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Art of Editing / Edition 7

Art of Editing / Edition 7

by Brian S. Brooks, Jack Z. Sissors, Floyd K. Baskette, Jack Zanville Sissors

ISBN-10: 0205319572

ISBN-13: 9780205319572

Pub. Date: 08/25/2000

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Product Details

Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
7.24(w) x 9.38(h) x 1.07(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Editing in the Information Age1
Chapter 1Editing for Today's Changing Media2
The Media Evolve2
Threats and Opportunities4
The Nature of News9
The Role of the Editor11
The Art of Editing11
Chapter 2The Editor and the Audience13
The Disconnected Audience13
Advertising Prompts Change15
An Industry in Turmoil16
The Contrary View17
Evaluating the Media Mix19
The Infomedium20
A Response to Change21
Understanding U.S. Audiences22
Credibility and the Media25
Measures of Readability27
Changing Needs of Changing Consumers29
Part 2The Fundamentals of Editing31
Chapter 3The Editing Process32
The Editor's Role32
The Value of the Copy Editor34
The Editor's Responsibilities38
Editing the Story41
Recognizing Writing Styles45
Chapter 4The Four C's: Be Correct, Concise, Consistent and Complete57
Be Correct57
Be Concise67
Be Consistent75
Be Complete76
Chapter 5Editing for Precision in Language80
Abusing English80
Chapter 6Editing for Style110
Why Style Matters110
Trade Names113
Death Stories115
Medical News116
Labor Disputes123
Financial News123
Ships and Boats125
Lifestyle Pages130
Chapter 7Editing for Libel, Taste and Fairness133
Law and the Media133
Editing for Libel and Privacy134
Editing for Taste151
Editing for Fairness153
Part 3Editing for the Print Media155
Chapter 8Writing the Newspaper Headline156
Headline Functions156
The Headline Writing Process159
The Headline Order159
Counting the Headline164
Forming the Headline165
The Title Lesson167
Headline Rules168
Common Headline Problems176
Chapter 9Editing Wire News for Publication191
Sources of Wire News192
How the Wires Operate193
Budgets and Priorities194
Sorting the Pieces195
Editing the Wire197
Chapter 10Editing Magazines and Corporate Publications202
An Industry of Diversity202
Magazine Characteristics203
Editing the Magazine205
Article Headings206
Magazine Design207
Magazine Production210
Chapter 11Using Photos and Graphics in Print213
The Importance of Graphic Elements213
Photographer-Editor Relationships215
Editing Decisions216
Pictures as Copy223
Changing Photo Technology224
The Enlarging-Reducing Formula225
Taste in Picture Editing227
Picture Pages230
Caption Guidelines234
Information Graphics235
Chapter 12An Introduction to Using Type242
Making Type Easier and Faster to Read241
What Editors Should Know About Typefaces246
General Type Measurements247
Differentiating Typefaces248
How to Measure Type from a Printed Page255
An Introduction to Leading257
Type Selection Principles263
Typography on a Desktop Computer268
Developing Artistic Judgment271
Chapter 13An Introduction to Newspaper Layout and Design272
Makeup, Layout or Design: Which to Use in Planning?272
How Important Is Good Newspaper Design?273
How to Recognize a Well-Designed Newspaper274
Layout and Design Goals for an Editor276
Principles of Artistic Design Applied to Newspapers278
Visualizing Total Page Structure283
Take a Look at Full-Page Newspaper Layouts284
The Mechanics of Page Layout285
The Use of Desktop Computers in Page Layout307
Chapter 14An Introduction to Magazine and Newsletter Design310
Why Magazine and Newsletter Design in an Editing Book?310
Design in Magazines and Newsletters310
Magazine Classifications313
Principles of Newspaper Design Also Apply to Magazines315
Graphic Styling Alternatives316
Magazine Covers323
An Introduction to Newsletter Design327
What is a Newsletter?327
How Different Is Newsletter Design?327
What Essentials Are Necessary to Produce a Newsletter?329
Problems and Solutions of Newsletters329
Use of Photographs331
Part 4Editing for Other Media337
Chapter 15Editing for the Broadcast Media338
Copy Sources343
Preparation of Copy345
Broadcast Style346
Audio and Video Tapes351
Television News351
Copy Formats354
Chapter 16Editing for the New Media357
New Editions for a New Medium357
Layers and Links359
Online Journalism and Credibility360
Types of New Media362
Sources of Information363
Online Editor364
The Web's Importance365
Online Media and the Future368
Chapter 17Editing Advertising and Promotional Copy371
Print Advertising371
Broadcast Advertising374
Promotional Copy375
Appendix IWire Service Style378
Appendix IICopy-Editing and Proofreading Symbols420
Appendix IIISPJ Code of Ethics425
Appendix IVGlossary429

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