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Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun

Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun

4.5 11
by Lois Winston

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A debut mystery featuring innovative crafts projects

When Anastasia Pollack's husband permanently cashes in his chips at a roulette table in Vegas, her comfortable middle-class life is suddenly kaput. She's left with two teenage sons, a mountain of debt, and her hateful, cane-wielding Communist motherin-law. Not to mention stunned disbelief over


A debut mystery featuring innovative crafts projects

When Anastasia Pollack's husband permanently cashes in his chips at a roulette table in Vegas, her comfortable middle-class life is suddenly kaput. She's left with two teenage sons, a mountain of debt, and her hateful, cane-wielding Communist motherin-law. Not to mention stunned disbelief over her late husband's secret gambling addiction, and the loan shark who's demanding fifty thousand dollars.

Anastasia's job as crafts editor for a magazine proves no respite when she discovers a dead body glued to her office chair. The victim, fashion editor Marlys Vandenburg, collected enemies and ex-lovers like Jimmy Choos on her ruthless climb to editor-in-chief.But when evidence surfaces of an illicit affair between Marlys and Anastasia's husband, Anastasia becomes the number one suspect.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Crafty cozies don't get any better than this hilarious confection, the first in a new series from crafting expert Winston (Love, Lies and a Double Shot of Deception). After Anastasia Pollack's husband, Karl, drops dead after gambling away their money in Las Vegas, the crafts editor for the supermarket rag American Woman opts to keep her head up and her glue gun loaded even if Ricardo, an annoying mobster, begins harassing her for the 50Gs her husband "borrowed." Unfortunately, Anastasia's glue gun is the weapon used to kill Marlys Vandenburg, the glam but obnoxious AW fashion editor, making her a prime suspect. Anastasia is as deadpan droll as Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, and readers can't help cheering as she copes with caring for a host of colorful characters, both human (e.g., Lucille, her grumpy Communist mother-in-law) and animal (e.g., Ralph, a Shakespeare quoting parrot), while trying to nab a very sticky murderer. (Jan.)
Library Journal
Karl Pollack dies in Vegas, leaving his wife and children penniless and his communist mother residing in their home. In addition, Anastasia Pollock, a craft editor for a supermarket magazine, must deal with being the top suspect in the murder of the magazine's fashion editor, who was killed with Pollock's glue gun. VERDICT This funny and clever debut almost makes the reader forget that there is not much of a mystery here. For cozy fans.
Kirkus Reviews

Think your domestic life is troubled? At least you're not suspected of murder.

When Anastasia Pollack's husband Karl drops dead in Vegas, her comfortable lifestyle comes to a screeching halt. Karl was a secret gambler who lost all their money, leaving her with two teenage sons to educate. Karl's mother, a nasty, unrepentant Bolshevik, and her unpleasant bulldog have been living with them since her apartment house went up in flames along with her life savings. It takes only the arrival of her own much-married mother and her cat to make Anastasia's life a living hell. The only bright spots are her job as crafts editor for a women's magazine and the quick rental of the apartment over her garage to a handsome and famous photographer. A late night at work leads her to the dead body of Marlys Vandenburg, the hated fashion editor who probably slept her way to the top. Now she reposes in Anastasia's office, slain by Anastasia's glue gun. The last straw is threatening phone calls from a thug who claims Karl owed him $50,000 he demands Anastasia pay up. Realizing that the police rate her their top suspect, Anastasia gets angry and decides that the only way to avoid jail time is to solve the crime.

North Jersey's more mature answer to Stephanie Plum. Funny, gutsy and determined, Anastasia has a bright future in the planned series.

Product Details

Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Publication date:
Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Series , #1
Product dimensions:
5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Meet the Author

Lois Winston (Westfield, NJ) is an award-winning author of romantic suspense and humorous women’s fiction. She worked for several years as a crafts editor, and is also an award-winning designer of needlework and crafts projects. Visit her online at LoisWinston.com.

