Art of Living and Other Stories

Art of Living and Other Stories

by John C. Gardner

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Julian Moynahan
Most of the 10 stories in John Gardner's new collection develop the common theme of art and its vexed relation to life....The best story in ''The Art of Living'' is ''Come on Back.'' It is a heritage piece about rural and Welsh roots which produces pleasing variations on the theme of art through an informed, affectionate look at the Welsh passion for choral singing. By far the worst and longest story is ''Vlemk the Box-Painter,'' a tedious pseudo-medieval allegory about the painting of a ''speaking likeness'' of a princess on a rosewood box. There is nothing to be said in its favor, except that Mr. Gardner, in conceiving it, going on with it and publishing it, shows the courage of his moral convictions. -- New York Times

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