a lot of inspiration and power" - Bernd

"Very interesting work Me Like" - Gladys

"Your work is beautiful! I like your paintings... you're so strange!!!" - Kiss from Italy. Marinella MaHs

"Outstanding work my friend....very Jackson Pollack." - Caleb Morgan

"I really dig your abstractions..." - Sean

"Your work is beautiful"- Roddy Scheer

"This is fabulous!" - Lee Wind

"The paintings are beautiful!!! I gazed at them for a long time." - Cate Woodruff

"These are very interesting. Very Pollock."- Kirsten, MD.

"They're very happy. We need happy." - Cathy Britell, MD.

"Thank you for your colored universe!" -Escorpionsita~

"Wow! Awesome artwork! I love them all!" - Terry :)

"Zatar- thanks for your beacon of positivity!" - Stephennie

"Spread the positive energy" - sanja

"hey, I like your art work, life is color" - liebe grüse from germany, halina:) josabel 451

"A beautiful works full of life" - Tropical salutation from mayotte island.JOSABEL 451

"I am enjoying touring your gallery and find your use of color and texture to be quite exciting and beautiful" - DORIS Logan

"Dude your work is incredible!" - Meru Matu

"We are all one:-) No separate from myself is you:-)" - The Michelle Experience®

"Hi Zatar, Nice to meet you and to discover your beautiful and inspiring work" - Jean Louis

"Your work is striking and uplifting" - jahlinx

"you have a lot of fun stuff going on, i like it all! WEEEEEE!:)" - EVOLVING"

"Saying hello to a magical artist, Your artwork is very beautiful!" - Gunilla

"Interesting...and beautiful...:)" - Escorpionsita

"LOVE your space poetry" - Angela

"Great food 4 the soul! omsweetommmmmmmmmmm!! - Nina Hagan

"The words just flow together with no interruption in thought as though in a state of meditation no discrimination among what is acknowledged by the consciousness....i love it!" - Stephennie

"I find your use of color and texture to be quite exciting and beautiful----" -DORIS

"I am drawn to your art work because I can feel it and it speaks to me! ;) Your canvas definitely resonates sound! Boom! Zatar ignites the universe again with a star of creativity. - Tom F

"Zatar. . . . your art make me feel happy. Thank you" -Corine

"IT is amazing your flow ! amazing , as always, it is your feather flow such a flow, love it! universe surfing ... ; first - rate Zatar" - Art Genovee

"Wow that is the coolest deepest thing I've read of poetry for some time,,very intense and very clever with that stream of consciousness flow. The way it reads is also very song like, do you play music? I ask as i can hear this being in a song" - Susan Rodio ART

"What do you hear my thoughts? LOL!!" - GNOSTIC_8 on

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ART AND POETRY 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Gopie More than 1 year ago
What is a artist? Zatar is a being that has to create and this book shows all his energy flowing. You experience paintings that explode with cosmic energy. Just like his stream of consciousness poetry, booming beauty and love. Utopian beliefs written to all humanity as pure love evolving. By entering Zatars world you are traveling down a wild river flowing towards in a infinite quantum energy becoming part of the force that made the universe itself. This book is truly a timeless classic ride as you go with the flow.
cybergod More than 1 year ago
I love the art and the poetry flows through my soul pure genius. This is a timeless classic for all who want to expand their hearts and mind! Very intense and deep. You can read it over and over and discover more and more. The art and poetry seem interrelated in a cosmic quantum type of way. You have to experience it to believe it. Buy this eBook you will love it for sure.