As Seasons Change

As Seasons Change

by Miranda Pete

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As we go through life, our seasons change. We experience the "summer" when everything is fresh, coy and captivating. Our "fall", is the time when we began to humble ourselves while thinking of Jesus' life. "Winter", is the time when we are in hibernation, spending that secret closet time with the Lord and thanking Him for helping us through. And "Spring", is the

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As we go through life, our seasons change. We experience the "summer" when everything is fresh, coy and captivating. Our "fall", is the time when we began to humble ourselves while thinking of Jesus' life. "Winter", is the time when we are in hibernation, spending that secret closet time with the Lord and thanking Him for helping us through. And "Spring", is the beginning of new life. This book takes those issues of life and create inspirational poetry to help you in your season.

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As Seasons Change

By Miranda Pete


Copyright © 2010 Miranda Pete
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-6052-7

Chapter One


Isaiah 28:4

"And the glorious beauty, which is on the head of the fat valley, shall be a fading flower, and as the hasty fruit before the summer; which when he that looketh upon it seeth, while it is yet in his hand he eateth it up."

Just Because

Just because we are caught in sin, doesn't mean that evil will win. For God knows that everything we do, is not for us But it's for the controlling power that makes us lust. We know it looks good & sometimes smell good too But everything that seems good isn't always for you. So remember to pay attention to the writing on the wall When they come slick talking , you know they will fall. So just because you think you want it and it looks oooh so good Think! Has it caused you pain or now made you misunderstood? You don't have to be sucked in by the games of the dark Trust God, make a sacrifice and search your heart. While searching your heart, began to take a pause And think of God's love and say ........ just because.


When I think of the sugar and how sweet it is to me, I slip into a coma of overflowing where my body is calling out to me. I am so weak and fighting this feeling is getting the best of me, I fight and I fight, but it ends up with a cigarette and long island tea. Why can't I get this off my mind and let this man go home, I've been giving in to my flesh and the senses are on the roam. Lord how do I pull away to make my diet sugar free, I'm so addicted, breaking free is something I don't see. I gotta find the will and somehow find the way, I don't know how to do this, but I know it's got to be today. Every time I think I pull myself away from the wiles of temptation, That good ole sugar pulls me back and starts my imagination. I'm thinking of the sweetness and how sweet it is to me, I can't hold back the intensity I just want to be free. I think in my mind. I need it and got to have it in my life, Lord my body is in such confusion and my heart and I have strife. I'm gonna stay on my knees until the Lord delivers me, Delivers me from the sugar that's ooooh so sweet.


What a magnificent view of heaven I think I have found as I look up Something nearby shatters and I know It's not real, somehow I seem stuck. I'm in this constant dream of heaven I'm walking along the streets and feeling fancy free. Just then the phone rings and I know I'm dreaming. Life being this sweet as the music play loud and clear. Everyone is dancing and singing, many friends are near. There's no fighting or arguing. WOW! I must be dreaming. Pinch me, pinch me hard cause the sleep is playing with my mind. All of these people being kind. Lord, where am I and why am I stuck here. He says this is how the promise land can be. Dream on my child, dream on.


Everything that seems real Sometimes is surely not, It's fake or fiction With screws like a robot. It seems so good that It's impossible to be true, This time you were right And the joke is not on you. You saw right thru that arrogance The smell of expensive cologne, The clothes & shoes and car he drive And living with his mother all along. Give yourself a hand clap Because you are nobody's fool today, You paid attention to all the signs You are on your way. Stepping out hot & heavy Ready and over your addiction, Glad you found out about your boy He was strictly fiction.

Feels Good

It feels so good when we're together You hold me in your arms You kiss me and say you love me Laying on all the charm You keep me mesmerized By the look in your eyes No matter how hard I try I try to keep from thinking-get your hand off my thighs You have me in a spell I am so hypnotized inside I am bounded by heart-strings These feelings I can't deny The more you kiss me The more I want to feel That sweet surprise you have for me I want to know is it real I must pull myself together Before all my actions are misunderstood But this thing we got going Sure feels so good

I'm Loving It

I'm loving it Things are heavy & hot, I'm praying I can keep it together And don't do something I should not.

Spending more time getting to know you Helps me see how we really feel Are you willing to hang in there with me If we don't make it to the deal

You give me the ok That you can handle love without sex I thank God I finally found you Now what do we do next

I thank God for all that he do And the way he brought you to me I pray this relationship grows And be all it can be

I am simply loving it It feels so good to be loved for me And not have to give up my body Just to say that we are we

How Sweet

How sweet is the kiss you planted around my neck that day How sweet is the touch you gave me when you held my hand that way.

