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The Art of Melinoe

The Art of Melinoe

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by D. L. King

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For Adults over the age of 18 ONLY

Raymond Reynolds has been living his dream with Sunny ever since recovering from his participation in the Melinoe Project. He's also been producing some of the best new fetish photography of his career, his models being the mistresses and boys of Melinoe. Between shoots, his training in submission continues. Sunny, with help along


For Adults over the age of 18 ONLY

Raymond Reynolds has been living his dream with Sunny ever since recovering from his participation in the Melinoe Project. He's also been producing some of the best new fetish photography of his career, his models being the mistresses and boys of Melinoe. Between shoots, his training in submission continues. Sunny, with help along the way from Mistress Susan, Donna and Dr. Sampson, among others make sure all his needs are taken care of. But there's a snake in every garden.

The Art of Melinoe is the scorching new sequel to The Melinoe Project, D. L. King's original novel of female domination and male submission.

This novel is a work of erotica and is both sexually explicit and graphic in nature. It depicts extreme fetishes and is not for the faint of heart. It is for adults only.

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Ray unlocked the door to his studio and looked at his watch. He had about forty-five minutes before Mistress Susan was due to arrive. She was extremely punctual. He busied himself moving lighting equipment over to his black wall. The walls in the studio had been built without right angles at the floor. Instead they gently sloped into the floor so there were no lines or breaks. An area twenty feet wide and another twenty feet deep out into the floor had been painted matte black.

He was a bit old fashioned when it came to photography. Although Sunny had bought him a brilliant digital camera, which he loved playing with, he still preferred shooting film with his 35mm SLR in the studio. He liked coaxing an image out of a piece of paper in the darkroom rather than on his computer screen.

He moved over to a curved wall of one-inch thick glass bricks. He had the studio built with two glass brick walls, one thick and the other thin. You could see a slightly distorted image of whatever you placed behind the thinner glass wall. The thicker glass only permitted a vague outline of whatever was behind it. They could both be creatively lit. He intended to use the black wall and the thin glass bricks today. Possibly he would use the other glass wall too, if time permitted.

Ray set up more lights by the glass bricks and checked his watch again. Fifteen more minutes. Sunny was right. He definitely had a tendency to get excited around Mistress Susan, he was already getting nervous. Just thinking about having her in a shoot made his cock knock up against the chastity device. His mind was drawn to the insistent stimulation of his cock and his ass. Man, he hoped hecould work like this.

Sunny had applied a few interesting devices before he got dressed this morning. The pressure on his cock caused him to recall everything in vivid detail.

At breakfast, she'd opened a box on the dining table and shown Ray a number of objects. She'd picked up a large steel anal plug and said she would be attaching it to a special cup.

"Yes, I'll be caging your cock," she'd said, and caged was right! His cock currently felt like a sausage, stuffed into it's casing.

She'd held up a device that looked something like a sports cup, only penis shaped with black leather straps and buckles attached. He was wearing it now. It was made out of stainless steel and was form-fitted to the shape of his erect cock. There was a small, square box with pin jacks at its base.

She'd told him to go to the bathroom, as he wouldn't get another chance for a while, and then she'd lubricated the plug and slid it home. Of course, he'd automatically started getting hard. Just to make sure, she'd massaged his nipples until he was as hard he could get, then she'd stuffed his cock into the cup and set about buckling him into the chastity device.

A series of straps connected to the anal plug, assured it would stay in. They came up his crotch and attached to a belt around his waist. His penis was positioned up against his abdomen with his balls hanging free and unencumbered. Sunny had plugged a set of wires from the anal plug into the box at the base of his penis, causing the now familiar pulsation in his ass. She'd plugged two more wires from the cup into the box and vibrations had been cycling through his cock. She'd explained that the box would control a random series of gentle vibrations and pulsations through both the plug and the cup until the devices were removed.

She'd placed small padlocks at the buckles on either side of his hips, assuring there would be nothing he could do about it. "I thought you might enjoy this confinement while working with Susan," she'd said. "She doesn't know anything about it, so unless she grabs your crotch, she'll think you've developed amazing control."

