Art of the Vineyard

Art of the Vineyard

by Gary Conway

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Janet St. John
Television actor Gary Conway ("Burke's Law, Land of the Giants") presents an amalgamation of memoir, personal photographs, and his own paintings of his Paso Robles farm-turned-vineyard. He relates the difficulties in shifting from urban to rural living and the hardship and eventual satisfaction involved in farming. Conway's paintings convey those feelings. They are mostly loose, almost abstract landscape paintings created with a vivid, nearly neon color palette. His portraits and sketches of people, and the landscape paintings that contain human figures, are by far the more interesting of his works of art. Conway's "down-to-earth" approach to writing offers humor and contagious enthusiasm. His love for the central coast of California--the Santa Lucia Mountains, pastures, woodlands--is blatantly expressed. Though his writing lacks style and even, at times, is awkward or redundant, the sentiment behind the words and in the images presented from cover to cover demonstrates the human capacity to love, desire, create, and persevere. This book is, without question, a rendering of Conway's passion.

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