Art Past Art Present / Edition 6

Art Past Art Present / Edition 6

by David Wilkins, Katheryn M. Linduff, Bernard Schultz

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ISBN-10: 0205660428

ISBN-13: 9780205660421

Pub. Date: 04/02/2008

Publisher: Prentice Hall

This accessible book looks at the historical and cultural contexts of art works and architecture around the world from prehistoric times to the 20th century—with detailed and informative analyses of art, artists, patrons, and techniques. Its unique chronological presentation in compact topical units offers an exceptionally easy-to-use format—with general


This accessible book looks at the historical and cultural contexts of art works and architecture around the world from prehistoric times to the 20th century—with detailed and informative analyses of art, artists, patrons, and techniques. Its unique chronological presentation in compact topical units offers an exceptionally easy-to-use format—with general period/style introductions followed by self-contained sections on a selected number of specific representative pieces. The global focus emphasizes the diversity and commonality of the human experience. A fully integrated, chronological history of art covers all periods, places, and arts—including extensive analyses of European art, and some American, African, Mesoamerican, and Asian art—along with thorough coverage of women artists throughout. For those who appreciate art and its history.

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Prentice Hall
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MyArtKit Series
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

(NOTE: All parts begin with an Introduction and integrate essays on Technique and Art Past/Art Present throughout).
1. Experiencing Art.

Experiencing Art. Viewing Art. Analyzing Art. Art and Artists in History.

2. Prehistoric Art.
Prehistoric Art.

3. Ancient Art.
Ancient Art. Sumerian Art. Ancient Egyptian Art. Ancient Egyptian Art: The Palette of Narmer. The Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptian Temple. Egyptian Tomb Paintings and Painted Reliefs. The Indus Valley Civilization. Aegean Art: Minoan and Mycenaean. Ancient China: The Shang Dynasty. Assyrian and Early Persian Art. Etruscan Art. Ancient Greek Art. Greek Vase Painting. Greek Sculpture: Archaic Style and Severe Style. Greek Doric Architecture. Greek Sculpture: Severe Style. Greek Classical-Style Sculpture. Greek Architecture: The Parthenon, Athens. Greek Sculpture: The Parthenon. Greek Sculpture and Painting: Fourth Century BCE. Hellenistic Art. Early Buddhist Art. The Art of the Roman Republic. The Art of the Roman Empire. Roman Frescoes and Illusionism. Roman Architecture: The Flavian Amphitheater. Roman Architecture: The Pantheon, Rome. Roman Public Architecture. Mesoamerican Art: Teotihuacan.

4. Art from 200 to 1400.
Art from 200 to 1400. Jewish Art: The Synagogue at Dura Europos. Early Christian Art. Early Christian Architecture. The Shinto Shrine at Ise, Japan. Byzantine Art. Hagia Sophia. San Vitale, Ravenna.Anglo-Saxon Metalwork. Hiberno-Saxon Manuscript Illumination. The Chinese Imperial City of Chang'an. Buddhist Art at Horyuji. Hindu Art at Ellora. Islamic Art at Córdoba. Carolingian Art. The Monastery in the West. Buddhist Art in Indonesia. Chinese Art: Landscape Painting. Ottonian Art. Romanesque Art. Romanesque Architecture at Conques. Romanesque Sculpture. Later Byzantine Art. Angkor Wat: Cult of the God-King. The Japanese Narrative Scroll. Gothic Art. The Gothic Cathedral: Chartres. Gothic Sculpture. Early Italian Painting. Giotto, The Arena Chapel Frescoes. The Royal Art of African Kingdoms.

