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by Paul Mccarthy

Paul McCarthy's Ascension offers a complete, in-depth guide to becoming an ascended master for those who want to be masters of their own spiritual transformations.

Ascension: Becoming an Ascended Master offers a guide to the ascension process that explores the various levels of human spiritual consciousness. It presents a modern and accessible


Paul McCarthy's Ascension offers a complete, in-depth guide to becoming an ascended master for those who want to be masters of their own spiritual transformations.

Ascension: Becoming an Ascended Master offers a guide to the ascension process that explores the various levels of human spiritual consciousness. It presents a modern and accessible approach to the subject of ascension and aims to empower spiritual seekers by providing the information that they need to know in order to navigate through the different levels of consciousness.

This model of ascension explains the experiences of each level of ascension in detail, as well as the unique lessons of each level and the requirements needed to ascend to the next level. Ascension traces the process and journey of ascension, placing a detailed focus on the levels of ascension, the spiritual lessons learned in the process, the keys to transformation, the concepts of integration and universal awareness, ways to monitor your progress, and methods for transcending your ego. Explore the wisdom of master teachers from the past who have experienced each level of consciousness and learn what it takes to be a modern-day ascended master.

Ascension seekers will never again have to be lost or confused in their ascension process.

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Becoming an Ascended Master
By Paul McCarthy

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Paul McCarthy
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-7380-0

Chapter One

What is and Ascension and an Ascended Master?!


It is the deliberate expansion and refinement of personal consciousness. Spiritual growth is the route for this and here I include personal psychological, emotional and energetic mastery too. Energetic mastery refers to the development, evolution, understanding and skilled interaction with our energetic bodies. These include our auras, chakras, light bodies and many forms of spiritual energies such as healing energies and the Rays. At a higher level Ascension is the experience of merging with oneness / light / God after letting go of the identification of the human personality and ego.

The complete achievement of ascension results in a level of personal mastery of all aspect's of self from the human perspective. These include:

Transcendence of the negative ego - This is the recognition and removal of the illusionary identity of self as a separate being. This includes the negative and limited thoughts and feelings at the conscious and sub-conscious levels. This process includes the transformation of negative thoughts, emotions and energies.

The positive movement away from ego thinking towards spiritual oneness - Oneness is the identification with the reality that we are connected to everything through source / God. Through an expanded awareness and the thorough exploration of spiritual realities we recognise and embrace this oneness which already exists.

Integration - the completion and healing of unresolved aspects of past lives and karmic issues leading to the completion of all the cycles of earthly incarnations of growth patterns, karma and service work. These unresolved aspects of past lives are usually emotional and energetic problems that were not able to be healed in the relevant lifetime and follow us to the current lifetime. These could be emotional problems such as trauma, abandonment or despair. They could include energetic problems such as energy bocks within chakras. Limited and negative belief patterns from past lives can also be present themselves, often working from the sub-conscious mind and influencing our current reality.

Integration also includes the awareness and unification of all aspects of self. We are multi-dimensional beings with many aspects such as soul, spirit, chakras, sub-conscious mind, light bodies, aura, past lives, physical body and so forth. To be an Ascended Master is to not only be aware of these aspects of self but to skilfully bring them together so that they are working in alignment to serve our highest purpose. To be a master of self is to work with all aspects of self.

Being your higher self in daily life

Mastery is not just an intellectual appreciation of these things. It is the daily expression of them in everyday situations. Life itself brings all kinds of challenges where we are "tested". Here we may express higher or lower ways of responding to situations. These tests often highlight areas that we are working on or need to focus on. For example if we are working on claiming our personal power, then life presents challenges in the form of people who may try to take advantage of us or undermine us. We then have the perfect opportunity to speak our truth and express our personal power. These tests tend to recur until we have elevated ourselves away from those energies by learning our lessons and moving onto new subjects. We then do not attract those situations so much. There are octaves of these themes, lessons and growth opportunities. Here the higher octave shows us deeper insights into an area of spiritual development.

The actual experience of the process of Ascension is unique for everyone. We all have different lessons, skills and life missions on earth. Our Ascension is supported by the cosmic movement of energies and consciousness that has been taking place and reaches a climax in 2012. In this sense everyone is involved in the theme of Ascension by virtue of being on earth right now. The real question is are we resisting this or embracing this? These cosmic energies come to earth with great purpose and perfect timing. New energies are arriving all the time to help us move to the next level of ascension.