How sweet is the look in your eyes that draws my heart so near How sweet is the desire in your heart that keeps me from having fear.

I'm not afraid of love or what it means inside To express it and mean it, is something I truly desire.

You keep me smiling and feeling like it's all good How sweet it is, just like I knew it would.

My Obsession

I'm obsessed with perfection Things have to be just right My clothes have to be jazzy And my hair have to be tight

I fell over heels in love with myself And we have been doing just great I always call and check in And for a date I am never late

I tell me that I am beautiful And truly so unique I love my shape and the way I smell I even love my ugly feet

I'm obsessed with perfection And all the flaws I see Cause when I look in the mirror I say to myself- you are perfect just for me

Drama Queen

Sometimes I just freak out Even when there is no cause All because I want my way I feel I am the boss

This position is clear to me Cause it gives me so much power I handle this with true dominance I am the lady of the hour

I don't care if I hurt you Or the way I make you feel I want it my way or no way I am just keeping it real

I handle my business with elegance And all who don't understand can leave Cause I am the head queen in charge No actually ........ I'm just a drama queen

Dragon Addiction

There are some things in life that we don't understand We take it the way we want and often we misunderstand. People are who they are every day, every hour and every week But if you know they are a friend don't let the enemy make you weak. Know that you know that they have been there for you And when the chaos starts don't just do what you normally do. Learn to know the difference in a person's true man Allow the spirit to lead you; don't just start to get mad. Anger simply solves nothing it only hurts your progress And if you really care, it often causes you great stress. Stop just being a body with a spirit of a common life And know God wants you free from petty interpretations and strife. For this will keep you out of the kingdom and headed straight for hell Living this life as a criminal trapped in flaws always locked in jail. Free yourself and don't be selfish to your own desires Live your life for the king and know why something transpires. He wants you to be better in the weak areas you possess Cleaning up your life for new beginnings and not carry around old mess. For so long, we as people are good at this very thing Keeping ourselves stuck in purgatory and encircled by the ring. The ring that separates appreciation from defense He died for you and tries to keep you off the fence. Stop straddling the boundaries of what you know and what you feel And just ask God- or maybe he already told you exactly what is real.

The summer has come to an end and it's time to move to the fall. This is the time in life when the leaves start to fall and sometimes you don't know where they will land.


Romans 14:4

"Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? To his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand."

Battered Not Broken

Battered not broken, torn but not cast down Hurt and belittled, but you have not drowned. You thought you wouldn't make it, you thought you wouldn't stand But Jesus has picked you up and your wholeness he commands. You can no longer give power to the things that come against us You must keep up your strength and not fall to the bondage and other stuff. Let the stripes give you wisdom to know you are chosen For you are a child of the king and through the blood your are battered not broken. This means you are covered by the blood to learn and be free to grow You already have the victory, now walk in it this you should already know. Because after all he gave us the gift of his first beloved son He looks at this as precious and that bond can't be torn. So pick up your head and all the broken pieces That life has thrown at you and gather your father's releases. From the wiles of the enemy and all that he come to steal For God wants you on high, for this is his will. He created you to be a queen that sits high upon a throne He destined you for royalty, for that's where you belong. Don't ever give up your seat, your glory or your crown Because you are battered not broken so you will never be cast down. Thank you Lord, for letting me stay on top and allowing me to be chosen Thank you for my life, because I am battered not broken.


There is always so many choices so many things we can't decide Like choosing to stand for something right or simply where to reside. We don't understand why that man isn't working out right Because you didn't ask God, you chose him because of that night. When we met at that store and you looked at me deeply It seemed our eyes met spiritually, us being together is all I can see. I looked at the body on him, he set me on fire I just wanted to have you, it's my heart desire. I prayed long and hard because it felt good to me I didn't ask God his opinion, I just wanted it to be. Jesus allowed a marriage and some love was there About 1 year later, my company he couldn't bear. Lord why has this happened and my marriage gone a stray Because we are unequally yoked and now I got to pay. Lord please forgive me because I didn't get your blessing I just made a choice on emotions and what I was feeling. Can I have another chance to get what you have for me I'll follow your choices so I can have the victory.

Letter from my soul

Dear God,

Help me while I've lost all hope, My peace has left me I can no longer cope.

I feel I am at the bottom of this pit of doom, Even on sunny days out my window is gloom.

Can you help me with my joy & restore my soul The peace that passes all understanding a true treasure better than gold?

Since you have been gone my soul scrambles to make way I no longer feel myself, I just don't know what to say.

I've failed in my faith I'm having trouble with what I believe, Your spirit filled presence I no longer receive.

I want to have it back I need it once again, Once I am accepted back I won't let the fellowship end.