She reminded him about his appointment with Dr. Sampson, after his shoot and cautioned him that he wasn't allowed to come without either her permission or Dr. Sampson's. "Don't worry about the doctors appointment, baby. Claudia has keys."

The thing was, Mistress Susan scared the crap out of him. During his time in the research project, she had inflicted an amazing amount of pain. The letter 'S' she had carved into his back with her bullwhip still had not completely faded. The memory never would. He was just beginning to understand the dichotomy of why he could be so frightened of her on one hand, and why, on the other hand, he became practically auto-orgasmic when he saw her. He needed to snap out of it. She was not coming to the studio to play with him. She was coming to model for him.

It was an amazing privilege and showed how much respect she had for him and for his art. He would be able to watch her play with the two slaves she brought. Actually, he would be directing that play. That reminded him. He walked over to his desk in the corner. He pressed a button on the instrument panel on the desk and watched a winch and pulley system move across the ceiling. He stopped it when it reached the center left of the black wall.

Walking into the studio, all that could be seen was clean empty space, with the exception of the desk and sitting area in the corner. Eyebolts were attached to the walls and the floor in the designated shooting areas. The rear wall was only a dividing wall where Ray stored furniture and props as well as other equipment in cabinets behind it. There was also a dressing room, in case the women he photographed wished to change their clothing in privacy.

Realizing he was as prepared as he could be, he checked the time again just as he heard her knock.

Ray walked to the door and opened it. Mistress Susan stood there with that half smile on her face. Adam stood behind and slightly to the side of her in his gold collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. A trainee Ray had not seen before, wearing the black leather collar and cuffs and leather G-string stood next to Adam. His G-string secured a leather anal plug with an attached handle inside his rectum and had cut outs for his penis and testicles in front. Ray knew this was standard equipment for slaves in training at Club Melinoe and would be worn during the first month of service. Adam carried Mistress Susan's black bag of personal equipment. The young slave carried a garment bag of clothes and another large bag.

Mistress Susan kissed Ray's right cheek and caressed his left cheek.

"May we come in?"

"Of course, please," Ray said, stepping out of the way. "Adam can put your bag down just to the side of the black painted floor and if those are your clothes, perhaps you would like to have, Joey, is it, take them to the dressing room. Can I get you anything to drink, Mistress?"

"First, let me look at you," she said. "You actually look quite nice in jeans. Turn for me. Yes, quite nice. How's the back?"

"Almost completely healed, although you can still see some faint marks."

"Good. I'll have to ask Sunny for an invite so I can see them. I know you're in charge in the studio, so I can't order you to remove your shirt. I believe I'll have a cup of coffee."

"Adam, show Joey where the dressing area is and have him set out my clothes."

Susan's little speech set Ray's cock to vibrating against its stainless steel prison. In the sitting area, he poured a cup of coffee for her. She sat on the buff colored leather couch and he sat in a plum wing chair to her side.

"May I explain my shooting process to you?" Ray asked. Susan nodded. "Okay, I'll be using two, possibly three set-ups. First we'll work against that wall." He pointed to the black wall. I would like your boys to make sure their feet are perfectly clean, as any dirt will show against the black. Although I will be directing the set-ups and action, I want you to do what you do best. Sometimes, I might ask you to freeze. I'll catch what I want in the camera. Unless I ask you to look at me, just ignore me. If I ask you to look at me, I actually mean for you to look directly into the camera lens."

Ray was feeling much more relaxed, until he realized he'd been telling Mistress Susan what to do.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I know you're not used to a man telling you what to do."

"No, Ray, you're working, it's all right. But I must say, I'm amazed you're able to sit here calmly and talk to me like this. It may mean you're ready for another session with me. I'll discuss it with Sunny." She watched the devastating effect her words had on him and smiled. "Please continue."

With his eyes lowered, he said, "I-I have furniture in the back. I have a winch and pulley system ready to attach chains to wrist cuffs and clips to attach ankle cuffs to the floor bolts. You can work, part of the time, with your boy standing and part of the time with him chained to a horse. That can be your choice. However, before any punishment begins, I want to get some worship shots. I'll direct those. I'd like you to wear the chrome mesh halter and the white silk lounge pants first. I think they will look best against the black background.