Enlightenment vs. Ascension

Enlightenment tends to refer to someone who has experienced significant spiritual growth. They could be considered to be wise and aligned to spiritual energies and the light. Most ascension seekers have experienced lifetimes where they have had opportunities to become somewhat enlightened. This is a big part of the ascension process but it is not the act of ascension itself. The aspect of ascension that makes it different is that ascension is the movement towards completing all earthly cycles such as karma, lessons and service work. Enlightenment does not necessarily include all of the things which are essential for ascension.

What is an ascended master?

"An ascended Master is a master of self and not anyone else."

"An Ascended Master is a master of thought, emotion and energy."

An Ascended Master is a being who has ascended their personal consciousness and achieved mastery. Here mastery means the ability to be aware of all aspects of self and to consciously and skilfully be able to choose how to experience their reality. As much as is possible, a master chooses to only experience the highest personal thoughts, emotions and energies.

A Master has learnt the ability to attract what they desire into their lives. This is also called the manifestation process and can include specific people, opportunities and situations as well as more common things such as financial abundance.

A Master expresses his life missions with joy. They will have discovered their true purpose for being here and what it is that their soul would ideally experience in this lifetime. They will be able to greatly disconnect from the distractions and illusions that daily life offers so that they can concentrate on their life missions. They will understand their own unique gifts and how these can be shared with planet earth and mankind as a spiritual act of service. They will have aligned their acts of service with the broader plan for earth, working consciously or unconsciously (guided through intuition) alongside the Divine.

An expanded definition of an ascended master includes the recognition of the achievement of a high level of spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. This includes the transcendence of the negative ego and human condition. A Master demonstrates their higher consciousness in daily life through how they respond to challenges. This is much more than just an intellectual understanding of higher ways of being as it is the expression of these in the physical world.

A Master is somewhat integrated meaning that they are aware of different aspects of self such as life purpose, their personal spiritual energies, guides, past lives, soul essence and personal gifts. They will have also achieved a personal balance of polarities such as emotions / mind, male / female, physical / spiritual and doing / being. This balance is different for everyone as we are all unique in our mental, emotional and energetic makeup.

A Master has healed and cleared all aspects of self across all time and space. This allows that individual to be free to choose not to return to earth if this is their desire.

What is the Ego?

The ego is our sense of reality in which we are individuals and separate from other people and everything around us both in the seen world around us and in unseen spiritual realities. We need an ego in order to operate on earth. Without an ego we would not be able to get out of bed in the morning! The absence of an ego would mean that our consciousness would be greatly aware of the oneness of source / God. I doubt that in that blissful state we would be able to comprehend the reality that we were in a physical body which we alone control and which is separated physically from all the other physical things around us. This reality would be too bizarre to comprehend and we would simply be in the body without moving.

The Ego is not a new concept invented for physical living. In the spirit world where we exist in between lives, the soul energy exists with a sense of ego too. Each soul is created with a unique blend of spiritual energies, potentials and motivations. There is a sense of individuality about the soul energies. The soul has a comprehensive and personal awareness of these aspects and also memories of its full existence. At this level there is still an awareness of Source / God as well as the understanding that each soul is a part of Source / God. As such there is a sense of individuality as well as a sense of connection to everything else. This brings great meaning and purpose to the experience of the soul.

Our human experience on earth is very different. Our sense of individuality becomes distorted as it becomes exaggerated. We lose the sense of connection to source, other beings and even our own soul. Our sense of self becomes a reality where "I" exists in isolation away from everything else. Why does this happen? We are placed in a physical body whose predominant senses such as sight and hearing focus our attention away from our internal awareness of spiritual realities. We become too focused in the physical world where it is harder to recognise spiritual connection and realities. We live in a culture and at a time where society ignores spiritual realities and truth. We lose memories of the soul experience. This amnesia creates a vacuum where we search for meaning, direction and purpose. Something else emerges in this vacuum which is the negative ego.