Signed, Me


Why am I heavy ladened when God has my back I find myself stumbling through the dark allowing the enemy to win the attack.

But the word says if I have faith the size of a mustard seed That I can have my heart's desire and that I can move mountains if I just believe.

I've been carrying this load for years and it's time I break free I no longer have to be bound, I can declare the victory.

So the next time you are stuck and can't get the strength that you need Know that you are heir to the throne of righteousness and on that promise you can decree.

God has no respective person it's for everyone who desire

So give your soul to Jesus and watch a miracle transpire.

How Long?

I don't understand how I got into this place Where things are all torn and I am constantly on my face. Of hope and of faith, where I have gathered myself together Pressing for the touch of the garment of my father. How long will I go through my night and joy so far away Where all I can do is weep and stay on my face. I read in your word that this will last for a night I am ready to open my eyes and see that burning light. The light that shines brightly for all the world to see Even in this tough moment I can have the victory. I have been tarrying and tarrying and praising my way through Getting to that place of true worship helps my spirit renew. The word also says that in this journey you suffer long It is all worth it, because I know where I belong. I am heir to throne and a child of the King I am celebrating my victory and wearing my golden ring. When royalty stays lined up with the word of the chosen one Everything starts to fall in place and the victory is won.


Hi my name is victim I was getting hit everyday I wanted to leave my abuser But I didn't have the strength to get away Sometimes we were so happy And things are going so well Then out of nowhere all of sudden Things got crazy as hell I remember the last time I was talking to my sister on the phone He thought I was laughing too much I asked him why was that wrong He responded real quick As my face was hit by his hand I spinned in a circle dizzy and dazzed I had no idea where I'd land He hit me so hard I fell against the wall I slid down for protection I couldn't walk at all He decided he wanted to kick me While I was down on my knees I tried to get back up But I decided I would freeze Because if he thought I had strength He would probably kick me again

I just want this to be over I just want this to end I guess since I wasn't moving He decided to leave me alone When I heard him close the door I ran to the phone But who can I call I don't know what to do While thinking about who Next thing I know I was hit with a shoe Once again I was down on my knees With my face kissing the floor All I could think of Was that I didn't want this anymore I lay in despair just hoping He would go away When out of the side of my eye I saw my daughter's face Then it all came to light I was setting the scene for her life Would she think this is the way it go Or that this is right

I turned and looked at him with rage I wanted him to know I was real That if he came near me This time I would kill Instead he walked away Because he could see it in my cry This is the day I live and walk away Will I ever mend? I will try

In the Heat

When we are heated and emotions are high And all I want to do is fight I have to remember vengeance is the Lord's And keep myself in the right

When I have those so called friends And I trust them with my woes It makes you want to hurt someone And that's just how it goes

But I have to remember when my enemy come against me They will stumble and fall Jesus will give us the victory If we let him have it all

Even though I know God is in charge Sometimes I worry a lot He said don't be weary in well doing Cause I will reap if I faint not

So when I am in the heat of the moment And things have me so stressed I will just look to the hills Cause this is where I am blessed


As time evades my circle and the shadow closes in on me I call to mind the slow pain of death that creeps in without peace.

The exhaustion of stress longing to find my way home I'm needing something from mercy and it seems to be long gone.

I'm finding my way in and trying to hold by disgust I'm trying not to allow my feelings to step in and cause my emotions to bust.

I want to find the doorway to rest; the kind that makes you smile I'm leaning toward the pathway to happiness and this is so much worthwhile.

Walking Dead

Before I became saved I was the walking dead I was merely dirt and my soul was a dread.

I had no vision and my world had no light I could only hear screams and it was always night.

My soul was always in turmoil because I was walking dead I didn't have any joy and I couldn't lift my head.

I was so ashamed and totally locked into sin I had no hope for tomorrow and I wanted my life to end.

As I began to look to Jesus and his grace that brings us that desire To be filled with his spirit, as my soul set on fire.

I thank you Lord for your touch that has changed my life for the best But I thank you most of all, I am no longer walking with the dead.


I am standing here naked with no skin to be possessed I have given my skin to Jesus, so I shall not be tempted.

My soul honors God's presence and all that he is My spirit accepts responsibility as I act in God's will.

I keep myself entangled in God's awesome word Cause I know this is the promise that my heart has heard.

That if I allow my skin to die and sacrifice all sin I will become a spirit and it will be like I have no skin.

You take me higher through my misery as I give you praise People don't understand why I can smile on my bad days.

Cause I promise the Lord that I will serve him and his name I will bless But I thank him for his Holy Spirit and for making me skinless.


Excerpted from As Seasons Change by Miranda Pete Copyright © 2010 by Miranda Pete. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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