The Art of Watching Film with CD-ROM / Edition 6

The Art of Watching Film with CD-ROM / Edition 6

by Joe Boggs

ISBN-10: 0072976411

ISBN-13: 9780072976410

Pub. Date: 12/11/2003

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Older Edition
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7.38(w) x 8.86(h) x 0.84(d)

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Table of Contents

Getting Started1. The Art of Watching Films 2. Thematic Elements 3. Fictional and Dramatic Elements 4. Visual Design 5. Cinematography 6. Editing and Special Visual Effects 7. Color 8. Sound Effects and Dialogue 9. The Musical Score 10. Acting 11. The Director's Style 12. Analysis of the Whole Film 13. Adaptations 14. Genre Films, Remakes, and Sequels 15. Other Film Experiences 16. Censorship and Other Forces That Shape the American Film Appendix A The Art of Watching Movies on TV Appendix B Writing a Film Analysis At the end of Chp. 2�16 and Appendix A: Questions At the end of Chp. 2�15: Films for Study At the end of Chp. 2-10: Video Exercises Notes Glossary Selected Bibliography and Study Materials Credits Index

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