"I'd like to get some shots with Joey first. Just how afraid of you is he? I'd like to see a little terror. Of course, that's not what I want with Adam."

"Don't worry, my dear," she purred. "If you want terror, I can give you terror. I've started conditioning the little lamb--just the way I conditioned you."

Susan laid her hand on Ray's thigh and watched the crotch of his jeans. Ray realized she was waiting for his normal response and was becoming confused as to why she wasn't getting it. Even though the confinement of his cock was becoming painful, it was interesting to see her reaction. I guess this is what Sunny wanted to hear about, he thought.

"I'll just go and change," she said. "I'll tell the boys to wash their feet."

Adam came out first. "Hi, Ray. It's good to see you. How've you been? Listen, man, I'm really excited you asked for me. I can't wait to see the pictures."

Adam was Mistress Susan's personal slave and knew Ray quite intimately. He had given Ray two of the best blowjobs Ray had ever had, during his participation in the research project. That had initially upset Ray, as he'd never had the desire to be intimate with another man, but Adam was so skilled ... well, Ray found it confusing, but he liked Adam.

Mistress Susan walked back into the studio leading Joey by a leash attached to his collar. She had clipped his wrists together and attached them to his collar by a short chain. He was wearing a training gag, which Ray knew from experience, was shaped like a short penis. It was attached to his head by a series of straps. Two attached to either side of the gag and went around the back of his head and two more attached from the top of the gag, and ran up the sides of his nose, over his head, buckling to the strap in back. He already looked frightened but his rather formidable cock was stiff as a club. She led him to an area off to the side of the black wall and clipped his leash to an eyebolt in the floor.

The shoot got underway first with Adam lying on his back, arms stretched above his head and wrists fastened to a ring in the floor. Susan sat on a chair by his head so she could easily reach his face with her feet. Ray felt good about the shots of Adam worshiping her feet and the look of awe as she rubbed one foot across his mouth and one over his eyes. This changed to her standing while he knelt before her with his mouth to her foot. After that she did some nipple torment and Ray was able to get some good pain grimaces and a few tears. By this time, Adam was lying on a table so Mistress Susan could easily reach him.

Ray got some excellent close-ups of heavy cock and ball torment involving her red fingernails and rope. Susan, very skillfully, wrung several different emotional responses from Adam for the camera. There was never any acting during any of the shoots, but Mistress Susan could always elicit the best responses from her subjects. So far, so good.

Susan suggested they bring in a padded horse for Adam's whipping session and use the chains for Joey, as he would be displayed more interestingly standing. Ray knew instinctively to always defer to her ideas on punishment. She was truly an expert in the field and could gage who would respond the best to which methods.

He helped Adam move the punishment horse to the set and situate it properly so all the eye bolts in the floor were reachable.

Adam winked at Ray. "Here we go." he said, his cock bobbing up and down with excitement as he looked to Mistress Susan.

"On your belly," she said. Adam lay on his stomach and Mistress Susan had him move down until his cock and balls were no longer touching the horse and his feet were on the ground. He laid his head down.

Ray began shooting as Mistress Susan fastened his restraints to bolts in the floor and his collar to a bolt in the horse. He asked Susan to look into the lens while standing next to Adam and took a few shots before she began working on him.

Ray worked close and, at one point while getting in for a close-up, he even got smacked in the neck by a flogger, but managed to hang onto his camera. Mistress Susan gave Adam his climax while Ray took some shots of Joey alone, tethered to the floor by his leash. Still gagged, with drool running down the sides of his chin, he'd been watching the session with Adam, and Ray captured the fear and anticipation on his face.

Mistress Susan unfastened Adam and told him to have a shower and relax in the sitting area while she worked with Joey. Adam left for his shower and took the horse away with him. Susan positioned Joey while Ray lowered chains for his arms from the overhead winch. Ray shot the interaction between Joey and Mistress Susan as she fastened his restraints. She used the handle sticking out of his ass to perk up his erection.

