The Art of Joe Kubert

The Art of Joe Kubert

by Joe Kubert

A coffee table art book spanning all 70 years of this legendary creator’s work!See more details below


A coffee table art book spanning all 70 years of this legendary creator’s work!

Editorial Reviews

Mike Gold - ComicMix
“Fan/historian Bill Schelly... knows his stuff and it shows. This is the definitive biography of Joe Kubert, and I would say it is lavishly illustrated but the word 'lavishly' pales in comparison by even a quick flip-through of this 232-page tome. Pure and simple, this is the tribute that Joe deserves.”
Miles Fielder - The List
“All aspects of Kubert's career are touched on in this tome, which is loaded with beautiful colour reproductions of its subject's artwork and complemented by a lengthy and insightful critical commentary…. As with Fantagraphics' previous coffee table comic art books, The Art of Joe Kubert makes you want to see more — all! — of the artist's work.”
Casey Burchby - SF Weekly
“...[I]nformative and briskly engaging... ?In reviewing the vast panorama of Kubert's eight-decade career, The Art of Joe Kubert allows readers previously unfamiliar with the artist to share an appreciation of his abiding interest in human nature (as opposed to just superhero theatrics) through a surprising variety of storytelling styles and subject matter.”
Noel Murray - The A.V. Club
“The Kubert book… offer[s] ample visual evidence of how [Kubert] found the 'art' in commercial art, turning work-for-hire assignments into opportunities to express [his] particular vision… of the world.”
Kyle Lemmon - Under the Radar
“The Art of Joe Kubert… meticulously follows Kubert's awe-inspiring 70-year career… It's filled with wonderful illustrations and full-color comics. …[T]his whole collection has an air of professionalism that is only surpassed by its vital subject. [Rating] 8/10”
Augie DeBlieck Jr. - Comic Book Resources
“The Art of Joe Kubert is probably the best DC book I read in September, and DC didn't even publish it. Fantagraphics did, and a wonderful job they did, from the raw materials to the book design and packaging.”

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