The Negative Ego is a self-identity created from childhood whose fundamental view is that we are each separate from other people and from God. This is an illusion and is so convincing on earth that nearly everyone believes this to be true at the personality level. Of course those who have awoken spiritual recognise this illusion as we are all part of source and connected in energy and consciousness at all levels of our being. This illusion of a separated identity creates a lonely and difficult experience. It promotes fear and this brings about negative thoughts, emotions and energies. This is why it attracts the name "negative" ego as fundamentally it brings about negative experiences if it is allowed to influence a personality without restriction. This identity seeks to protect itself and its views. The negative ego distorts truth to serve its own aims. Hence there is usually a lack of mental clarity, integrity and truth with those greatly influenced by their negative egos. The expressions of this include pride, anger and arrogance. The negative ego brings a sense of satisfaction in self when it finds ways to justify its own agenda of being "right" and continuing its separated identity. This feels like a reward and convinces many that their negative thoughts and behaviour must be right. These feelings of being right are only temporary and so negative patterns continue indefinitely seeking further confirmations and justifications for its existence. There are no true feelings of unconditional love, joy and peace within this level of consciousness as these would threaten the existence of the negative ego. Many are trapped in this self-perpetuating cycle of negativity created by their own negative ego. It is only when the person becomes so tired of this negativity and surrenders to a higher spiritual power that they can begin to transcend the negative ego. Often this process is supported by the universe. Here life itself presents situations and opportunities for the individual to realise that it is time for transformation and that the pattern of denial and resistance cannot continue.

We all need to transcend the negative ego and fear as part of the process of surrender. The negative ego provides the most resistance to surrender. The main cause of resistance is fear of the unknown. It is a fear of change and a fear of loss of control that emanates from the negative ego. A negotiation is entered into at a sub-conscious level. How much will the negative ego allow us to surrender without resistance? The negative ego wants to avoid changing habits and thoughts and it enters into many negotiations with us at deep levels as it tries to avoid changes to our thoughts and habits. We feel this as reluctance to change even if this is best for us. Examples are a poor diet, lack of exercise, negative relationships, inappropriate job, an abuse of alcohol or any other stimulants such as cigarettes or coffee etc, unwillingness to forgive, grudges, anger, hurt, pain, negative opinions and thoughts. The negative ego persuades us that we can maintain these and still have spiritual growth. This is an illusion and we eventually see this. The negative ego uses fear and pain to signal to us to stop. This becomes a partial surrender which is where we understand something intellectually but we do not engage the emotions and a movement of energy in order to avoid our fear. This partial surrender is a false surrender. We may feel some relief with a false surrender as it appears to have avoided feeling pain. This is only a temporary situation as life will once again present the opportunities to re-visit the same growth patterns in an attempt to achieve full surrender. Surrender is therefore unconditional.

Through disciplined spiritual and psychological work it is possible to dismantle this distorted identity. This allows the soul level identity of oneness balanced with ego to be present at the personality level. This is called transcending the negative ego. When this is done the causes of negative thoughts and emotions are removed and unconditional love, joy, and peace are experienced. These are soul level experiences brought into our human experience. This process is the essential part of personal ascension.

What is beyond the transcendence of the negative ego?

Transcending the negative ego is only part of the ascension journey, as there needs to be a movement towards expanded consciousness and oneness that are not achieved through typical methods of working on the negative ego alone. I write about these in detail in the section called Advanced Ascension ways of being. By transcending the negative ego we allow ourselves the ability to see beyond normal human experience. The transcendence of the negative ego frees us to do the actual work of ascension. What lies beyond normal human experience? The answer is the divine with all of its different dimensions and mysteries! A movement towards oneness includes identifying with, merging with, aligning with, enjoying and exploring all aspects of the divine. This is the way of the heart / level of consciousness called Unconditional Love.

There is a tendency for a lot of new age ascension schools to place much of their focus on transcending the negative ego and not enough focus on embracing the divine. As such we find a lot of spiritual students becoming experts at spotting the negative ego in operation and yet they are devoid of any profound personal spiritual experiences or insights. There needs to be a balance of both focuses.


Integration is a big part of personal ascension. Each lifetime has the potential to contain incomplete lessons, experiences, relationships, missions and unresolved negative emotions. These "pull" you back to earth to complete and resolve and may build up the desire within your soul to reincarnate again. This is similar view to how many see the laws of Karma. However the move towards ascension is to resolve all these outstanding matters in this lifetime and complete the current cycle of lifetime so that we can move on to a new cycle of experience, service and growth. It is normally within the Indigo state of consciousness that we do most of this work. Here we are attracted to resolving relationships, healing, personal psychological work and emotional work of all kinds. These include inner child work, past life work, energetic work (healing, acupuncture etc) spiritual psychology (including the sub conscious mind), counselling and many other therapies.

Integration is also the process of being aware of different aspects of self and bringing them into harmony and aligning them together. For example we allow our soul to guide us in life. We make choices based on what our soul needs rather than what the personality alone desires. We experience existence through all lenses and not just a few. We balance emotions with thought, the needs of spirit with physical needs and balance service to self with service to others.


Excerpted from Ascension by Paul McCarthy Copyright © 2011 by Paul McCarthy. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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