Asian-Americans in the Old West

Asian-Americans in the Old West

by Gail Sakurai

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When word of the abundance of California gold spread throughout the world, thousands of men left their homes to become rich. The Chinese nicknamed California 'Gum Saan,' land of the Golden Mountains, prompted by promises of "great pay, large houses, and food and clothing of the finest description." Within four years, twentyfive thousand Chinese had settled in California. Americans who felt threatened by this invasion convinced the California legislature to impose a special license taX on foreign miners. Chinese workers who stayed moved into other occupations, such as servants, laundry care, farming and the construction of The Central Pacific Railroad. Eventually, nearly half of the Chinese men who immigrated were forced to return to China, and with rising antiAsian sentiment, it became increasingly difficult for them to live in United States. In 1882, Congress passed the Chinese EXclusion Act, which prohibited all Chinese laborers from entering the United States. Faced with a dwindling labor force, Americans turned to the newly available Japanese laborer. The author details the impact of trade agreements between the United States and Japan on the transformation of Japan from an agricultural society to an industrialized world power. When Japanese farmers immigrated to America and owned land, they were eventually faced with similar resentment by Americans. Restrictive immigration laws designed to prevent foreigners, especially Asians, from entering America continued until 1952. Today, AsianAmericans are the fastest growing minorities in the U.S., and offer their talents in virtually every field. This fascinating timeline of Asian immigration and its contribution to the development of theUnited States is a revealing and important read. A glossary and vivid historical photographs and sketches offer clarity and perspective. 2000, Children's Press, $20.00 and $5.95. Ages 8 to 12. Reviewer: Leslie Julian <%ISBN%> 0516211528

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Cornerstones of Freedom Series
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