5. Fifteenth-Century Art.
Fifteenth-Century Art. Early Renaissance Sculpture in Florence. Flemish Painting: The Limbourg Brothers. Flemish Painting: Robert Campin. Italian Renaissance Painting: Masaccio. Flemish Painting: Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. Italian Renaissance Sculpture: Lorenzo Ghiberti. Flemish Painting: Jan Van Eyck. Italian Renaissance Architecture: Brunelleschi. The Italian Renaissance Palace. The Beginning of Portraiture in Europe. Italian Renaissance Painting: Andrea Mantegna; Sandro Botticelli; Leonardo Da Vinci; Leonardo's The Last Supper. Italian Renaissance Sculpture: Michelangelo's St. Peter's Pieta.

6. Sixteenth-Century Art.
Sixteenth-Century Art. Italian Renaissance Sculpture: Michelangelo. Italian High Renaissance Portraiture. German Printmaking: Albrecht Durer. New St. Peter's, Rome. Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Raphael, Stanza Della Segnatura. High Renaissance Painting in Venice. Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych. German Painting: Matthias Grünewald, Isenheim Alterpiece. Titian's Altarpieces. Later Michelangelo and the Development of Mannerism. Mannerism. Early Landscape Painting. Sixteenth-Century Painting. Islamic Art of the Ottomans. Late-Sixteenth-Century Architecture. Veronese and the Impact of the Counter-Reformation. The Art of Zen Buddhism in Japan.

7. Seventeenth-Century Art.
Seventeenth-Century Art. Caravaggio and His Influence. Baroque Genre Painting. Peter Paul Rubens. Bernini's Works for St. Peter's. The Dutch Baroque Group Portrait. Baroque Architecture: Francesco Borromini. Bernini: Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. Rembrandt: Late Paintings. Diego Velazquez. Baroque Classicism: Nicolas Poussin. Dutch Still-Life Painting. The Palace at Versailles. Japanese Art. Landscape Painting.

8. Eighteenth-Century Art.
Eighteenth-Century Art. Eighteenth-Century Painting in Europe. Rococo Architecture and Sculpture. Eighteenth-Century Portraiture. Thomas Jefferson and Neoclassical Architecture in the United States. Neoclassical Painting.

9. Nineteenth-Century Art.
Nineteenth-Century Art. The Continuation of Neoclassicism. Francisco Goya. Romanticism. Romantic Landscape Painting. Japanese Woodblock Prints. Honoré Daumier and the Political Print. Romantic Revival Architecture. American Romantic Painting. French Realism: Gustave Courbet. Academic Art. New Materials and Engineering in Architecture. Late-Nineteenth-Century Revival Architecture. Edouard Manet. Early Photography and Photographic Technique. Late-Nineteenth-Century Sculpture. Impressionism. Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot, and Mary Cassatt. American Realism: Thomas Eakins and Henry Tanner. Auguste Rodin. Winslow Homer. Post-Impressionism: Gauguin and Seurat; Van Gogh; Cézanne. The Beginnings of the Skyscraper. Edvard Munch.

10. Twentieth-Century Art.
Twentieth-Century Art. Fauvism. African Art and Ritual. Native American Art. Photography. The Origins of Cubism. Frank Lloyd Wright, Robie House. Analytical Cubism. Synthetic Cubism. The Influence of Cubism. Abstraction in Sculpture. Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde. German Expressionism: Die Brücke. German Expressionism: Der Blaue Reiter. Fantasy. Dada. De Stijl and the Bauhaus. Diego Rivera and Mexican Mural Painting. Surrealism. Modernism in American Painting. Pablo Picasso, Guernica. Sculpture in the 1930s and 1940s. International Style Architecture. Abstract Expressionism and Post-Painterly Abstraction. Le Corbusier. Film in Japan. The Return to the Object: Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. Hard-Edge and Op Art. Pop Art. Photography Since 1945. Conceptual, Performance, Installation, and Video Art. The Development of Minimal Art. Earth and Land Art. The New Realism. Postmodernism. Architecture Since 1970. Pattern and Decoration. Neo-Expressionism. Japanese Architecture. Appropriation. Avant-Garde Chinese Art. Recent Developments.

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