Artificial Intelligence in Design '02 / Edition 1

Artificial Intelligence in Design '02 / Edition 1

by Asko Riitahuhta

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ISBN-10: 9048160596

ISBN-13: 9789048160594

Pub. Date: 12/06/2010

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Researchers, developers, users of advanced computer systems in design


Researchers, developers, users of advanced computer systems in design

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Edition description:
Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2002
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.31(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Design Synthesis. Synthesis in designing; T. Smithers. A graphical notation for mixed-initiative dialogue with generative design systems; S. Datta, R.F. Woodbury. Web-based configuration of virtual private networks with multiple suppliers; A. Felfernig, et al. Frameworks for Design. Constructing design worlds; M. Lenart, A. Pasztor. The situated function-behaviour-structure framework; J.S. Gero, U. Kannengiesser. Representational flexibility for design; R. Stouffs, R. Krishnamurti. Spatial Synthesis and Analysis. Analysis of architectural space on composition using inductive logic programming; N. Sugiura, S. Okazaki. Towards an architectural design system based on generic representations; S. Pranovich, et al. Digital sandbox; E. Y.-Luen Do. Conceptual Knowledge in Design. MMforTED: A cognitive tool fostering the acquisition of conceptual knowledge about design products; E. Toppano. From concept to embodiment: challenge and strategy; Zhi Gang Xu, et al. Artificial intelligence for the design and grading of precious stones; T. Holden, M. Serearuno. Learning from Human Designers. Using prool analysis to investigate collective learning in design; Zhichao Wu, A. Duffy. 5.8 analogies per hour; P. Leclercq, A. Heylighen. Towards computational tools for supporting the reflective team; A.W. Hill, et al. Evolutionary Approaches in Design. An evolutionary approach to the inverse problem in rule-based design representations; S. Rudolph, R. Alber. Evolving three-dimensional architecture form; L. Caldas. Strategic shape design; T. Taura, et al. An evolutionary framework for enhancing design; Kwai Hung Chan, et al. Knowledge Support for Design. Knowledge support for customer-based design for mass customization; Xuan Fang Zha, Wen F. Lu. Elucidating the design requirement for conventional and automated conceptual design; M. Darlington, S.J. Culley. Case-based design facilitated by the design exemplar; J.J. Summers, et al. Systemic Support. Connectivity as a key to supporting design; C. Eckert, P.J. Clarkson. Automated (re-)design of software agents; F.M.T. Brazier, N.J.E. Wijngaards. Automated toolset selection for feature manufacturing; F. Badjgholi, et al. Components in Design and Design Models. Requirements specification and automated evaluation of dynamic properties of a component-based design; C.M. Jonker, et al. Identifying component modules; R.I. Whitfield, et al. Perspectors; J. Haymaker, et al. Product data exchange using ontologies; C. Dartigues, P. Ghodous. Author Index. Contact Authors' Email Addresses.

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