Artist Profile Series: Ralph van Raat

Artist Profile Series: Ralph van Raat

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by Ralph van Raat

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  1. Phrygian Gates, for piano  - John Adams
  2. American Berserk, for piano  - John Adams
  3. China Gates, for piano  - John Adams
  4. Hallelujah Junction, for 2 pianos  - John Adams  - Maarten van Veen
  5. The People United Will Never Be Defeated (El pueblo unido jamás será vencido), 36 Variations on a Chilean Song, for piano  - Frederic Rzewski
  6. North American Ballads (4) for piano: No. 4. Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues  - Frederic Rzewski
  7. Zodiacs, for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  8. Ypakoë, suite for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  9. Palin, for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  10. Mandoodles, for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  11. Pratirupa, for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  12. In Memory of Cats, for piano  - John Tavener  - Olga Lyubkina
  13. Music for 2 pianos  - Magnus Lindberg  - Maarten van Veen
  14. Klavierstück  - Magnus Lindberg
  15. Pianostycke (3)  - Magnus Lindberg
  16. Play I, for 2 pianos  - Magnus Lindberg  - Maarten van Veen
  17. Twine, for piano  - Magnus Lindberg  - Maarten van Veen
  18. Jubilees, for piano  - Magnus Lindberg
  19. Etude No. 1, for piano  - Magnus Lindberg
  20. Etude No. 2, for piano  - Magnus Lindberg
  21. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Takemitsu's "A Flock Descends into the Pentagon  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  22. A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden, for orchestra  - Toru Takemitsu  - Marin Alsop  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby  -  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  23. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Ives's "Psalm 90"  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  24. Psalm 90, for chorus, bells & organ, S. 152 (K. 5C37)  - Charles Ives  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby  - James Morrow  - Thad Anderson  - Seung Won Cho  - Graeme Francis  - Stephen Martin  - Jeff Otto  -  University of Texas Chamber Singers
  25. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On the second movement of Bolcom's Violin Sonata N  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  26. Sonata for violin & piano No. 2: 2. Brutal, fast  - William Bolcom  - Solomia Soroka  - Arthur Greene  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  27. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Chick Corea's "Children's Song No. 11"  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  28. Children's Songs, for piano: Children's Song No. 11  - Chick Corea  - Leon Bates  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  29. Children's Songs, for piano: Children's Song No. 17  - Chick Corea  - Leon Bates  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  30. Children's Songs, for piano: Children's Song No. 20  - Chick Corea  - Leon Bates  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  31. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Nancarrow's Toccata for Violin and Player Piano  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  32. Toccata for violin & player piano  - Conlon Nancarrow  - Mia Wu  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  33. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Messaien's "L'Ascension"  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  34. L' Ascension, 4 meditations for orchestra, I/12a: 1. Majesté du Christ demandent sa gloire à son Pèr  - Olivier Messiaen  -  Polish Radio and Television National Symphony Orchestra  - Antoni Wit  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  35. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Duruflé's "Chant Donne - Hommage à Jean Gallon"  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  36. Hommage à Jean Gallon ("Chant donné"), for organ  - Maurice Duruflé  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby  - Henry Fairs
  37. Raymond Bisha interviews Ralph van Raat: On Rautavaara's "Apotheorsis"  - Spoken Word  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby
  38. Apotheosis (4th movement from the Symphony No.6), for orchestra  - Einojuhani Rautavaara  -  New Zealand Symphony Orchestra  - Klaus Heymann  - Jim Selby  - Pietari Inkinen

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Artist Profile Series: Ralph van Raat 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
EmmaChoi More than 1 year ago
Despite a slumping music industry, Naxos continues to exhibit an admirable commitment to alt-classical composers and musicians. The debut of the label's "Artist Profile Series" is a case in point. It's a multi-disc box set featuring the phenomenal Dutch pianist Ralph van Raat, who is arguably the leading exponent of contemporary classical music on his chosen instrument. Van Raat is one of a select few musicians who combine dazzling technical virtuosity with a rare ability to connect with the emotional core lurking within even the most angular and dissonant compositions. Listening to him play, one never gets the impression of rote familiarity, but a sense that he's discovering the music for the first time. His mastery of texture, harmony and rhythm is nothing short of breathtaking. He intuitively knows when to be aggressive, and when to throttle back. And he plays with an astonishing and affecting lyricism that belies the notion that modern music is by definition inaccessible. Even as he interprets the most aggressive and complex modern composers, van Raat effortlessly conjures entry points for the most timid listeners. There are five discs in this box set, four devoted to individual-and individualistic-composers (John Adams, John Taverner, Frederic Rzewski and Magnus Lindberg), and a bonus disc that alternates interview excerpts with van Raat's interpretations of pieces by Toru Takemitsu, Charles Ives, William Bolcom, Olivier Messiaen, and several others. The Q&A snippets offer fascinating insights into the creative process, as van Raat reveals how certain pieces of music have actually changed him as a pianist. From Takemitsu's "A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden," for example, he heard new sound colors that caused him to rethink his approach to his instrument. "When you think of the piano, you think of black-and-white keys, and also, in a way, of black-and-white piano sounds. But this orchestration made me realize the enormous amount of colors that you could basically imitate on the piano....So from the moment I heard Takemitsu, I knew that that was something for me to strive for in my piano playing, to get all those gradations of color in my own playing." Whether discussing music or playing it, van Raat communicates an infectious enthusiasm, plus a deep-seated intellectual and emotional curiosity, that make him one of the most sensitive performers and proponents of alt-classical music today.
Classical_guru More than 1 year ago
For those looking to explore 20th/21st century piano music, this 5-disc set will be an economical place to start. Pianist and musicologist Ralph van Raat has recorded piano works of John Adams, Magnus Lindberg, Frederic Rzewski, and Sir John Tavener for the Naxos label. On the Adams and Lindberg discs, he has enlisted the help of fellow Dutch pianist Maarten van Veen for the 2-piano pieces. The 5th disc, exclusive to this set, blends snippets of an interview with the host of a weekly Naxos podcast, with works that influenced van Raat throughout his life. His comments on the music of Takemitsu, Ives, Bolcom, Chick Corea, Nancarrow, Messiaen, Durufle, and Rautavaara are insightful and articulate. I had already heard the Adams and Tavener discs before acquiring this set, and I continue to be impressed by the talent of this young pianist. The performances are at an expert level. I'll be very curious to see which composers he decides to record in the future, and which artists Naxos highlights in this series.