Ray stood, looking at the scene for a few minutes. "I'd like to see some clamps and weights, I think," Mistress Susan said. "You can place your items on the tray Adam's holding," she told Ray. Adam held out the tray, making it easier for her to apply the various clamps and weights while Ray shot a few more frames. He shot continuously while she worked on Joey with her crop. There were many pain-filled sequences of weights swinging and bouncing as the crop left its mark on nearby skin. Ray was pretty sure he got the images he was hoping for, as Joey seemed to react well to the pain.

After Joey was released from his restraints, Ray asked Mistress Susan to change into her black skirt and white silk blouse, black seamed stockings and black heels. Ray removed the gag and gave Joey a glass of water while Adam applied salve to the angrier of his welts.

"How are you doing?" Ray asked.

"I'm fine. She's wonderful, isn't she?" Ray could see the respect and awe in Joey's eyes, even though they were still a little red from crying. "I never know what to expect, but it's always amazing. I can't wait to see the pictures. I hope I'll be allowed to come to the opening."

When Susan came back from the dressing room, they finished up with some tableaus behind the one-inch glass brick wall. He was anxious to see the film from those shots. He didn't have a sense of whether they worked or not.

Ray and Mistress Susan retired to the sitting area while Adam bathed Joey. Ray explained she would not be able to see any pictures in advance of the show opening. He wanted them to be a complete surprise but he hoped everyone would be happy. She gave him Adam and Joey's signed release forms as well as one she had signed.

"You're very focused when you work, aren't you?" she asked. "I've been watching you and you don't let anything distract you. Frankly, I'm amazed at your control. I've never seen you have this much control around me before."

Ray was praying Mistress Susan and her slaves would leave the studio soon. After the past two hours of watching her ministering to her two charges while being stimulated by his chastity device and anal plug, he was ready to jump out of his skin. It had been a supreme act of will for him to keep it together and get the shots he needed.

"I have to be focused to get the art in my head to work in my camera. I'm sorry, but if I didn't make a supreme effort I'd just be wasting everyone's time," Ray said.

Adam and Joey came back into the studio and gathered Mistress Susan's belongings. Adam told Ray how much he enjoyed the session and thanked him as Susan guided them toward and out the door. She turned back, in the doorway, put her hand on the back of Ray's neck, pulled him to her, mashing her breasts against his chest, and shoved her tongue down his throat. As she kissed him, she reached down to cup his cock and balls and found the chastity device.

"Oh-ho, good. I thought I was loosing my touch," she said as she left the studio.

After she left, Ray let his senses take over. His breathing became more erratic and his heartbeat sped up. He grabbed a pillow from the couch and screamed into it. He threw himself face down on the couch and humped the cushions; then he tried beating on the steel prison enclosing his pulsing cock. Nothing gave him any relief. After a few minutes, he forced himself to calm down and began to take back some control. Looking at the clock, he saw he had about forty-five minutes before he had to be at his doctor's appointment.

Meet the Author

D. L. King spends an inordinate amount of time reading and writing smut in her New York City apartment and postage stamp sized garden. Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination is her sixth anthology with Cleis Press. She is also the editor of Secuctress: Tales of Immortal Desire, The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica, Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica, winner of the Independent Publisher Awards gold medal, The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica and the Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica. She is also the editor of Spank! from Logical Lust, Voyeur Eyes Only: Erotic Encounters in Sin City, from Xcite and Spankalicious: Adventures in Spanking, from Ravenous Romance. D. L. King is the publisher and editor of the erotica review site, Erotica Revealed, which has been called the New York Times Book Review of Erotica. The author of dozens of short stories, her work can be found in various editions of Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Women's Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, as well as such titles as Girl Fever, Say Please, One Night Only, Power Play, Luscious, Hurts So Good, Fast Girls, Gotta Have It, Please Ma'am, Sweet Love, and Frenzy, among others. She is the author of two novels of female domination and male submission, The Melinoe Project and The Art of Melinoe. Find out more at and

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