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Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading Assault With A Deadly Glue Gun and thoroughly enjoyed it! The book was fun to read, the characters hilarious and the suspense was surprising! I look forward to reading more of the Anastasia Pollack mysteries.
Suspensemag More than 1 year ago
Here's a tip for all you dewy-eyed brides and bride-wanna-bees: Forget about saying "yes to the dress" by spending thousands of dollars on what you are, after all, only going to wear once. Rent or borrow a dress instead, and spend those bucks on getting the real lowdown on that hunky guy you've decided to spend the rest of your life with. Sound crazy? Yeah, but crazy like a fox. Too bad Anastasia Pollack, the feisty Jersey girl/heroine of Lois Winston's funny new mystery, "Assault With A Deadly Glue Gun", didn't think about doing that before saying "I do". Then she wouldn't have ended up with the mother-in-law from hell-a card-carrying Communist with a devil dog named Manifesto-two sons (well, they seem normal in comparison to the rest of the family), and a husband who turns out to be a gambling addict who cashes in his chips, permanently, in Vegas, leaving Anastasia penniless. Oh, one more thing: not only was the husband a gambler, and dead, but he was also in debt to the mob for big bucks. A debt that now a mobster named Ricardo is threatening to take out of Anastasia. Personally. And permanently. Ouch. Could Anastasia's life get much worse? Well, yes, when she finds the dead body of her boss at American Woman magazine hot-glued to her office chair. And is suspected of doing the deed. Double ouch. But Anastasia is, above all else, a JERSEY girl (can you tell I was one, too?), and never, ever mess with one of them. I can't wait 'til the next book in this series, to find out what my new heroine is up to. Lots of fun. Susan Santangelo author of "Moving Can Be Murder" for Suspense Magazine
PennyThomas More than 1 year ago
I'm holding Anastasia Pollack and Lois Winston responsible for my sleepless night! Started reading Assault with A Deadly Glue Gun in the evening - and couldn't put it down until the end (at 4 am). As a 'Jersey Girl' I can attest that Anastasia Pollack is the real thing - smart, funny, sassy, over scheduled and beset by everything that is good and bad in New Jersey. The men who float in and out of her life are also "Jersey" - gorgeous hunks, rotten husbands, organized crime members! And the women.hilarious! I've met them all right here in the Garden State. I hope Lois will write more Anastasia Pollack books, she's a character worth getting to know along with her mother and mother-in-law.
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
The quirky characters, the situations that she becomes involved in and the hilarious dialogue will have you fully entertained in the adventures of Anastasia Pollack. This is a delightful must read.
KariLeeTownsend More than 1 year ago
Lois Winston has a hit on her hands with her fabulous debut for the new crafting mystery series. Anastasia Pollack is hillarious! I am a huge fan of fun, quirky characters, and Winston delivers big-time. The oddball secondary characters and crazy situations make for a really great read. If you don't check it out...you're missing out!
Rockport_rocker More than 1 year ago
ssault with a Deadly Glue Gun is fun cozy in spite of the endless problems Anastasia's husband left her to face. I enjoyed the interaction with her co-workers and look forward to getting to know her hunky tenant better! I will be reading the whole series now that I have met this crew. Could life get any worse? It isn't until her husband dies of a heart attack that Anastasia learns that he has a serious gambling addiction. Not only did he cash out every penny they had saved, but he died in debt to a loan shark who expects her to come up with $50,000 in just a few days and he is intent on making her life miserable until she hands over the money. Money that he has reason to believe her husband had before he died. Then there is the monster-in-law that they had planned on providing with alternate housing since her savings went up in smoke along with all of her possessions when her apartment building burned down. This is the one character that I got tired of; I felt that Anastasia had enough problems for any humorous book character although she provides much of the humor in the book.  And then there is the dead body that shows up in her office and the murder used her industrial sized glue gun that is covered with Anastasia fingerprints since she regularly uses it in her job as editor for the craft section of a supermarket woman's magazine. 
LindaEB More than 1 year ago
great book, great series,,,,,,
Island_Reader_Tina More than 1 year ago
My review can be found at Goodreads~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love love love ! Great read !
bikrgran More than 1 year ago
Anastasia Pollack has just lost her husband. This happened while he was gambling in Las Vegas, when he should have been working. If that wasn’t enough, he had hocked everything there was, his communist Mom and her Devil Dog were ensconced in her home, a woman everyone hated, at work, was killed and left glued to her chair, AND she was being hounded by a mobster. What we have here is Stephanie Plumb meets Barbara Marr. It’s a riot! This being a craftsy mystery, there are crafts, with full instructions imbedded, for your enjoyment. This is cute and fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago