Artist Ted

Artist Ted

by Andrea Beaty, Pascal Lemaitre

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Ted paints his way into trouble—and a new friendship—in this comic adventure.

One morning, Ted realizes that his room needs a little pizzazz—and for that he needs an artist. Of course, when Ted can’t find an artist, he becomes one! Ted uses his homemade brush and paints to create a portrait of his mom and spruce up the school


Ted paints his way into trouble—and a new friendship—in this comic adventure.

One morning, Ted realizes that his room needs a little pizzazz—and for that he needs an artist. Of course, when Ted can’t find an artist, he becomes one! Ted uses his homemade brush and paints to create a portrait of his mom and spruce up the school hallways…until he accidentally hurts the new student’s feelings. Then, once again, it’s Ted to the rescue as the whole school makes their new friend feel welcome.

With crisp, catchy text from a master wordsmith and bright, bold artwork, Artist Ted is a fantastic read-aloud addition to any young artist’s palette.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
When Ted (who has previously worked as a firefighter and doctor) notices his room lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, he decides to become a True Artiste. Using a palette of chocolate, ketchup, toothpaste, and mustard, the self-assured bear paints a masterpiece on the wall (“Go to school,” says his mother). At school, Ted’s artistic zeal gets him in hot water: he paints a caricature of Principal Bigham and upsets a new student, but a collaborative endeavor helps mend hurt feelings. Readers should find Ted’s unflagging confidence contagious. Ages 4�6. Illustrator’s agent: Holly McGhee, Pippin Properties. (Feb.)
Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
Readers who loved Ted, a little brown bear with a big round head, in his previous incarnations as a doctor and a firefighter will be delighted to meet him again, as his lively imagination turns him into an artist. Kitted out in a white artist's smock and a lime green beret, Ted can't wait to begin painting his room. But first he needs a brush (made from a tassel attached to a wooden spoon) and paints from mustard, ketchup, toothpaste, and chocolate syrup. Yummy! His mother's reaction to the mural is amusingly deadpan, as she sends him off to school. More zany adventures begin as Ted paints a huge picture of his principal (a large boar in a jacket) on the white hallway wall, but things turn more serious when Ted can't resist painting ketchup designs on a new classmate's white shirt. Exciting to Ted, his artwork causes tears of anger and frustration for Pierre, the new boy (well, monkey). Beaty involves the bovine teacher and all the animal pupils in making amends, with a sweetly matter-of-fact text that gives Belgian illustrator Lemaitre plenty of scope to fill the pages with wild activity and a priceless mural by Pierre. "You are a True Artiste," says Ted. "Keep the brush." Using bold black pen-and-ink lines filled digitally with vivid color, Lemaitre keeps the action exploding, while managing to convey emotions with a few well-placed strokes. Perfect for reading aloud, this lively tale is fun, even touching, while giving kids a chance to explore painted details and meet new words like artiste, inspired, and masterpiece. Best of all, they can guess where Ted's far-ranging imagination will take him next. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1—The highly imaginative young bear who starred in Doctor Ted (2008) and Firefighter Ted (2009, both S & S) now morphs into an artist, having decided that his bedroom needs to be spiffed up. A dearth of art supplies doesn't deter Ted in the least; he just adapts what is handy—a curtain tassel for a brush and ketchup and other condiments for paints. Having decorated the white walls at home, the cub takes his newfound artistic talents to school, where his efforts displease the principal and are misinterpreted by a shy new student. But when Pierre takes up Ted's brush to create his own masterpiece, he comes out of his shell. "Keep the brush," says Ted magnanimously, because he is already thinking ahead to his next adventure, which will involve a magnifying glass and a Sherlock Holmes-style hat (as previewed on the last page and back cover). Bold illustrations outlined in ink and colored digitally combine with a generous trim size to make this an accessible book for group read-alouds. Whether or not young children are already familiar with this resourceful bear's happily guileless approach to trying out various occupations, they will chuckle at his latest over-the-top caper.—Kathleen Finn, St. Francis Xavier School, Winooski, VT
Kirkus Reviews
Ted's back, bursting with enthusiasm, this time throwing himself into the role of painter. As usual, Ted awakens in his bedroom. In Doctor Ted (2008), he had a sore knee, so, seeing no doctor in his immediate bedroom, he became one; in Firefighter Ted (2009), he smelled burnt toast and found no firefighter at hand and so became one. Here, bored by humdrum walls, "Ted looked everywhere"--fish tank, fridge--before gamely becoming an artist himself. Sporting a tiny green beret and smock-like coat, he creates a brush by tying a curtain tassel to a wooden cooking spoon. "Artist Ted didn't have any paint, so he made some of that, too": ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, toothpaste. Painting hijinks ensue at home and school. Some humor is of the classic-kid variety (a mural of "a monkey juggling stinky socks"), some more likely to be appreciated by adults (Ted titling a masterpiece Green despite an utter lack of it). Characters are various round-eyed animals, which Lemaitre outlines in casually uneven black strokes and fills in with bright colors. The visual style is loose and easygoing. Ted's use of a new classmate's white shirt (that the classmate's wearing) as blank canvas makes the mischief feel a bit more malicious than when only adults are dismayed, and it feels textually forced, as well. Oblivious but funny and full of gusto, Ted's bound for detective work next. (Picture book. 3-7)

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Meet the Author

Andrea Beaty is the author of Doctor Ted; Firefighter Ted; Hide and Sheep; Hush, Baby Ghostling; When Giants Come to Play; and Iggy Peck, Architect. She lives in the Chicago area. You can visit her online at

Pascal Lemaitre is the illustrator of several picture books, including Doctor Ted; Firefighter Ted; and Hush, Baby Ghostling. He and his family divide their time between Brussels, Belgium, and Brooklyn, New York. You can visit him online at

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