Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science: Second Edition / Edition 2

Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science: Second Edition / Edition 2

by Jean Watson

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Ora Strickland

Part I. Overview

1. Introduction: Measuring Caring

2. Caring and Nursing Science: Contemporary Discourse

3.Overview of Research and Measurement of Caring (John Nelson)

4. Background for Selection of Caring Instruments

Part II. Compilation and Summary Data of Each Instrument for Measuring Caring

5. Care-Q and Care/SAT (Larson and Larson & Ferketick; Swedish version by Von Essen)

6. Caring Behaviors Inventory (Wolf)

7. Caring Behaviors Assessment Tool (Cronin & Harrison)

8. Caring Behaviors of Nurses Scale (Hinds)

9. Professional Caring Behaviors (Horner)

10. Nyberg Caring Assessment (Attributes) Scale (Nyberg)

11. Caring Ability Inventory (Nkongho)

12. Caring Behavior Checklist and Client Perception of Caring (McDaniel)

13. Caring Assessment Tools (new versions) (Duffy)

14. Peer Group Caring Interaction Scale and Organizational Climate for Caring Questionnaire (Hughes)

15. Caring Efficacy Scale (Coates)

16. Holistic Caring Inventory (Latham)

17. Caring Dimensions Inventory (Watson & Lea)

18. Caring Attributes Professional Self-concept Technological Influence (Arthur Hong Kong)

19. Caring Professional Scale (Swanson)

20. Methodist Health Care System Nurse Caring Instrument (Shepherd & Sherwood

21. New Caring Scale Instrument by Jane Sumner La State University

22. Caring Factor Survey - (Nelson, Watson, and InovaHealth)

23. Family Caring Inventory - (Anne Marie Goff)

24. Quinn et al Nurse-Patient Relationship Questionnaire (Healing Relationships)

25. 2-3 new instruments under research

Part III: Challenges and Future Directions

26. The evolution of Measuring Caring: Toward Construct Validity (Carolie Coates)

27. J Nelson: CFS as paradigm case. National data base update on selected instruments (Nelson, Watson, Inova)

28. Computerized Documentation of Caring Language

29. Postscript: Free thoughts on Caring Theories and Measuring Caring


Appendix: Master Matrix: Blueprint for all instruments for measuring caring


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